Effective Tips For Heating And AC Repair And Maintenance And Improving Indoor Air Quality | Fort Worth, TX

Effective Tips For Heating And AC Repair And Maintenance And Improving Indoor Air Quality | Fort Worth, TX

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Heating and cooling contribute to about half of your energy usage at home. If your system isn’t running efficiently, chances are you may pay higher energy bills. There are a few things you can do to maintain your HVAC system and minimize the need for heating and AC repair in Fort Worth, TX. Below are some tips you can use to keep your HVAC system running and to also improve indoor quality in your homes.

It’s important to test your HVAC system first to see if it’s working properly. Turn on your system and set the thermostat to higher than your usual temperature and wait for it to release heated air. Call a technician for heating and AC repair when you suspect that something is wrong. Otherwise, proceed with the rest of the maintenance tips that you can do on your own. It is best, however, to always seek help from a professional especially if you are not familiar with how everything works. Doing this on your own may damage the system and will lead to expensive heating and AC repair.

1. Changing the Filters

When your system isn’t releasing warm air, the problem could be your air filters. Simply cleaning and changing them will alleviate the issue. Doing this easy and simple step can help your HVAC system to perform better and avoid costly heating and AC repair in Fort Worth, TX. Dirty filters will make your system work hard. If it keeps doing this, it will eventually shut off and will cause heating and AC repair or a really expensive replacement. If you want to avoid calling a professional for heating and AC repair, regularly clean your filters. If there is a blockage in your ductwork, contact a licensed professional in Fort Worth, TX for assistance.

2. Noises and Strange Smells

When your HVAC system has been idle for a while, you will need to watch out for some unusual noises when you turn them on. Hearing rattling noises could mean that some of the electrical components in your HVAC system are loose or you may have some problems with the ignition. When the noises do not go away after several minutes, you may have to call a professional technician in Fort Worth, TX for heating and AC repair. A burning smell or moldy smell are also issues you shouldn’t take lightly. If you suspect that something is wrong, always call a professional for help.

Another thing to check is a musty smell from your vents. When you are using your air conditioning unit in the summer, condensation will get into your ductwork. This will result in having a musty smell and you need to call a technician immediately so they can clean the ductwork and perform any needed heating and AC repairs. 

Never ignore unusual noises or smells in your HVAC system or you may pay for costly heating and AC repair or replacements.

3. Routine Maintenance

Although you can perform your own maintenance at home, it is best to schedule annual maintenance of your HVAC system with a licensed technician in Fort Worth, TX to ensure it’s running efficiently and to avoid heating and AC repair.

The best time to schedule this routine maintenance could be in the fall as you will be using it constantly in the winter. Technicians usually adhere to a standard checklist for this routine maintenance. They will check whether your system will turn and off properly and if it still works. The thermostat, filters and ductwork will also be checked. They will recommend heating and AC repair or replacement when they suspect that your HVAC system is defective.

Routine maintenance is also essential especially if you are using either gas or oil to power up your HVAC system. Loose connectors can lead to a safety hazard when not resolved. Talk to your technician so he can also do a thorough inspection of this.

If you suspect a problem with your HVAC system, tell your technician about this so they check this as well. Resolving minor problems can save you a lot of expensive heating and AC repair.

4. Registers and Vents

Dirty vents and registers will collect dust and other harmful bacteria that will contaminate the air quality in your home. For the safety of your home and your family, call a technician to help you clean your vents and registers. Professional cleaning ensures improved air quality and avoids respiratory illnesses.

When to Replace Your HVAC System

Consider replacing your HVAC system if it’s 15 years old or more. You will only pay more for heating and AC repair when you decide to keep older systems. Take note that apart from wear and tear, the age of the HVAC system also contributes to its efficiency. Old systems will not give you the same comfort as a new system can provide. If your HVAC system constantly requires heating and AC repair, talk to your technician about replacing them.

Newer HVAC systems nowadays are a lot better than the older models. Most HVACs, especially the energy-efficient ones can give you optimum performance and immensely help you save on your energy bills. Take your time to research for the best HVAC system for your home. As much as possible, talk to your technician as they are more knowledgeable when it comes to providing the best solution for your home.

