Our Answers To All Your Questions About Heating And AC Repair | North Richland Hills, TX

Our Answers To All Your Questions About Heating And AC Repair | North Richland Hills, TX

One of the best ways to keep your North Richland Hills, TX, HVAC system in top shape for many years is to provide adequate heating and AC repair services on a regular basis in order to ensure your home is always at the right temperature, making you feel comfortable and allowing you to rest well any time you are home. But sometimes it can happen that homeowners are not aware of when their HVAC system is in need of heating and AC repair, which can lead to a worsening of the problem and can even result in having to replace their system completely.

In this article, we touch on some of the most important questions you may have about heating and AC repair in North Richland Hills, TX. Subjects such as when you should call a reputable heating and AC repair company, things you can expect from the professional’s visit to your home, and the danger of DIY repairs that only lead to further damage, will help you know what warning signs to look for and how to resolve the problems your HVAC system could be having, all while keeping your family safe and healthy.

When Should You Call a Professional AC Repair Company?

Even if your HVAC system is working as it should, it is always a good idea to call a professional heating and AC repair technician for regular maintenance. This will ensure your system is always in tip top shape, and you can detect any pending malfunctions before they happen and result in costly repairs. BUT, if your air conditioner has stopped performing well, the worst decision you can make is to put off calling a heating and AC repair service because leaving the problem to fester will only cause you more grief, loss of time, and a much larger expense to get the issue fixed. Ignoring the need for heating and AC repair can have such dire consequences as the total loss of your system, something that will probably cause you to spend money you haven’t budgeted for.

You should also consider that HVAC units contain chemical compounds that could harm your family’s health if they start leaking and are not handled correctly. So, if your HVAC system starts acting weird or its performance is reduced, it’s time to call a heating and AC repair service right away. To make your decision easier, these are some warning signs that your AC unit is in trouble and will require repairs.

  • Your HVAC system isn’t heating or cooling the way it used to – did you notice your air conditioner is only emitting warm air when it should be cooling your home? This is possibly one of the most noticeable and common warning signs that let you know your system is in need of heating and AC repair services. There are several things that could be causing the problem so make sure you get an experienced tech to diagnose and repair the issue.
  • What are those noises? – while you should expect your air conditioner to make a soft humming sound when it turns on, loud banging, hissing, or crackling noises are a sign that something could be seriously wrong. Ignoring them will almost always result in severe damage to your air conditioner and may require the complete replacement of your HVAC system.
  • Your air conditioner is leaking – if you see water leaking from your air conditioner or mysterious puddles directly under it or in its vicinity, you should call a heating and AC repair service as soon as possible. For starters, a leak that is left to continue can severely damage your home’s structure and foundation. On the other hand, your unit could be leaking refrigerant, a dangerous chemical compound. So, if your air conditioner is leaking, call a reputable heating and AC repair company right away.
  • Something smells fishy – your HVAC system is designed to help remove foul odors from your home and should always emit fresh air that doesn’t have any particular odor. If you suddenly start perceiving a strange smell coming from your vents, it could be a sign that something is terribly wrong, especially if it smells as if something is burning, or you get a whiff of a musty odor that you’ve never smelled before. When this happens you should get help from a heating and AC repair company immediately, because a burning smell could be an indicator of a potential fire within your system, behind your walls, or somewhere in your home, which will result in a partial or total loss of your property.
  • Your air conditioner refuses to turn on – when it happens that no matter what you do you simply can’t get your air conditioner to turn on, it could point to a problem with your unit’s electrical wiring or components. If your unit is well connected and you haven’t experienced a loss of power to your home, you should call a professional heating and AC repair service for help. While it may be nothing serious, it is always best to be cautious to prevent any major problems and loss.
  • You notice your air conditioner has ice or is frozen – if you see ice accumulating in your air conditioner it could be letting you know something is wrong and you should call a reputable heating and AC repair professional in North Richland Hills, TX. While it could be something as simple as needing to top off the level of refrigerant or it’s time to replace the air filter because it has become clogged, ignoring the issue could lead to severe damage in various vital components of your system.

There are many other warning signs that could indicate your HVAC system is malfunctioning and you should call a heating and AC repair company for help. The rule of thumb is that if something seems out of whack, it usually is, so don’t think the problem will resolve on its own and get the help you need. You will always be glad you did.

