Signs It’s Time To Have The Furnace Exhaust Vents Cleaned By An Air Conditioning Service Provider | Southlake, TX

Signs It’s Time To Have The Furnace Exhaust Vents Cleaned By An Air Conditioning Service Provider | Southlake, TX

For the furnace to adequately heat your home, it needs enough airflow. If the furnace has some issues when starting or appears to be attempting to start but doesn’t, then the blocked airflow from the intakes or vents is, in most instances, the main culprit. Even if you are not having problems with your furnace, it is a great idea to have an air conditioning service provider check the intakes when they come for a maintenance service. This is a task to be undertaken before every winter to ensure that the furnace remains safe and efficient at warming your Southlake, TX home.

Does your furnace not heat your home? Then You should have the exhaust vents checked by a technician. A blockage in these vents will undoubtedly prevent your furnace from adequately heating your home. It also might make it completely shut down. It will also elaborate on what happens if the exhaust vents are blocked and the signs your furnace will exhibit when the exhaust vent has a blockage.

What Should You Do If You Notice That the Furnace Exhaust Vent Is Blocked?

If the furnace exhaust vent has a blockage, you should immediately have an air conditioning service provider unclog it. Although this might seem like a task you could take on, doing this might have severe ramifications on the functionality and safety of the furnace. But what makes the vents become clogged? The other reasons behind a clogged furnace vent include soot accumulation, leaves and branches in the vents, birds, and rodents in the furnace vent, rust or corrosion, and damaged furnace vent.

Find What Is Causing the Blockage

The technician should first go outside to see if they can find the vent blockage. They will inspect the exterior exhaust vent to determine if anything has accumulated. Additionally, you must inspect the intake vent if you have one installed at your home. Blockages in the intake and exhaust vents can both be quite harmful. The professional air conditioning service provider will clear the blockage in the next stage.

Remove the Blockage

It’s time to clear the blockage once you’ve located its cause. Based on the kind of obstruction, you may need to use some equipment to remove anything caught up within the vent. You must clear the snow from your vent if it obstructs it so it can breathe. If there’s soot accumulation in the furnace vents, you should have the air conditioning service technician remove it. The technician will use a vacuum cleaner or a vent cleaning brush to scrape off and remove the soot from the interior walls of the exhaust vent.

How Can You Tell the Exhaust Vents of Your Furnace Are Blocked?

When the Furnace Does Not Heat the Air

The furnace not heating up is the most typical sign of a clogged exhaust vent. This occurs when the furnace inducer fan does not activate the pressure switch when it should. The inducer fan is responsible for moving air around the combustion chamber. The inducer fan is coupled to a pressure switch. It is used to determine whether the furnace inducer fan is producing airflow. The inducer fan won’t move the air, and the pressure switch won’t activate if the furnace’s exhaust flue is blocked. The pressure switch must be activated before the furnace can start heating. To ensure complete combustion in your furnace and remove gaseous byproducts from your Southlake, TX home, ensure that you have a routine air conditioning service.

Furnace Cover Panel Becomes Too Hot

Do you feel that the furnace cover is too hot after touching it? Then your exhaust bent may be blocked. Whenever the exhaust flue is blocked, the flame from the furnace burners will not be sucked into the combustion chamber. Instead, it might roll out of the chamber and heat the furnace interiors, including the front cover roll. This issue will be caught by the flame rollout in most instances, resulting in furnace shutoffs. However, the furnace will start heating up if the rollout switch is broken. Hence, it is prudent to have a routine air conditioning service to catch such problems on time.

The Furnace Heats Up a Bit, Then Turns Off

The other sign that the exhaust vent has a blockage is when it turns on and off and finally permanently shuts off. But why does this arise? The leading cause is the flame rollout switch. Your furnace will receive SOME airflow, though not enough if the exhaust vent is blocked partially. The flame coming from the burners “rolls out” from the combustion chamber and back into the remainder of the furnace. The rollout switch senses heat when the flame leaves the combustion chamber and turns the furnace off.

The furnace will enter “hard shutdown” mode if the rollout switch is continually tripped. The furnace must be reset in a hard shutdown mode to turn it back on. Hard shutdowns are not bothersome. It serves a crucial safety purpose. The flame rollout is risky since the flame may harm your furnace’s internal parts. The forced shutdown will protect your furnace from harm. It ensures that combustion fumes don’t seep into your home’s air. However, this should be done by an experienced air conditioning service provider.

Uncharacteristic Smells from Your Furnace

Have you noticed bad smells emanating from the furnace when it is on? There is a high probability that your exhaust vents are blocked. Whenever the flue has a blockage, the combustion gases from the furnace will be trapped within your home. These gases are toxic and have a distinctive smell. Hence, whenever you notice this, have a technician check it out. A routine air conditioning service will help avert this.

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