Understand How Your HVAC System Works | Tips from Your Plano, TX Heating and AC Repair Service Provider

Understand How Your HVAC System Works | Tips from Your Plano, TX Heating and AC Repair Service Provider

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Many people take cooling and heating for granted. Essentially, these systems keep us warm during winter and cool during summer. During summer when the house is hot or cold in winter, the first reaction is to call experts to find out and fix the problem. However, this should not always be the case. You can drastically cut on service costs and keep your heating and air conditioning systems working well by doing regular maintenance and quick repairs by yourself. Here are tips to ensure efficient heating and ac repair at your home.

It is vital to understand how the basics of how cooling and heating function. For instance, you need to know that these systems work on the law that heat moves from a warm area to cooler one, just like water flows from a higher level to a lower one. Heaters and furnaces put heat in the air in your home to make it warmer while air conditioners clear heat from the air to make it cooler.

Most central air conditioners have two main parts, an indoor unit, also known as an evaporator which is located in a duct near your furnace and an outdoor unit that is located outside your house. Ideally, once you understand how your heating and cooling system work, you will be able to diagnose any issue that may arise. This will go a long way in reducing unnecessary costs for heating and ac repair services.

Keep it Clean

Most home appliances work better when they are clean. Your cooling and heating systems comprise of either a heat pump or a furnace and an AC which should be considered during clean. Moreover, the outdoor unit (compressor and condenser coil) and the indoor unit (blower and evaporator) should also be taken into consideration. There are numerous ways to clean the outdoor unit. The most important thing to note, however, is that the power should be cut before doing anything.

Once you remove the top of the system you are cleaning, you can use a vacuum to clean the fins with a soft bristle brush since they are fragile and can be easily crushed or bent. On most heating and ac repair units, you’ll need to unscrew and lift off the metal box to get to the fins. If you are uncertain of how to do this, you can check your owner’s manual for directions to carefully lift off the box and avoid destroying the fins.

Examine the Wiring Regularly

It is vital to check the connections to your cooling and heating system from time to time. You should, however, do this while the power is off. To efficiently inspect the components and wires during heating and ac repair, first, remove the access panel on the condensing unit. You should then try to find any wires that look charred or those that have melted insulation. Moreover, you should inspect all electrical connections to ensure they are secure and tight.

If you have a home meter, you can also test the electrical output to ensure your system runs efficiently. Lastly, examine the contactor switch and if there is any pitting, replace them. If you do not feel comfortable to replace wires by yourself, then you should attempt to. If you are located in Plano, TX give us a call and we can safely examine your systems for you.

Check the Filters

The AC moves air through a filter which accumulates dirt over time. In as much as you can clean your filter, eventually, you will need to replace them. Unlike normal reusable filters, you should consider using high-proficiency, pleated air filters as they are the best and ultimately last longer. When the filter is dirty, it reduces the airflow, making your heating and cooling system work harder than it is supposed to. Our heating and ac repair technicians in Plano, TX can change filters for the longevity of your system.

The filter is either located inside the blower section of the air handler or furnace or in the top, bottom or side slot of your furnace. Other times, the filter can be located behind the air grille in the ceiling or wall in a central room. Like the other maintenance guides, you should also turn off the power to your system at the main panel or a nearby switch before changing filters or heating and ac repair.

Test the Thermostat

In today’s state of AC technology, a programmable thermostat is a necessity. If you have the old, mechanical type, you should consider replacing it. The best way to manage your cooling and heating system is through good heating and ac repair. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set temperatures for specific times of the day and automatically reduce the temperature when need be. This helps you save money and manage your cooling without having to constantly dial.

When experiencing issues with your thermostat, you can contact our professionals in Plano, TX to fix your problem. Alternatively, you may try checking the settings to make sure that it is correctly set to heat or cool. Moreover, if your system is unresponsive, you can also consider resetting the breaker controlling your thermostat and HVAC unit, this is an effective way to restart your system. Moreover, you should also make a point to replace the batteries of your thermostat each fall and spring.

The main reason for heating and ac repair is to ensure your heating and air conditioning system runs all season without any surprise breakdowns while working efficiently. You might assume that your system is working just fine when it isn’t. Maintaining your system from time to time will greatly lower your energy bills, lower the chances of any catastrophic breakdowns and ensure a longer life for your equipment. In as much as you can do the heating and ac repair yourself, you should also plan annual maintenance from professionals to guarantee the efficiency of your HVAC system. Whether your goal is to improve efficiency, protect your family, save money or prevent surprise breakdowns, maintenance will help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for your HVAC repair in Plano, TX to ensure you are comfortable in your home always.