Keeping It Cool in Richardson, TX with Expert Air Conditioning Repair

Keeping It Cool in Richardson, TX with Expert Air Conditioning Repair

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When it gets hot in DFW, it stays hot. At One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth, we know that means air conditioning is a must-have. When you need emergency air conditioning repair in Richardson, TX, you do not want to get out the fans and cold drinks while you wait for the repair guy. You need fast service and, most of all, you need expert service. We provide both.

Make an Appointment with Us for Prompt, Professional HVAC Repair

Our office is available during the daytime to schedule appointments such as evaluations of your home’s air conditioning needs, maintenance visits, air conditioning repair calls, and installation or upgrade visits. Twenty-four hours a day, our phone line is also available for emergency HVAC repair calls, which will get one of our technicians on the way to you. They will diagnose and repair your system’s problem, usually with air conditioning repair parts that they have on hand in the truck.

Before You Call for HVAC Repair

If your air conditioner is not providing proper cooling, it’s usually a good idea to first check for unanticipated but basic issues. We don’t always know why these problems, such as thermostat changes, happen, but we’re happy when the fix is as simple as these items. We recommend a quick check of three common problems that homeowners can perform themselves and perhaps avoid an air conditioner repair call.

  1. Check your electrical system serving your air conditioning and air handling equipment. Circuit breakers should be on, switches in their normal position, and wiring connections undisturbed. Our technicians try not to make assumptions about the state of the system, and that often helps them find basic problems like these that occur unexpectedly.
  2. Make sure that the thermostat is properly set and functioning as it should, displaying the current indoor temperature and the set temperature you would expect. There may have been unexpected adjustments or programming issues that changed the target temperature. If everything seems ok, try a reset — turn the system off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on, set the temperature yourself and give the system time to produce cool air again. This may restore your system’s function, especially if there has been a power glitch.
  3. Clean or replace air filters. Make sure that you locate all of them. An unmaintained filter can make a big difference in system effectiveness. Accumulated dust, dirt, and pet hair can create an effective block to airflow and put a strain on air circulation equipment.

Of course, if your system repeatedly requires thermostat cycling or circuit breaker resets, that is a reason in itself for you to make an appointment for an air conditioning repair visit.

Maintenance Is the Key to Air Conditioning Reliability

A lack of maintenance over the years can create problems from wear and loss of efficiency that appear as air conditioner repair problems. Filters, lubrication, duct cleaning, and other maintenance items can limit airflow, cause premature motor, pump, and compressor failure, and before total failure can result in less effective cooling. Our air conditioner repair team will be glad to provide any information about maintenance schedules that you need to ensure that your system is operating at peak performance and reliability.

We encourage you to schedule your air conditioning repair and maintenance outside the summer cooling season to avoid even brief downtime when your system is needed most. In fact, combining your heating and cooling system maintenance and repairs in the spring or fall will keep your systems ready to meet your needs year-round. 

Common Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Repair Work

Our air conditioning repair work focuses on three common areas of trouble: moving parts, especially fan motors and compressors, cooling equipment that contains materials such as oil or refrigerant, and problems induced by weather or other damage to the equipment. Our workers perform a general diagnostic process to identify any other problems, and we make sure that they carry a selection of factory-authorized parts to repair critical areas of the systems we service. After decades of experience, we have refined our process so that we can do our best to arrive on time and finish the air conditioning repair job as quickly as possible.

Upgrades and New Features for Your Air Conditioning System

Sometimes we can solve problems by improving the way that your air conditioning equipment’s cooling capacity is put to use. That can be as simple as conducting an energy use survey and providing suggestions for insulation and efficiency improvements. It might also involve rerouting ducting to deliver cool air more evenly. Your system’s effectiveness could also be improved by implementing or increasing zones, where cool air is delivered under thermostat control to different areas of the house.

Like electrical power circuits in your home, zoned systems distribute the cool air in separate ducting, which can then be managed individually. You can focus your cooling use by setting a lower temperature goal in your living room, for example, and changing to cool your bedrooms only a short while before bedtime. We can install smart thermostats to handle the time-based changes, or we can integrate your zones into your smart home system for programmed control. Some of our customers even use smart blinds and other programmed shade products to reduce heat input into the home during the sunniest part of the day.

Our Technicians Are Experienced and Certified

Technicians at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating in Richardson, TX are NATE certified, a comprehensive exam-based certification by North American Technician Excellence which covers core skills, installation excellence, service versatility, and extensive knowledge. NATE provides a career development path that helps our air conditioning repair and installation technicians grow in their knowledge as well as their hands-on experience, preparing them to tackle your air conditioner repair needs guided by the best experts across the country as well as top service personnel within our company. As a Factory-Authorized Dealer, we also have to meet extensive standards for customer service and product line knowledge.

