5 Times You Need To Call A Heating And AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

5 Times You Need To Call A Heating And AC Repair Company | Fort Worth, TX

When it comes to Fort Worth, TX home maintenance, one of the tasks that most people don’t like to deal with is HVAC repair. No matter how you cut it, fixing your HVAC system can be expensive, which is why most people put it off as long as possible. In some cases, this means waiting until it stops working altogether before calling a heating and AC repair company. While this is one way to handle your HVAC system in Fort Worth, TX, it is not the best approach.

In fact, this approach will probably end up costing you a lot more money over time, even though it seems as if it would save you money. This is because if you wait until your HVAC system shuts down, you will probably end up with a lot more damage versus if you had just called a heating and AC repair company to come out the minute you suspected something was wrong with your HVAC system. Most of the time, an HVAC system does not shut down unless there is a buildup of issues. Usually, when we ask our customers if they have noticed certain things, they will respond they have, but at the time, they did not correlate them to the shutdown.

With that in mind, if you think you have noticed something suspicious, now is the time to look into contacting a heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX. You don’t have to wait too long if you know the signs to look for that your HVAC system may not be acting the way it should and make a special effort to quickly take action. The following is a quick look at some of the times when you will want to call a heating and AC repair company right away.

While the list is not complete (there may be other signs you notice that are not on this list that still require attention from a qualified heating and AC repair company), these signs are some of the most common. This means you are most likely to notice them if something is going on with your HVAC system. While reading over these tips, keep in mind that the best way to keep ahead of problems is by being proactive with maintenance. For your furnace or AC, that means booking an annual heating and cooling service visit.

During an HVAC service visit the HVAC technician will take a look at a variety of things such as the appearance of the internal parts of your HVAC system, the condition of all components, and lubricate your entire system. Lubrication is an important step in the scenario, because regular oiling and lubrication is the best way to reduce friction and ensure that everything is functioning smoothly as it should be. This is one of the number one benefits of booking a regular AC service.

It is not the only one however, because believe it or not you may actually need to have a heating and AC repair company come out for a monthly service otherwise your warranty may be void on your HVAC system. Most people are shocked to learn this, especially if something goes wrong with their HVA system while it is still new. A service is extremely inexpensive and something that you shouldn’t have to worry about if you need to actually call the company about your warranty. Plus, it is the best way to keep your HVAC system working like it is a brand new model, which is something else that most people can appreciate.

After all, after investing in a new HVAC unit and then paying a heating and AC repair company to install it, you should enjoy the perks of a new HVAC system for as long as possible. Some of those perks include perfect functioning and years where you don’t have to worry about calling for repair. The best way to avoid unnecessary repairs as mentioned earlier is with proactive maintenance service. Therefore, if you want your HVAC system to keep working like new, have someone come to your home to clean out your system and lubricate it so that rust and dust cannot stop the proper working of your HVAC unit.

Plus, as an added bonus, you will probably notice that your energy bills dip slightly after you have your HVAC maintenance taken care of by a qualified heating and AC repair company. This is due to the fact that a system that is free of dust and debris that has been properly lubricated will work better than one that has not. This means that the surprising benefit of regular heating and air conditioning maintenance service is that your energy bills will be a bit lower. When you add up the savings over the year the savings will probably pay for themselves.

Therefore, even if you don’t currently notice any signs that your HVAC system may not be functioning the way you want it to, it may not be a bad idea to still call a heating and AC repair company to inquire about their service programs. Some even offer service programs where you get substantial discounts on repair if you are part of their annual service program. These are all perks that it is worth investigating at a little more depth.

All of this said, HVAC systems are still just large, fancy, and expensive pieces of machinery. That means that sometimes despite your best efforts they will start to show signs of age. They will also start to function a bit oddly from time to time. These are the scenarios where we recommend calling a heating and AC repair company. Take a look over this list and see if your Fort Worth, TX system is doing any of these things, and if it is attempting to get ahead of it by calling a local company for help.

