Signs Of Heat Pump Defrost Control Issues, How To Prevent Them, And When It’s Time For AC Repair | Grapevine, TX

Signs Of Heat Pump Defrost Control Issues, How To Prevent Them, And When It’s Time For AC Repair | Grapevine, TX

Heat pumps are a type of HVAC system that work as air conditioners and heaters, making them the best option for comfort throughout the hot and wintry seasons. They are a good fit for homes in Grapevine, TX, because of the fluctuating weather patterns.

Like other air conditioning units, heat pumps can function at peak performance when all their components are at their peak. If one part of the system fails, it requires prompt AC repair services before affecting other components, making the repairs costly.

Defrost Control Board and Sensors

The focus of this blog is the defrost control board in the heat pumps that has three components: defrost heater, a termination switch and timer, and the control board.

With the correct setup of the defrost control board by a qualified AC repair and installation service provider, the system works efficiently by detecting ice build-up on the evaporator coils and activates the defrost cycle.

The defrosting process uses the reversing valve to reverse the heat to the coils to remove the ice. After the ice melts, the defrost control automatically goes off, making the heat pump continue functioning efficiently.

However, issues are inevitable in electronic units, and the defrost control system is not an exception. It can have mishaps that require urgent air conditioner repair services.

The problems you may experience with the defrost sensors and board stem from extra wear and tears due to pressure on the heat pump, wiring issues, and a leaking reversing valve. The problem exacerbates when the unit struggles to warm or cool your house, affecting its defrosting capabilities and increasing utility bills.

How will you know if the defrost control has an issue before calling an HVAC technician for necessary AC repair services? Not to worry, here are some of the signs.

Signs of a Problematic Defrost Control System

Ice on the Refrigerant Coils

The first sign of a failed to defrost control board is ice covering the refrigerant coils. The work of the defrost system is to remove the ice on coils by using the defrost heater to heat the coils to melt them.

If you notice the refrigerant coils are frozen and filled with ice, the defrost control board has malfunctioned, affecting the defrosting capabilities of the coils. It is a problem that requires AC repair services as soon as possible.

Heat Pump Not Defrosting

The second indication of a malfunctioned defrost control board is a frosty heat pump on the outside. The ice covering the unit shows that the defrost cycle has broken, and the defrost board cannot sense the coldness that hinders the air conditioner from cooling your space. When you spot the frost on the surface of the heat pump, it implies the problem has lasted for a long time.

Calling a reputable HVAC technician for competent and quick AC repair services is the best option that prevents your system from a sudden breakdown. The technician can pinpoint the cause of the failed defrosting cycle as faulty relays that require immediate fixing or replacement.

Compressor Shutting Off During Defrosting

Most heat pumps can have problems with their compressing unit affecting optimal efficiency. The compressor can suddenly go off as the defrost control board is on because the timer or thermostat has not been correctly set.

Avoiding the issue requires the air conditioner repair service contractor to adjust the settings for appropriate control that prevents additional heat pump problems.

The compressor can fail because of faulty defrost control relays or thermostatic expansion valve, low refrigerant charge, or outdoor fan motor problems.

The hired AC repair service technician has to replace the broken or malfunctioned defrost contractors or relays to restore the optimal functioning of the defrost board control.

Defrost Board Burn Out

Another sign that the defrost control has issues or is malfunctioning is overheating. The heat pump is likely to heat up because of overworking to cool your home. The extra effort the unit uses increases its wear and tears, leading to sudden failure of the defrost board, thus the need for immediate AC repair services.

The defrost board and sensors also overheat due to extreme temperature swings and voltage variations that affect its long-term performance. The older the heat pump gets, the higher its chances of malfunctioning, affecting its ability to suck heat from your home for maximum comfort.

How to Prevent Problems with the Defrost Control Board

Every technological problem or HVAC issue is preventable, and it is wise to learn how to prevent them in agreement with the slogan, prevention is better than cure.

The defrost control issues that include failing to shut off, outdoor fans remaining on during defrosting, and the defrost system turning on without sensing ice on the coils can be effectively prevented through;

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining the heat pump components is vital for its prolonged efficiency. The AC repair and maintenance service providers in Grapevine, TX, inspect all parts of the defrost control board, including the sensor, to ensure smooth running.

The professionals check for wear and tear on the defrost board and fix all the broken parts. They also replace leaking reversing valves and replace outdated wiring systems.

The defrost board and sensor’s maintenance process also requires a proper setting of the thermostat and the defrost control timer to prevent false detection of issues that make the defrost open when it should not or close at an inappropriate time.

The repair and maintenance experts also inspect the coolant levels for leakages to prevent a low refrigerant charge that makes the defrost turn on when there is no ice on the refrigerant coils.

They clean all the dirty parts of the heat pump, such as the defrost control board, to prevent dirt from accumulating and causing other HVAC issues that may be costly to repair.

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