Think about the features that you want in your HVAC system and try to compare the prices and which ones best suit your needs. A few features you may want to consider are the wi-fi thermostats where you can control your HVAC system’s temperature with your smartphone, get software updates and weather reports, receive information about HVAC maintenance, etc. Talk to your technician as he can give you a comparison as to the best HVAC system you should get for your home.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you want more comfort, convenience and energy savings, consider installing a programmable thermostat for your home. With this, you are able to set your desired home temperature before you arrive and set it at a lower temperature when you are away. You can do this in the comfort of your mobile phone. Go with a smart thermostat to get better benefits.

Eliminating Pollution Indoors

In the winter, homeowners will be shutting and sealing their doors and windows to protect themselves from cold. As a result, they will be more exposed to indoor air pollutants that will be hazardous to their health in the long run. This can be prevented by having an air purifier in your homes. An energy-efficient air purifier is an even better choice to help you eliminate harmful indoor pollution.

There are quality test kits that can identify the possible pollutants in your home but a few of the signs you need to watch out for are sneezing and coughing. This is likely due to indoor pollution.

A single exposure to air pollutants could give you irritation in your eyes, mouth, throat and nose. Other people may even experience dizziness and headaches along with the other symptoms. People with allergies and respiratory problems like asthma may have worse symptoms. You’ll get them mainly from molds, pollen, harmful bacteria and dust mites. Fumes from cooking also contribute to air pollution.

Why You Need an Air Purifier

An air purifier will remove those pollutants in the air to give you a clear and better indoor quality. Some purifiers are portable while others can be installed on your HVAC. Do make sure to work with a licensed technician in Fort Worth, TX for proper installation and to avoid heating and AC repair.

Air purifiers will pull air into the filters that will trap the particles in the air and then will recirculate the improved air into your room. The most effective air purifiers can even remove the smallest of particles including cigarette smoke. If you are susceptible to having a respiratory illness, it’s best for you to get this type of purifier.

Talk to your technician if you can’t decide which energy-efficient air purifier you should get for your home. Choose those purifiers that can eliminate the smallest particles, including bacteria. Below are some benefits you’ll get when you install an air purifier in your homes.

  • Better air quality
  • Prevents respiratory problems
  • Decreased allergy symptoms
  • Energy savings for energy-efficient purifier
  • Fewer bacteria, pollen and other harmful particles in the air

Choosing the Right Purifier Size for your Home

Although air purifiers are effective at eliminating the pollutants, it cannot help remove the source of the bacteria or molds. You will need to also clean your air ducts and filters as these are the usual culprits. Cleaning them prevents bacteria and mold, and also avoids paying for costly heating and AC repair in Fort Worth, TX.

Select a purifier with a high CADR or clean air delivery rate. The score is a measurement of how many particles a certain purifier can eliminate. You will need to get the square footage of your room and then compare it to the clean air delivery rate to determine the right size. Talk to a technician in Fort Worth, TX if you are not sure how to do this. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth if you are looking for a professional and licensed technician for your HVAC system.

Getting Humidifiers for Your Home

It can be uncomfortable dealing with dry air and cold air during the winter time. The best solution for this is to get a humidifier for adding moisture into your indoor air.

Air is usually dry during the winter as fresh air does not usually enter the home. Your furnace helps you maintain the temperature in your home but it also dries out the air at the same time. Getting a humidifier will add moisture to your home. The ideal humidity should be about 30 to 50%. Otherwise, you may experience irritations in your skin and your throat. Too much moisture can also damage your home’s furnishings and may even encourage mold growth.

You will know the air is dry when your skin, nose, throat and lips are dry. Dry air can also cause cracks in your furniture and paint. It may even damage your wallpaper. While a professional can help you identify the causes of dry indoor air, you will most likely be relieved when you get a good humidifier.

Types of Humidifiers

The benefits of humidifiers include more convenience, increased levels of comfort, less damage to furniture. If you want to maximize the benefits of a humidifier, talk to your technician about getting an energy-efficient humidifier for your home.

Choose between a warm-mist, ultrasonic and cool-mist humidifiers for your home. These types are either portable or come in console sizes. You can also install them into your HVAC system. Portable is a small humidifier and is ideal for small areas. Console humidifiers are large and may contain wheels. The latter are ideal for larger homes.

Warm-mist humidifiers are a popular choice but may not be the best if you are looking to also save more energy. The ultrasonic humidifier would be best for homeowners looking to get significant energy savings.

To find out which one is right for you, consider your desired humidity and the size of your room. Talk to a technician for more assistance.

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