Why You Need Air Conditioning Service Experts | Frisco, TX

Why You Need Air Conditioning Service Experts | Frisco, TX

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It’s no secret that getting the best air conditioning services in your locality requires the services of certified and professional cleaning companies. Air conditioners like other devices are prone to damages, and once in a while, they may fail to function. If the AC doesn’t work well, it makes the device warmer during summer and colder in winter. When this occurs, you can seek professional air conditioning repair services to ensure you and your family enjoy the right temperature.

Whether you need air conditioning service, installation and maintenance in Fort Worth, you can trust our company. We are located in Fort Worth, and we serve both commercial and residential customers with reliable heating& AC services. Regardless of whether you need repairs, maintenance or installation of AC, then you’ll love the experts that we have at your disposal.

It’s no secret that Fort Worth has a diverse weather system. Sometimes it’s cold while at times it’s too hot. It’s, therefore, essential to get yourself a high-quality air conditioning system. And since most are not experts in choosing air conditioners, they’ll have to contact our contractors to help them pick the ideal heaters and air conditioners.

The reason most customers trust our air conditioning service company is simple; we care about them. At One Hour Air Conditioning, you are assured of a functional and quality AC, heaters and thermostats. We are also fast, and respect all our customers which endears them to us. Besides, we always offer a quality guarantee to our customers on the top-notch products and services. Enjoy two years’ warranty for all the labor, materials and craftsmanship you receive from our company.

Our company also operates locally and has many technicians nationally in the United States. Because of this, many customers and organizations trust as we also don’t offer any predatory pricing or hidden fees.

Our Top Air Conditioning Service in a Glance:

1.  Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

If you want to buy an air conditioner this year, then it would be best if you turn to experts at One Hour Air conditioning service. These professionals will help you pick and install your air conditioner and replace any damaged parts. They have extensive training and experience in installing different types of cooling systems. Therefore, regardless of the system you use, we’ll always offer the best expert advices and services.

Besides, our team regularly undergoes extensive training to ensure they remain the best. For residents of Fort Worth, its best to trust One Hour Air conditioning service for all your AC needs. We also partner with popular brands to provide you with top-notch services.

Our customers are our priority. We have an office in the town which makes it easier to access our residential or commercial services. Once you call us, we’ll come to your home and plan the work basing on your needs, budget and preferences. While doing every job, we always prioritize quality and satisfaction of our customer. We also appreciate the time you take to contact us, and therefore we arrive on time. If our HVAC technicians don’t arrive on time to your home, then feel free to demand a payback. The age of waiting for HVAC technicians to arrive is far behind us. To learn more about our team, products and services, feel free to contact us right away.

2.  Frisco, TX AC Repair and Maintenance

At some instances, your air conditioner will need some repairs. When it does so, our team of experts will be ready to assist you. We will get your system up and running within a little time while also following up on it to ensure it performs to its expectations.

The AC usually stops working when there is an issue in the system. You should call us when you need any Air conditioning service we will come to your home and monitor the problem. If it’s necessary to conduct AC repairs, then we’ll do it using the multiple spare parts in our car. We always carry these spare parts around for higher convenience and effectiveness of our services.

Also, sometimes you may want to replace your AC. Depending on your reasons, you must know that an AC is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Our team of AC professionals will come to assess your home to determine your ideal AC. When suggesting the best AC for you, we’ll always consider factors such as your preferences, budget and other important factors.

According to the U.S Department of Energy, homeowners can increase the efficiency of the AC by 5 to 15% just by replacing filters. Also, some HVAC systems manufacturers require their consumers to maintain their systems annually to retain the user warranty.

3.  Indoor Air Quality

In addition to the temperature of your room, air quality is also an important aspect. To improve the quality of your home’s air, you should manage the heating and air conditioning service. To do that, you’ll have to invest in the right indoor quality systems. This will make your home as efficient and comfortable as possible. Our team is ready to install air filters, air purifiers and other appliances that will make your home air purer.

Our team is also renown in Frisco, TX for their honesty, hard work and best work ethics. We have worked with numerous customers with many offerings to write good testimonials on our good work. Whether you need a replacement air conditioner or to construct a new home, you’ll find our air conditioning services useful. In case of any problem, you can contact our reliable customer care staff for quick answers to any queries you might have.

