You May Need An AC Repair Company To Help You With These Little-known Facts | Fort Worth, TX

You May Need An AC Repair Company To Help You With These Little-known Facts | Fort Worth, TX

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When it comes to your air conditioning system you probably don’t think about all of the different ways that it actually works for you and how it’s helping your family. Sure, you know that it’s going to give you cool air and make sure that you’re more comfortable in the warmer months. But did you know that not taking care of it properly could be causing you a whole lot of potential problems? We’re going to talk about a few important facts that you may not know but really should.

Polluted or poor quality air can cause or aggravate 50% of all illnesses.

What this means is you need to make sure that your Fort Worth, TX air conditioning system is running properly and that it’s cleaned out. You don’t want dirt or debris in the system because it could get back into your home and exacerbate your health conditions. This is also where changing out the filter frequently is so important. You want to make sure that you are changing it at least every six months, but preferably even more than that, because too much dirt and debris could cause problems with the system (which means calling an AC repair company) and it could mean more of that dirt and debris gets back into your air.

If you’re currently suffering from any type of illness that’s definitely not something that you want to hear. So why would you want to let poor quality air in your home? You would definitely want to do something about it and make sure that you’re improving your health and wellness in the process.

Most people spend at least 60% of their time indoors (and up to 90%).

This may not sound like an important statistic when it comes to hiring an AC repair company but it actually is. If you’re spending that much time inside your home that means you’re breathing in the air inside your home during that entire time. And you’re only getting fresh air 10-40% of the time. This makes it even more important that the air quality in your home is good and that your air conditioning system is working properly. If it is, you can improve your health, but if it’s not you could end up with even more serious problems.

With that kind of time indoors, air quality is something you may not think about but it’s definitely something that you should be. The right Fort Worth, TX AC repair company will also help you make the right decisions when it comes to what your home actually needs.

Some hazardous pollutants are found indoors at 70x the concentration that they are outdoors.

This means that you could have pollutants in your home that are actively causing health problems for your family and you may not even know it. And because those concentrations are so much higher it’s actually worse for you to breathe them in at home than it is to breathe them outdoors. You could be giving yourself even worse health problems than you realize. But working with an AC repair company can help you reduce some of those pollutants by keeping your AC running the way it should and helping to filter your air.

If you have any kind of pollutant in your home it’s going to be a lot worse than finding it outdoors because you’re in an enclosed space. This is an important thing to think about if you do spend a lot of time indoors or if you have any type of health conditions.

Over 50 million people in America have allergies.

And those allergies are going to get worse when you’re spending all that time indoors breathing in potentially polluted air. You could end up with even worse allergies or with other conditions that occur because your allergies are being exacerbated. By keeping up with your AC repair company and any repairs that you need you can help cut down on some of the pollution that’s happening in your home. That’s going to make it easier for you to breathe and less likely that you will suffer from some type of health problem related to your allergies.

Those allergies could be caused by a lot of the time spent indoors and a lot of the negative pollutants that are found indoors. That means you may be able to work with your AC repair company to find out more about your options and reduce or eliminate your allergies.

As many as two out of three air quality problems that occur indoors are a result of the HVAC system.

What this means is that working with a Fort Worth, TX AC repair company could make a huge difference in the air quality in your home. And that means you could be improving the health of everyone who lives in or even visits your home. It’s definitely going to be worth the time and effort it takes to call in a professional and make sure that you’re getting everything taken care of and definitely your air quality monitored. An AC repair company can make sure that you’re doing everything possible to reduce the contaminants getting into your air.

So, why would you want to continue to suffer with any type of air pollution in your home? You don’t need to if all it takes is calling an AC repair company to improve your HVAC system. And with the current research, it looks like that could take care of most of your problems.

10 million or more Americans currently experience asthma.

This is another important reason to make sure that you’re getting the filters cleaned and changed in your system frequently. Too much dust, dirt and debris in the system and in the filter can get back into the air in your home, which can make asthma even worse. With the right AC repair company you’ll be able to cut down on some of the problems with air quality and make sure that you’re on the right track to keep yourself and your family much healthier. And all you need is an AC repair company to help you along and make sure that you’re keeping the interior of the unit as clean as possible.

Asthma can interfere with a number of other health conditions and it definitely decreases your quality of life. Why would you want to suffer through that when you don’t have to? If all it takes is a little extra help and some time to improve your HVAC system, why not give it a try?

As many as 1 out of every six people who have allergies is because of fungi and bacteria in their air ducts.

You definitely don’t want to be suffering from allergies because of a problem with your air ducts, and you don’t have to if you work with your AC repair company to get things taken care of. They can come to your home and do air ducts cleaning regularly to make sure they’re getting all that dirt and debris out of your home. You’ll improve your air quality and you may even be able to mitigate or even eliminate the allergies that you’re currently suffering with. That’s going to help your entire family feel a whole lot better.

Air duct cleaning is simple with the right AC repair company, so make sure that you’re reaching out and finding someone who can get the problems taken care of for you a whole lot faster.

The most chronic disease in childhood is asthma.

What this means is your child could be suffering as a result of poor quality of air in your home. And that means you have the potential to make things better for them and make sure that they can breathe easier. You can cut down on the amount of health problems that they struggle with and also make sure that your home has the air quality you want for everyone else too. You just need to work with your Fort Worth, TX repair company to find out more about the options and how to make sure your system is always as clean as possible.

You don’t want your child to suffer with asthma if there’s something you can do about it. And you definitely don’t want to make the situation worse if you’re able to improve it. Working with a repair company will make a huge difference and help you and your child to feel better and live a much better life.

Most of the fiberglass filters for your furnace are only 7% efficient (or less) and are highly ineffective.

This means that they’re filtering out some of the larger debris and dust that might find its way into your home but they’re definitely not getting everything out. In fact, they’re going to cause even more problems for you because you may be relying on them too much rather than doing everything else that you can to cut down on air pollution. Working with an AC repair company will help you to get the best kind of filters for your home while also making sure you’re doing everything else you can for efficiency.

The young and elderly are most susceptible to problems from pollution in the air.

This means if you have younger people or older people living in your home you need to be even more careful about how you take care of the air quality in your home. You also need to make sure that you are using a high quality filter and that you are working with your AC repair company to do everything else you can to improve your air quality. This will help everyone in your household and it’s definitely worth the added time and effort involved.

Improving your air quality doesn’t need to be difficult.

You might think that with all of this information it would be hard to improve the air quality in your home, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are a number of things that you can work on with your air conditioning company to find out more. And you can definitely improve your air quality by getting a much better air filter for your system as well. The most important thing is that you need to make sure you’re looking into the current situation for your system and what you could be doing to make it better.

You need a good AC repair company.

Having the best AC repair company to help you along the way is most definitely going to be a great benefit. They’ll be able to work with you on finding the right filters as well as keeping your entire system clean and making sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. It all starts with finding the right team to help you and then following through on a plan that will get you a great quality system that works the way it’s supposed to. It’s not only about improving air quality, but getting great cooling as well.

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth can help you get everything that you’re looking for when it comes to your air quality as well as your actual cooling. Make sure that your home is getting what you need and that you’re taking care of your loved ones in the process. All you have to do is give us a call and we can schedule a time to come out to your home and take care of any air conditioning needs you might have. Our Fort Worth, TX AC repair company is ready and waiting to answer your call and schedule an appointment, no matter what kind of AC needs you might have.

There’s no reason to sit back and let poor air quality ruin your day or your home. Instead, call up an AC repair company that knows what they’re doing and can help you get right into making your home a better and safer place to be.