Heater Maintenance Problems: What Are You Doing Wrong? | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service in Fort Worth, TX

Heater Maintenance Problems: What Are You Doing Wrong? | Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service in Fort Worth, TX

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When it comes to heater maintenance, there is one mistake that owners should absolutely avoid. The ultimate mistake is when you are not getting enough repairs and maintenance and you are lagging behind on your HVAC inspection schedule.

This can severely impact your heater in a number of ways and your heater should be in top shape for Fort Worth’s winters and heating seasons.

Heaters are delicate machines that must be kept in top shape in order to function effectively. Each part must be inspected, repaired and reinstalled eventually.

But you must be wondering, what exactly are these parts. So let’s find out.

What’s in a Heater?

The following are parts usually found in electricity and gas-based heaters:

  • Furnace

A furnace is the component of a direct fired heater that works as a heat reactor and provides the heating needed for the house. These are often found in the basements ofFort Worth homes.

It is the thing that actually hosts most of the other components of a heater and should be kept in top shape by a professional heating and air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX.

  • Blower

The blower is a motorresistor component that works on electricity and is one of the most crucial parts of the heating unit. The heater actually controls the fan in the heater and measures out and evens out its speed.

  • Filter

A filter also exists in a furnace that works to shield the blower and the fan from debris. Dust, debris and other pollutants can get blown in from the return ducts that might possibly damage the blower and jam the fan.

  • Limit Switch

The limit switch is one of the most vital parts of a heater. It controls the function of the fan and does not allow it to turn until the air flow inside your furnace is heated. The limit switch is also very useful in case of emergencies.

Without the limit switch, you might just have too much heating in your house. It works as a preventative measure or a kill switch for the burner as the air flow inside the furnace grows too hot.

The burner will be turned off if there is high air flow temperature in the heat exchanger since the high temperatures can damage the heater. It can also create unsafe conditions where explosions can occur in your Fort Worthhouses.

  • Heat Exchanger

The heater’s heat exchanger is located inside the furnace. This is the part of the furnace that consists of sets of tubes and coils looped together in repeated sets. These sets go through the air flow blowing inside your furnace to heat the air coming in.

A heat exchanger works to heat the air inside your Fort Worth home and is responsible for the temperature control. Without the heat exchanger, you will have a chilly household.

  • Thermostat

This is the part of the heater that tells you the temperature of the room or house itself. It can be used to adjust and readjust the temperature and other time settings of the heater.

You can program the thermostat to stay at a single temperature or rise up automatically in case the outside temperature drops in the middle of a winter night in Fort Worth, for example.

More advanced thermostats can also be used to set times for when the heater needs to be on and when it can turn off.

So when it comes to these heater parts, what possible problems can occur? Let’s find that out as well.

What Can Go Wrong?

Clogging of the Filters

Filters are there to protect the blower fan. If the filters are clogged or dirty, this will greatly impact the airflow inside your heater. This will have an impact on your furnace’s performance and might even damage the limit switch since it is connected to the fan.

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat can get stuck, malfunction or stop changing the temperature which can make your life harder and your Fort Worthhome colder. It can also cause a lot of damage to other heater components like the fan.

This could lead to frequent cycling between the on and off modes, leading to major temperature differences.

Furnace Problems

The furnace will have a lot of problems if not properly inspected and air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX. It might stop heating altogether, indicating a problem with the power, pilot light or even the thermostat.

The furnace might not heat correctly either. This could be because of a clogged filter or even because of initial installation issues. The latter usually occurs because the heater installed is not proportional to the space it exists within.

Therefore, you should always have a heating and air conditioning service repair in Fort Worth, TX double check the measurements before installation and reinstallation.

The furnace could also possibly emit a lot of noise. If your furnace is rumbling, rattling or squeaking you should call a heating and air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX immediately. There might be a clogged burner or airflow reductions that the repairman should inspect.

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