But for indoor air quality, there are some dangers of failing to keep the air safe. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes it that irritants and indoor allergens place at central role in the quality of your hair. Therefore, the agency warns users against the danger of these pollutions, especially on their lung health. If you want to be safer at home, then its best you invest in quality air indoor services. Our experienced technicians work around the clock to ensure our customers are covered: we may install Micropower Guard filters in your residential or commercial property as they’re useful in tackling pollution.

The treatment for your house doesn’t end there. Our technicians can also set up a treatment plan for your home that will make the air cleaner in your home without you using chemicals. Besides, our advanced air filters and purifiers ensure that the air in your home is safe for everyone. Also, to keep your humidity in check is our humidifiers and dehumidifiers. There two can add or remove moisture in your hair to stabilize the humidity level. We also specialize in the design of heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators that enables fresh air to flow your home while also ensuring no contaminants enter your room.

4.  Ductwork

Ducts are normally infested with excessive vermin, i.e. insects and rodents. Most also have excessive specks of dust/debris that comes from your home use. Before cleaning your ducts, our experts will first ascertain on the conditions affecting your ducts then determine whether to clean, retrofit or replace them.

According to research, cleaning system components, i.e. heat exchangers and cooling coils may improve your system’s efficiency. This increases the operational life of your system, which is useful in saving energy costs. Air ducts get dirty as time goes, therefore, necessitating the services of expert duct cleaners.

According to EPA, you should not clean the ducts regularly but instead once in a while or when necessary. It’s for that reason that you should entrust the cleaning to our professional who takes adequate measures to insulate your air ducts from damage.

Common issues with ductwork in air conditioning service include:

 1.  Poor Planning

When installing the ductwork, the contractors should place them strategically. If they’re too long, then they’ll overwork the system. Also, if they are not made to the ideal size, then they will impair the HVAC systems from working properly.

2.  Sealing Problems

During installation, some installers may not seal the ductwork completely if that happens the air leaks from the duct to spaces in your home. This can result in higher energy bills as well as less airflow in your home.

3.  Inadequate Returns

HVAC systems use returns in drawing air to the system for regulating temperature. When there are no enough returns in your ductwork, then your system will run at higher power inflating your energy bills which costs you more. Also, the issue of having no or fewer returns can result in inconsistent home temperature.

4.  Emergency HVAC Services

At times your HVAC system can break when you need it most. We provide 24-hour, prompt emergency air conditioning services because we want to help you in case of any challenges. What’s more, our experience and expertise make us the best company for all your HVAC needs. We also travel around the town and surround areas trucks to offer the air conditioning and heating services. These vehicles carry spare parts and other materials that will facilitate your repairs, maintenance and installations. Enjoy our exclusive services today as we operate on your device in a short timeframe. We’ll also offer straightforward explanations for emergency services pricing that doesn’t contain any hidden fees.

Our emergency services cover air conditioning service, heating, ductwork, thermostats and air quality.

5.  Thermostat Repair

When it comes to devices, you’ll never guess when they’ll break down. It’s therefore important to have our contacts just in case your device has an issue. We offer essential thermostat repair services, replacement services as well as replacement of spare parts. With a pool of skilled, learned and experienced HVAC technicians, our customers enjoy our top-notch services as we use the latest technology and methods. We also offer individual prices, and we treat each customer with respect, honesty and fair pricing. Probably you hold your thermostat in high regards, and therefore we ensure that we always arrive on time.
Besides if you want to replace your old thermostat, we got you covered. Old thermostats don’t offer modern users the flexibility they need plus they consume much energy. Modern thermostats are the best for use as they give homeowners absolute control of their homes even when not around. These devices also use the latest technology, which is instrumental in lowering energy bills. If you need a thermostat replacement, our team of experts are waiting though you can DIY the wiring, its best to contact us for proper thermostat installation.

If you are around the Frisco, TX area and you’re looking for reliable air conditioning services? Well, contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating and let us dissect your bigger challenge into the small solvable issue. We always respond faster, and our team of experienced and determined personnel are always on standby to attend to our customers. There are numerous positive reviews that our team has received from many customers who also vouch for our services to other interested parties. Visit us today and enjoy reliable, affordable and quality services.