Our Versatile Air Conditioning Repair Team

Air conditioning repair is a challenging and rewarding field for our technicians, who have to be educated and trained to support many brands and also many technologies that provide heating and cooling. There are heat pumps, compressor-type AC units, even geothermal units, and more. Your unit may be part of an automated smart home system and you may have intelligent, zoned heating and cooling. We have to be ready for every challenge, prepared to diagnose and make air conditioner repairs to your particular system. We’re proud of our team for keeping their edge in this diverse technological field.

Our Carefully Designed Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Process

Customers have come to expect the best from us, and a big part of that is the consistently high-quality service they experience. Our technicians have a number of goals which together result in higher customer satisfaction. Our job as a Factory Authorized Dealer is to make sure that you receive top-quality customer service and enjoy the products we install and repair for years to come. Our diagnostic process is a multi-step procedure that helps our team to coordinate their work and come up with an accurate diagnosis of your system’s needs. We work to communicate our conclusions when we diagnose a problem on an air conditioning repair call and present the repair estimate on paper. We don’t proceed without customer approval.

Our team is very respectful of customers’ property, both outside when working on external units, and indoors when providing duct, thermostat, fan, and installation work. We do advise customers when their older units, generally ten years old or more, might be in need of replacement both due to anticipated repair costs and the additional benefits that newer units provide, especially in energy savings. Customers often find that their new unit can pay for itself in lower energy bills in a few years. To further reduce customer’s operation costs, we provide home performance evaluations that usually identify a number of ways that they can increase their energy efficiency.

Well-stocked, Factory-authorized Parts On Hand, Not On Order

You’ve probably experienced situations where your car, truck, appliance, or air conditioning repair process stopped dead in its tracks because of a part. We don’t want to say, “the part is on order” when your system needs a new motor, compressor, or another key component. That’s why we stock our trucks with an extensive line of factory-authorized air conditioner repair parts for the many brands of systems we service, so we can finish the job we came to do. Our years of experience and manufacturer relationships help us to know typical part requirements and use advanced inventory maintenance techniques to keep the right air conditioner repair parts in stock.

Commercial and Residential Systems Serviced

We’re well-known for keeping area homes cool in the summer with quick service and skilled technicians, but we’re also available for business owners who want the same top-quality service for their company. Our team can service your office or shop systems and provide air conditioning repair that keeps your workers from wilting when the Dallas area heat is on full blast.

Seasonal Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

Since ours is a seasonal business, it pays to plan ahead and get your major air conditioner repair work done or new equipment installed when there are special deals available and promotions in effect. Getting your systems maintained and upgraded in the off-season means you can arrange a time that’s best for you and when you don’t need your system to be keeping the heat of the summer at bay. Check for our internet specials!

When a New System Might Be a Better Option

For systems over ten years old, repair bills can start to grow, especially if the system hasn’t been properly maintained. While repairing your system may get it running again quickly, spending a bit of time selecting and installing a new system may do more than improve the performance and reliability of your air conditioning system. It may actually provide enough efficiency gains that it pays for itself in a few years, making a new air conditioning system a wise investment for many homeowners in the area. This is especially true since many of us keep our systems working hard through the summer months. Qualified purchases can even be financed.

Installing a newer system can be an important upgrade for homeowners with existing systems, but for those who have relied on window-mounted equipment over the years, it can make an amazing difference. We especially suggest that those with health needs for clean, cool air during the summer consider installing a new AC system. Even if your home does not have existing ducting, there are a number of ways to distribute cool air throughout the house without big changes. Whole-house systems also provide excellent dehumidification, making life in the DFW area much more bearable in the summer. Our new systems are designed and installed by highly trained staff, and include features like wireless thermostats, remote smartphone or tablet control, and ultra-quiet operation.

Licensed and Bonded with Long-Term Trust

We’ve been in operation since 1988 here in the North Dallas, Fort Worth area, and many of our customers have relied on us for decades. We’re licensed and bonded in addition to our excellent reputation, making us a company you can count on for timely, professional service. We welcome you to become one of our satisfied customers with heating and air conditioning repair and installation for your home or business.

Give One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating of Fort Worth a Call

At One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, we’re ready to provide rapid response to our Richardson, TX customers with our well-stocked trucks and expert technicians. Give us a call at 817-283-6911 for 24-hour AC emergencies and scheduled repairs, and to ask questions you may have about your air conditioning system and how we can help you stay comfortable year-round.