5 Reasons Air Conditioners Freeze | Tip from Your Frisco, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

5 Reasons Air Conditioners Freeze | Tip from Your Frisco, TX Air Conditioning Service Provider

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Who knew air conditioners could freeze up too? It can be hard to imagine something keeps us cool in the scorching heat is prone to freezing itself. Unfortunately, not much is known about the causes and signs of frozen air conditioners, even though it is a common problem.

Understanding how and why air conditioners freeze can help you recognize when you need an air conditioning service in the Frisco, TX area. The following are the main reasons behind a frozen air conditioner.

1.   Refrigerant Leak

Even a small cut in the refrigerant line can reduce the pressure in the evaporator coil. When this happens, the refrigerant is forced to expand more and make the coil colder. This causes the droplets around the coil to freeze and if the system continues to lose the refrigerant, more ice can be expected to accumulate on the coils.

A low amount of refrigerant can also be a problem. In a properly functioning air conditioner, the evaporator coil expands the refrigerant inside it which causes the coil to cool quickly. This helps to transfer heat as the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air inside of your home and send its outside. But when there is not enough refrigerant, there is less transfer of heat which again makes the coils freeze.

Low pressure or a reduced quantity of refrigerant leaks can both be problematic. But these complex problems can easily be fixed if you get a proper air conditioning service from good service providers.

2.   Restricted Airflow

Normally, your air conditioner system draws the warm air through the evaporator coils and into the ductwork to transfer the heat outside the room. Meanwhile, moisture from the warm air condenses on the coils but the heated refrigerant prevents this moisture from freezing.

Any restriction in heat transfer results in poor airflow. If this happens, the heat no longer gets through to the evaporator coil making the condensed air turn into ice. To avoid having a reduced airflow, you should make sure to have regular air conditioning service. It is best to have professional electricians diagnose what may be restricting the airflow and hence freezing the air conditioner.

3.   Mechanical Failures

Any mechanical failures can easily reduce the pressure in your system and make it freeze rapidly. Particular mechanical issues that may cause this are:

•  Blower Malfunctions

The key function of a blower fan in a central cooling system is to pull warm air into the air ducts and then re-distribute cool air throughout your home. In case the blower fan or its motor stops functioning or breaks down, the heat transfer process stops. This will cause the humidity around the evaporator coils to freeze if the air conditioner continues to run. This issue can be easily identified you get an air conditioning service.

•  Insufficient Fan Speed

The Speed of the fan inside an air conditioner determines the amount of air that blows over the evaporator coil.  It must blow fast enough to allow enough airflow around the coil so that it does not freeze. A good air conditioning service can increase the fan speed to prevent your cooling system from freezing.

•  Problems in the Thermostat

A thermostat controls the temperature inside a room by switching the blower on or off depending on the temperature set by you. A faulty thermostat, however, causes your air conditioner to run all night. Not only does this result in a lot of energy waste and increased energy bills, but it also causes the air conditioner to freeze. The damage can be controlled if this problem is inspected in its early phases.

4.   Dirty Evaporator Coils

Another reason why an air conditioner could freeze is because of ill-maintained evaporator coils. Not many people realize the amount of dust particles and debris that accumulate in the air filters or ductwork just before the air reaches the air conditioner. Any obstacles between the air and coils prevent the refrigerant from absorbing heat. The result is excessive freezing around the coil!

These ‘obstacles’’ or barriers causing poor airflow to an air conditioner include:

  • Dirty filters that have not been cleaned or replaced
  • Blocked supply registers due to wrong furniture placement
  • Clogged air ducts that are filled with dust or debris
  • Leakage in the air duct

You may desperately want to fix your AC unit by cleaning the filters yourself. But let us warn you that it can harm you and also damage the air conditioner. We recommend that you call for an air conditioning service to get proper cleaning and maintenance done.

5.   Low Outdoor Temperature

The summers in Frisco, TX are normally hot and humid, but unexpected cool nights can cause your air conditioner to freeze. This is because the cooling system is not designed to function in low temperatures. A central air conditioner needs warm outdoor temperature to transfer heat outside your home but when the temperature drops, ice forms on the coil and it stops operating properly. You can avoid this by not operating your AC in cooler weather or by getting a regular air conditioning service in the Frisco, TX area.

Symptoms of a Frozen AC

Are you not sure whether your air conditioning unit is close to freezing or not? The following are some alarming signs for you to know that it’s time for an air conditioning service.

  • Your room is warm even when the air conditioner is running constantly
  • You feel that there is evidently less airflow coming through the vents
  • The supply registers are warm or blocked
  • Ice is visible in the access panel to the evaporator
  • Copper coils are encased in ice
  • The filters are dusty and dirty
  • There is a running cycle even when the room temperature has reached the thermostat setting

What Next?

Have you noticed one or more of the above signs? If your answer is affirmative, there is no need to freak out. Frozen air conditioners are more common than you think! And they can be fixed in no time if you hire One Hour Heating and Air for air conditioning service in the Frisco, TX area.

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