Odd Sounds

Kicking off the list is odd sounds coming from your HVAC system. This is one we hear a lot because people like to believe that if they just ignore the sounds they will stop. There is hardly any situation where this is going to solve the problem, but we do understand the inclination to do so. However, we are here to tell you that there are barely any situations where this will work. What it probably will do is make the situation worse because when the noise probably does stop, it will be because the part that was making it has finally broken off completely.

There are a handful of situations and sounds that should raise immediate concerns. Some of these include banging, whistling, and knocking. Banging and knocking noises usually both indicate that something has come loose while whistling could mean there is a dangerous build of pressure. This is even more true when natural gas is used to power the furnace in your Fort Worth, TX home. On the other hand, buzzing noises can indicate an electrical problem and also needs to be quickly checked out by a heating and AC repair company in Texas.

House Is Not Cooling

Another big cause for concern, especially in Fort Worth, TX where temperatures can rise very high during the winter months is if your home is not cooling. A home that is not cooling properly is usually indicative of a problem with the AC system. It can indicate an issue with the thermostat, compressor, coolant, or electrical system which means you will need the help of a professional heating and AC repair company to get to the bottom of what is causing the issue so that you can solve it.

One thing you can do before calling a heating and AC repair company is check your thermostat. First you will want to make sure that it is set to cool and not just set to fan. Then you will want to double check the temperature against a thermometer that you set in the room. If the two do not match, then there is a good chance that the thermostat needs to be replaced. You can also check if the batteries need replacing depending on the type of thermostat you have, because this also can solve the problem quickly in some cases.

Jump in Energy Bills

Another clear sign that something might be wrong with your home HVAC system is if you notice that you are suddenly paying a large amount more in energy bills. An increase in energy belt often means that your HVAC system has to work harder than usual in order to cool your home. This can also be true of heating and your furnace, but most people start to notice issues with their HVAC system when the cooling stops, since summer is so intense in Texas. With that in mind, take a second to think if you have noticed that your system seems to be running more than usual.

If you have noticed that your system is running frequently and there’s not a lot of change in temperature then there is a chance that something called rapid cycling is occurring. Rapid cycling is when your thermostat is no longer detecting the correct temperature in your home or your HVAC system is forced to run continuously in order to meet us at goal. This is an indication that something is wrong within your system preventing it from cycling by its usual routine. You will want to have a heating and AC repair company come out to your home otherwise you will continue to pay higher energy bills and probably receive less actual heating and cooling.

Moisture Is Leaking

Another thing that you never want to see outside of your HVAC system is moisture. Some people think that a little condensation is OK, but in reality condensation should never add up to actually form liquid. Therefore if you see a leak outside of your HVAC system you need to call the heating and AC repair company to immediately come out to your home and resolve the issue. Usually when you notice water leaking from your HVAC system it is actually refrigerant which is extremely toxic and can be poisonous to children and pets in your home.

In addition to the danger that is posed by refrigerant, eventually if you have, eventually if you don’t take proper action the refrigerant will completely leak out of your system which means that you will no longer have cool air in your home. Instead you will have very hot air that never cools circulating around your home which will not help anyone out. Only a heating and AC repair company can help you get to the bottom of the situation.

Dusty Air Vents

Finally if you notice that your air vents are getting dusty, it may be time to call the heating and AC repair company to come out to your home and perform a duct cleaning service. Dust in your air ducts will eventually infiltrate the air and cause dust in your home and in the lungs of everyone who lives in your home. Therefore it’s a good idea to have your air ducts cleaned on a routine basis by a heating and AC repair company so that you can stay ahead of the problem and not have to worry about what family members are breathing. This is even more important if you have somebody in your home who suffers from allergies or you have very young children or very old senior adults living within your Fort Worth, TX home.

If you have noticed any of the above signs in your home and you need a heating and AC repair company, call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth today and we will come out and help solve your HVAC issue.

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