Your AC Repair Company Is A Team of Specialized Technology Experts | Southlake, TX

Your AC Repair Company Is A Team of Specialized Technology Experts | Southlake, TX

Have you tried to install a new smart thermostat and found the wiring more complex than you thought? Is geothermal something you want to know more about? What about those newer two-stage AC systems? There are so many different technologies that our One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth AC repair company experts are trained in so they can take care of you in Southlake, TX! Our equipment helps us serve you better, and the equipment we install and service has so many amazing features these days that we are trained to keep in top condition so that your system is reliable and efficient. We even have a range of comfort features that we provide and services that increase your indoor air quality and make your home’s air more breathable.

Which Way Does the Air Flow?

Did you know that your home’s duct system needs to be tight, sealed, and clean inside to provide great air to all your rooms? There are even small dampers inside some duct systems that help adjust the airflow, and leaks in your ducts can lower the air pressure and waste your heating and cooling as your rooms don’t receive their fair share of the comfort system’s efforts. Our AC repair company team inspects duct systems for problems, crawling in the attic or wherever is necessary to find trouble. For some reason, those dampers, when they stick or fail to respond to remote control, are always in the most awkward places! Your too-warm room during the summer might not be a thermostat problem or an AC performance problem, it might just be that there’s a damper blocking your cool air to that room. Diagnosis is something our AC repair company does quite well, looking at all the possibilities to make the right repairs. Duct inspection is a natural part of duct cleaning services, something our AC repair company can do for you every couple of years to improve airflow and remove accumulated dust, pet dander, mold spores and bacteria, airborne grease and chemicals, and everything else that’s in your ducts and releasing back into your air flow.

Airflow Testing Helps Balance Heating and Cooling

Besides making sure your duct system is in good shape, our AC repair company experts can also measure the flow of air in various parts of the system with special meters. By taking measurements in various locations, we can locate problems in your duct system without all the crawling to inspect, a better approach for spot repairs where one room just isn’t getting cool enough. There’s one other important factor we can easily check to make sure you have balanced airflow: your home’s vents and intakes. If there’s something blocking your vent, whether it’s a bookcase, bed, or your favorite pet that likes to get cool, the air flow to that room will go down, and it will rise in other places to compensate. You might even find that a room is too cold as well! The same goes for intakes, where the system draws in air to heat or cool and recirculate. If the intake is blocked, it will have an effect similar to when your air filter gets clogged, your airflow will be reduced, your system will work harder to try to circulate air and that will cause wear to the fan motors and belts, and in extreme cases, it’s possible you could have coil icing if the airflow is reduced too much. With our special airflow technologies, we can locate problems like these and get your home’s air flowing and well balanced for your comfort. For additional comfort, we might also recommend paying attention to objects near the vents that are redirecting the air in unexpected ways, like buildings steering the wind as it flows through downtown in a city.

Heat Imaging Devices

In some cases, infrared imaging devices can be part of our detective kit. They’re used to check your home’s insulation and the flow of hot and cold air and can be used to diagnose most systems where air or water is routed around your home. A change in temperature can be gradual if the pipe or duct is uninsulated, or sudden if there’s a leak or blockage. Our experienced AC repair company knows how to interpret problems based on signs like these, and you’ll probably find other professionals using them to check for trouble in your house. Many of our technologies help us find possible sources of trouble without taking too much of your system apart, saving a lot of time and targeting repairs more accurately.

Refrigerant Testing

Let’s find a leak in your AC system! But now, it’s not really safe to go around sniffing for that sweetish smell that sometimes arises. The leak may be small and gradual, too, resulting in situations like an annual recharge of refrigerant during maintenance. As your refrigerant dwindles, your system’s efficiency does as well. Even worse, at some point, you’ll start hearing noises from your compressor as it risks damage due to low coolant levels. If you ever hear a loud squeal coming from your outdoor AC unit, for example, it’s time to call our AC repair company and pause your cooling until we check it, as it could be a serious situation for your compressor. Our AC repair company technicians have a variety of test devices to check refrigerant levels and also the type of refrigerant in use, as there are some types that we don’t use any more due to environmental issues. We also have a “sniffer” that checks the air for us and detects even small leaks!

Your AC Repair Company in Southlake, TX

One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth provides quick, expert AC repair using technology-based solutions to find trouble fast, and experience to make the right fix and get your home comfortable again. Our investment in training and equipment pays off in great service. Call today and see!

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