What You Can Expect from a Tech’s Visit

During your initial call to a repair service, you can expect them to ask you questions about the issue you are experiencing. Your answers will give the technician a good idea of what could be going on, but they will have to perform an inspection to verify the cause of the malfunction before they provide you with the estimated cost of the repairs they will have to perform.

Some of the most common heating and AC repair services in North Richland Hills, TX, are the following:

Repair of water or refrigerant leaks

If the problem you are reporting is about a leak, the visiting tech will first verify the source. When they find the exact location of the leak, they will perform any necessary repairs and, if necessary, they will proceed to refill the refrigerant to make up for what was lost through the leak. In order to prevent any future leaks, a regular maintenance program should be performed at least once a year.

Perform any necessary repairs on the condenser

Your air conditioner’s condenser is in charge of cooling the air that will flow into your North Richland Hills, TX, home. If it malfunctions, your unit may start sending warm air through the vents instead of the cool air you should expect. In some cases, a good heating and AC repair technician will be able to perform any necessary repair on your unit’s condenser without resorting to its replacement, but you should be aware that the part is so far gone that the only solution is to put in a new one.

Repair or replace the compressor

An air conditioner’s compressor is a vital part of your HVAC system because it is in charge of making the refrigerant circulate throughout the system in order to cool off the air. When the compressor malfunctions your air conditioner may start blowing warm air through your house. In the large majority of cases, the technician will be able to repair the compressor, but it may sometimes be necessary to replace it.

Repair of your unit’s evaporator coil

As another vital component of your HVAC system, the unit’s evaporator coil’s job is to absorb the heat from the air that enters the system from the outside in order to prepare it for cooling. When this part malfunctions, it will cause your system to emit air that is too warm or not cool enough. This is another instance in which a tech may be able to repair it without resorting to a replacement, unless the coil has been damaged by a leak in your system.

Repair of electrical problems

Air conditioners depend on electric power in order to be able to work. If your HVAC system has developed an electrical problem, you will have to get an AC technician to perform a diagnosis in order to perform the necessary repairs. There are many reasons why your HVAC system could develop an electrical problem, including wires that have become loose, incorrect or shoddy connections, and more. This is one HVAC problem you should never attempt to fix yourself if you haven’t had any formal training because you could be injured or even killed if it is not done properly. To avoid any safety hazards, you should always contact a professional repair service right away.

Repair your HVAC system’s ducts

HVAC systems use ducts to deliver cool or warm air to the inside of your North Richland Hills, TX, home. Sometimes these ducts develop issues that could result in your system blowing air that is the wrong temperature. Thankfully, these problems usually only require a simple fix rather than a complete replacement, although there are instances in which replacement is warranted given the age and wear of the ductwork.

Installation of a new HVAC unit

Sadly, sometimes an HVAC unit is too damaged to be repaired and may need to be replaced. In these instances, a professional technician can perform the installation for you. The first step of this type of work will be to help you determine what type of unit will suit your needs the best, and then they will perform the installation and a series of tests to make sure your new system is working as it should.

Whenever you call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for repair services, you can rest easy that we will send over a tech that has the knowledge and experience required to be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and an expert repair of all your HVAC issues. Our techs will give you a quote for the estimated cost of any repairs you require and when you decide to go ahead with the work, you can be sure it will be carried out as efficiently and quickly as possible so you can return to a comfortable temperature without sacrificing the safety of your family.

Why You Should Never Attempt to Repair Your HVAC System Yourself

Attempting to repair your HVAC system by yourself when you haven’t received the proper training to do so, can result in a number of situations that could end up costing you more than calling an experienced heating and AC repair professional to do the job.

In many cases, DIY repairs can result in injuries and even death, mostly because air conditioners rely on electricity and the use of dangerous chemicals to perform the job they were designed for. The mishandling of the refrigerant liquid can cause burns and toxic reactions and the law requires you to have a license in order to remove it from your AC unit safely. Electrical shocks and the possibility of starting a fire can lead you to incur in expenses you hadn’t planned for, and that doesn’t even consider the grave risk of causing further damage to your unit, which can result in having to replace your entire system. It may be tempting to try to fix the problem yourself.  Your best bet is to call One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for expert heating and AC repair in North Richland Hills, TX.

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