How Long Will Your Air Conditioner Last? | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

How Long Will Your Air Conditioner Last? | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

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Air conditioning units are an ultimate necessity if you want to live comfortably during the summer season. With the change in global climate, summer days are becoming even hotter, increasing the dependence of homeowners on air conditioners to maintain indoor temperatures.

With the increase in the consumption of air conditioners, they have to tolerate more load. This compels the units to wear out faster. Not just this, their efficiency is also hugely affected. If you don’t have frequent servicing done from the air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, it’s going to lower down your unit’s efficiency and lifespan substantially.

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 12 to 15 years, considering that you take adequate care of it by having regular maintenance done by air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. This lifespan can be increased and decreased depending upon following main factors:

  • The level of consumption
  • Frequency of servicing
  • Location it is installed
  • The grade or level of the unit model

The size of the unit with respect to the area it is expected to cover also has a lot of say in the lifespan of the air conditioning unit. These factors are discussed underneath in detail.

1.   The Size of the Unit

Air conditioners are a common purchase for homeowners. They have been bought and installed for several years. The size of the air conditioner you buy for your home or commercial use has a huge say in the life of the unit.

This decision needs to be made carefully because not having the right unit size can affect the efficiency of the air conditioner and lower its lifespan consequently. Having an oversized unit for a smaller place would put the unit under unnecessary pressure to work more than what is expected out of it.

Similarly, having an undersized unit won’t be sufficient to fulfill the needs of a larger space. This can compel you to change the temperature setting. As a result, it will cause the unit to wear out sooner.

The right way to go about is to consult an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX and have their suggestion on what size of the unit should you purchase for which area. This will not only increase the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner but also enhance its lifespan.

2.   Servicing and Maintenance Frequency

Air conditioners have excessive use. This makes them prone to encounter problems and they tend to wear out with time. This makes it very important for you to have your air conditioner regularly serviced and tuned up by air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX so that they continue to work at their best. If you ignore the maintenance needs of your AC, you need to gear up yourself for surprise break downs amidst peak summer season.

Having frequent servicing of your air conditioning units identifies and addresses the issues right in the beginning so that they don’t turn into anything bigger and hinder the performance of the unit. Repairing smaller issues timely can actually help you prevent bigger setbacks and increase the lifespan of your air conditioner significantly.

Another important thing to consider here is the off-season maintenance. A lot of homeowners only have their AC units serviced when summer starts. This is not the right approach. Your unit will wear out if you don’t keep it maintained throughout.

A lot of problems tend to pile up when the unit is left ignored. So, it is better that you have a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX looks into your AC units frequently around the year to ensure their average lifespan is maintained.

3.   Location of Installation

The location where you have installed your air conditioning unit has quite an impact on its operational efficiency and its life, subsequently. Firstly, you should always hire an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to install the unit for you.

Attempting to do it yourself is not only risky but has long term consequences, too. You may want to save the installation cost but it can definitely turn into a very expensive mistake. You will not just have to live with inefficiently working AC units, but there will always be the risk of safety hazards like electric malfunctioning or wires catching up the fire.

This can lower down your unit’s cost tremendously and require you to replace the air conditioner. Make sure to have your AC installation done by a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to avoid such pitfalls.

4.   The Level of the Model Installed

Some models of the air conditioner aren’t designed for longer life. They can make a good choice for you if you don’t have the required budget. Outdated models also have lower efficiency and lifespan. They can only endure load up to a limit.

If you exceed that limit, they’ll start showing signs of wearing out and you’ll have to look for alternate options. If you’re looking for ways to increase your AC’s lifespan, it is suggested that you invest in an advanced model that promises better performance and efficiency, and can last longer. It’s best to have an opinion of the certified air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to help you decide which model to go for.

Air conditioners have become a necessity in the present world. But they aren’t something you can invest in frequently. If you carry out preventive maintenance and have a professional air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX maintain the units regularly, you can increase the life of your air conditioning system. Having regular tune-ups can actually save you from expensive repairs and higher energy bills.

Having bi-annual maintenance check and cleaning of the unit can ensure peak performance of your AC units throughout the year. Contact One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating today at 817-283-6911 and have your air conditioners serviced by the most experienced professionals.

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