How to Maintain Your Heating and AC System | Fort Worth, TX

How to Maintain Your Heating and AC System | Fort Worth, TX

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In Fort Worth, TX, fully operational heating and AC system are a must-have if you are to counter the adverse weather conditions. During winters, the temperature can run unbelievably low while in summer, the heat can be scorching. As such, it is imperative to ensure that your heating and AC system is working as normally as expected. Professional heating and air conditioning companies such as One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, recommend several useful maintenance drills that will keep your systems running and working correctly. Furthermore, this company is a call away should your systems need servicing.

Some of the ways to maintain your heating and air conditioning system include the following:

  • Cleaning

Most systems and machines work best when they are clean. Any form of dirt is bound to hinder the effective working of any device. This applies to your heating and AC system too. If not regularly cleaned, dirt particles may block parts of your system and interfere with its regular operation. Your heating and AC system may consist of a furnace or a heat pump and an air conditioner. There may also be an outdoor unit that consists of a condenser coil with a compressor as well as an indoor unit that has an evaporator and a blower. All these components need to be cleaned regularly and appropriately to keep your system in good working condition.

The outdoor is the most susceptible to dirt, and to clean it, there are recommended steps. To clean up your outdoor unit:

  1. Switch off the power
  2. Remove the top cover to expose the fins
  3. Spray the fins with a hose to remove any dirt
  4. Straighten the fins if they are bent

Fin cleaners are also available in most hardware, and you could buy some for your system.

  • Examine Your System’s Wiring

Loose connections and melted insulation on your wires could be a reason enough to render your heating and AC system ineffective. You may note that your system is running normally but not with the expected impact. Your AC may not be cooling your home as expected, or your heating systems are not warming your rooms as you would expect. Wire problems could cause such. It is advisable to inspect your system’s wire connection regularly.

To inspect the wire connection of your air conditioner:

  1. Switch the power off
  2. Remove the cover panel of the condenser
  3. Check and text your wire connection
  4. Check other parts of your system and ensure all electrical connections are tightly in place

If you do not have the technical know-how on how to open up parts of your heating and air conditioning system is a tough call, and you are located in Fort Worth, TX, reach out to One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating for professional help.

  • Check Your Filters

Air flows in and out of your air conditioner through filters. With time, dirt particles may gather up in the filters and limit the expected airflow into your air conditioner. This may prevent your air conditioner from working effectively since it forces your conditioner to work harder to make up for the blockages. Air filters can be cleaned accordingly, but regular replacement is always recommended. If you intend to replace the air filters, specialists recommend high-proficiency, pleated types that have a long service life.

  • Install a Programmable Thermostat

Traditional technical thermostats are known to cause high energy bills since they cannot automatically change temperatures. This means that when you are away from home, they run full blast even when the temperatures are high. Replacing them with new programmable models is an excellent move towards cutting your energy bills. Programmable models can be set to change the temperatures when you are away from home or in bed. In Fort Worth, TX, One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating is reputable for offering installations of heating and AC systems at affordable rates.

  • Maximize Air Flow

Blocked vents can also be the reason why your heating and AC system is not working effectively. Such limit airflow into and out of your air condenser and may prompt it to overwork, which may lead to a breakdown. Clean up your vents regularly to avoid such.

  • Inspect and Clear the Area around Your Outdoor Unit

It is essential to regularly inspect your outdoor unit to ensure it is in good condition. Clean off vegetation and leaves that could have gathered up near the unit. Such could interfere with your system’s airflow. Furthermore, be on the lookout for plants that release excess pollen as this can clog your condensing units. Ensure the area around your outdoor is secure from interference and clear of large bushes.

  • Check Your Evaporator Coil’s Drainage

Algae and molds may build up in your evaporator’s drain pipes and cause a blockage that can alter the functioning of your heating and AC system. This blockage can cause leakages, and it would not be a surprise to see water flowing from your ceiling. This form of dirt can be cleaned with a wet-dry vacuum or an appropriate breach. In Fort Worth, TX, during spring and summer, this is a highly expected problem.

  • Inspect your Doors and Windows

Broken doors and windows are largely to blame for the inefficiency of your heating and AC system. Damaged seals and cracks may leak air into your rooms, offsetting your system’s intended atmosphere. As such, it is advisable to add caulk around window frames and weather-stripping your doors to reduce leaks. Broken windows and doors should also be replaced immediately.


Proper maintenance of your heating and AC system goes a long way in ensuring it gives you along with service life and that you do not have to spend every other moment on repairs. However, the greatest of all maintenance drills is having your system inspected by a certified technician at least twice a year. This helps detect possible issues early enough and sort them out according to early enough before they advance into more significant problems. If you are located in Fort Worth, TX, it is only wise to consult One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating in matters of your heating and AC system maintenance issues.