Why You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner | Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX

Why You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner | Heating and AC Repair in Frisco, TX

When you think about it, air conditioners are required to do a complex job of maintaining desirable temperatures in your room. The air conditioner is up against the entire heat output of the earth (in your immediate vicinity). This can be an uphill battle because it requires a tremendous amount of energy to remove heat from a room. Air conditioners accomplish this task by using energy from the electricity to transfer heat from one space to another.

This can become a difficult task if the air conditioner is in poor shape and one or more components are not functioning like they’re supposed to.

For the average person, troubleshooting problem areas is easier said than done. Internet videos and DIY blogs most often than not, oversimplify the problem, giving the user a false impression that an otherwise complex problem could be solved without requisite knowledge or access to professional tools.

Air conditioners are expensive machines that utilize relatively simple principles of heat pumping mechanics to cool rooms, but the machinery that goes into them is quite complex and requires in-depth understanding that most people do not have. This is why you need to have professionals specializing in heating and ac repair in Frisco, TX look into the problem.

Below are 6 signs that it’s time to have your air conditioner repaired by expert technicians.

Hot Air is Being Blown Out

If the air conditioner is blowing out hot air instead of chilled air, then it indicates a number of possible problems. The most common is a dirty air filter. It is recommended to swap out the old air filters for new ones every two or three months. But in several cases, the problem could just as well be a refrigerant leak.

Without the liquid coolant, your air conditioner will not be able to perform basic tasks such as cooling your room.

This kind of repair requires professional services specializing in heating and ac repair in Frisco, TX. These professionals will check for possible sources of leaks and refill them so your air conditioner can start performing back to its full potential.

Moisture Buildup Near the System

It isn’t a good sign to see pools of water accumulate around the AC system. In rare cases, it is a minor problem stemming from dirt or other coagulates blocking the pathway of drain tubes. When the condensate water is unable to move out of the drain tube, it retracts back into the system and starts leaking out.

This does not indicate an emergency problem, but it is one that needs attention, often remedied by a quick, simple fix.

For starters, the water creates the perfect ground for bacteria and mold to propagate. In many other cases, the presence of water takes away from the air conditioner’s ability to provide continuous cooling. You will need to address this problem to minimize problems and optimize your air conditioner to full cooling capacity, but this requires the use of services specializing in heating and ac repair in Frisco, TX.

Noises Coming out of the System

Your air conditioner is built up of many components, including moving parts such as the fan. The manufacturer will have optimized the unit to run quietly, in most cases you won’t even be able to pick up the nose. Unless, of course, a problem occurs in the motor.

When this happens, the most common sounds coming out of the air conditioner include grinding, grating and squealing.

This can make it difficult for the average person to perform basic tasks such as sleeping or communicating with others. If the problem has to do with the motor, then it is best left in the hands of services specializing in heating and ac repair in Frisco, TX. These professionals will make sure your air conditioner stops making too much noise without having to replace it entirely. The following sounds indicate a problem with your air conditioner.

Clicking Sound: There is a tiny obstruction blocking the fan’s proper movement. Check to see if the fan has any obstruction that could be blocking its pathway.

Gurgling Noise: The drain line is causing the gurgling. This could be a minor problem but in some cases indicates a refrigerant leak.

Clanging Sound: This noise indicates that a fan in the outdoor unit is hitting an obstruction. It is also possible that the fan may have come loose and is wobbling out of its position. This could be dangerous if the protective cage around it caves in.

Metal Screeching Against MetalThis sound indicates that your fan motor bearings are being worn out. Heating and ac repair in Frisco, TX will likely replace the entire fan. In most cases, this is the relatively cost-effective option.

Unusual Odor

If you start smelling a strong, pungent odor emanating from the system, it could indicate a problem with the insulation of the wire in the system. It is most likely burned and needs to be replaced or repaired; otherwise, the system might produce excess heat and may even be overworked.

In other cases, you might smell a musty odor. This could be dangerous and possibly indicate the presence of mold and mildew. This is not good for your family’s health and needs to be urgently taken care of by professionals specializing in heating and ac repair in Frisco, TX.

Humidity Levels that Are Too High

If water condenses on your windows to give it a ‘fog’ like appearance, it is a sign that humidity levels in your room are too high and the air conditioner isn’t reducing it because of some problem. Excessive humidity is uncomfortable and if the levels rise too high, the air conditioner can even get damaged.

High humidity leads to a greater risk of algae and mold growth. This reduces the quality of indoor air and may result in allergic reactions.

It is a good idea to schedule regular air conditioner maintenance with One Hour Heating and Air for the best results. Give us a call or visit our website today to learn more.