The Best Time to Change Your Humidifier Panel | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

The Best Time to Change Your Humidifier Panel | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Have you been experiencing itchy or watery eyes? How about a stuffy or runny nose? You may believe that these are signs of a springtime allergy, but many of these symptoms may even resurface in fall. You don’t need a doctor – you simply need the advice of an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX!

We aren’t here to enlighten you about the weather report, but it’s quite common for Americans to experience fall allergies. This isn’t because of what is happening outdoors. This happens because of humidifier panels that need to be changed.

What Is a Humidifier Panel?

Is this the first time you’re hearing this term? Well, it’s known by some other names such as water filter, evaporator pad, or water panel. Every air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX defines these as the heart of the heating system. This is because it keeps homeowners comfortable during the hot summer months with the help of a water distribution tray that sits at the top of the system.

These panels are among the most effective tools that are used to keep offices, homes, and even entire buildings comfortable. They are designed in a manner to maintain an optimal level of moisture indoors during every season, especially during the winter.

A drop in mercury is often accompanied with strong and chilly winds. This is exactly what causes all the red eyes, itchy skins, headaches, and nosebleeds. Minimizing the effects of dangerously dry air will keep every homeowner comfortable throughout the year.

Most of the best HVAC units out there utilize a humidifier panel in their enclosure, which works with the central air conditioning or heating system. The moisturized air is then distributed all over your home with the help of your duct system.

Experts from every air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX suggest that even if you’re okay with the dry season, these humidifiers are the reason why you sleep like a baby though the night!

So Is It Time to Change the Humidifier Panel?

Every provider of air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX advises you to learn when water panels need to be changed. According to manufacturers of these HVAC systems, water panels should be changed atleast once every season. This is so because the air that is being forced through them carries a lot of particles and dust. All of these contaminants in the air can lead to buildups that clog the humidifier panel’s mesh when they have mixed with the water.

Typically, the water panels or evaporator pads in these humidifier panels are constructed with meshes that are made of expanded aluminum honeycomb which is dipped into liquid clay or ceramic slip. Your trusted provider of air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX advises that the larger the surface area of this clay is, the better the humidifier panel will absorb water.

Another reason why the material needs to be good is because of the ability of these contraptions to get clogged due to mineral and scale deposits. Once this happens, the airflow through the humidifier panel is restricted. When this begins to happen, then homeowners will have to go ahead and change their humidifier panel.

The useful life of humidifier panels are also dependant on the hardness of water. This is also why every air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will be keen on recommending the humidifier panel to be changed once a year depending on the amount of use and disruptions in air flow.

Considering all of the above, it is important to makes sure that all of these considerations are carried out in advance. By doing so, homeowners will be able to book an appointment with an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX in time. The best time to have your humidifier changed is when the weather changes halfway.

How the Humidifier Water Panel Is Changed

If you’re wondering whether the humidifier water panel can be changed on your own, we recommend that your leave this to the experts. This is because experts at every air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX have all the mechanical and technical knowledge about HVAC systems and will be the perfect changes.

That being said, this is the simple version of how humidifier water panels are changed:

Step 1: Removing the Cover

Most humidifier water panels come off very easily by a simple push of a button. In other systems, there are also some pressure panels that allow you to access the humidifier.

Step 2: Remove the Old Humidifier Panel

Now the expert from the air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX remove the old humidifier panel and swap in the replacement unit.

Step 3: Replacing the Enclosure

Once the new unit has been inserted by the professional, the enclosure will have to be replaced and ensured that it is put back in the same way it was put in.

Step 4: Ensuring the Unit is Secure

Whatever latch was being used to secure the humidifier water panel needs to be employed on the new unit as well. Once this has been done, you have to make sure whether the unit is stable.

Step 5: Replacing the Cover

Now that you have verified that everything is in place and looks like it did before, you can go ahead and replace the cover you removed in the first step.

While all of this may sound simple, trust us – it can get a little complex. Do you need the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to help you out?

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