Proud To Be Texas’ Most Trusted Heating And Air Conditioning Repair Service | Dallas, TX

Proud To Be Texas’ Most Trusted Heating And Air Conditioning Repair Service | Dallas, TX

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Dallas, TX is an extraordinary city. The friendly and welcoming community practices tolerance and acceptance as an important American value. Dallas, TX is filled with cultural diversity, a lively fine arts sector, a healthy interest in modern and Avant-Garde artistic endeavors, and is a hotspot for business development and growing technologies from air travel to thriving business and financial sectors.

We’ve got lots of industries here which are vital to the U.S. economy and to keep things running. We’ve got to keep our community warm in the winter months and cool in the heat of summer with heating and air conditioning repair.

Texan winters are milder than the frigid temperatures found in the northern and mid-western states, but the average high in January for the northern Texas area is a mere 56 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and then drops to 37 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

The summers are a different story. The hot, subtropical climate is prone to dramatic weather swings like tornadoes, flash floods, and hailstorms. Considering that during July and August reach the average daily temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s important to protect your home’s environment is vital to weathering these volatile weather systems and the oppressive heat.

Heating and air conditioning are as crucial to our modern lives as running water and a flushable toilet. The worst usually occurs at the most inconvenient times. Don’t panic if it happens to you, One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating Repair of Fort Worth and the Dallas, TX area will arrive on time and provide you with a quick solution at an affordable price.


The U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency has set standards for overall energy efficiency for American households and that is the Energy Star Home Performance Evaluation.

These guidelines measure the amount of electricity an appliance will use on average and they provide an estimate for how much it will cost to run in your Dallas, TX home.

The Necessity of NATE-Certification

Certified and factory-trained tradespeople who perform heating and air conditioning repair keep the Dallas, TX community cool and warm in their homes and businesses despite the season.

One Hour’s team is fully trained in a variety of heating and air conditioning repair services that specialize in anything from design to installation.

All our employees are certified by the (NATE) North American Technician Excellence board and they complete factory training to stay abreast of technological advancements.

NATE is a national non-profit organization that regulates the tradespersons’ skills in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, duct cleaning services, and commercial heating and air conditioning repair demands.

The technician takes a competency exam and a specialist test for installation, senior or heating, and air conditioning repair before being given the authorization to perform service calls. The competency test that a tradesman must pass is called the ICE (Industry Competency Exam) which measures the skills of entry-level workers conducting heating and air conditioning repair.

These certifications and exams are the foundation for our technical team, but not the limit of our requirements. Our team members are selected for their experience, commitment to excellence, and strong moral compass.

We understand that inviting a worker you’ve never met into your home is a dangerous proposition these days. Remaining vigilant is one method of staying safe, another is choosing a heating and air conditioning repair service that cares about your safety.

Our employees are willing to submit to a background check and thoroughly vetted professional references. We employ people we trust, respect and depend on which gives our customers an added layer of protection from the threats of living in an urban expanse like Dallas, TX.

Our Wide-Range of Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services

The experience of our team represents many decades of experience in heating and air conditioning repair. We are proud to be one of the most trusted HVAC services in the metro area.

Climate Control Installation: heaters, air conditioners, and other appliances all come to the end of their lives and new equipment must be installed. Our technicians attend regular training to stay abreast of the modern technological advancements made in the industry.

Installing new ENERGY STAR efficient appliances can increase the efficiency of your climate controls and reduce your electric bills by almost 20 percent.

24 Hour Emergency Calls

Our technicians arrive on time every time. They come prepared with the appropriate diagnostic tools to assess the situation and arrive ready to conduct the heating and air conditioning repair your home needs.

We provide an emergency service for the inconvenient times when your house won’t get warm or cool enough. This affordable service is available throughout Dallas, TX.

Regular Maintenance Packages

An easy way to prevent inconvenient breakdowns of your furnace or air conditioner is to sign up for a routine maintenance package that foresees breakdowns from happening and can increase the efficiency while lowering the costs of running your HVAC appliances.

HVAC Red Flags Which Need Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

1.  Unbalanced climates in different sections of your home

If you notice that your kitchen is a distinctly different temperature from your office or any other room in your space, it might be an indicator that your HVAC control system needs professional attention or perhaps it was poorly installed. We provide an affordable estimate of the condition of the system. We’ll have you and your family nice and warm within the hour!

2.  Restrictive Airflow

A reduction in interior airflow or a decrease in air quality can harm the environmental health of your house. It’s difficult to identify the changes in airflow quality, but identifying symptoms like – headaches, an increase in asthma attacks, bronchitis, or any irritation to the mouth, nose or eyes. Chronic coughing and other respiratory distress are signs you need professional heating and air conditioning repair. Our team will fix the issue and return your home to it’s healthiest state.

3.  The Age of the Climate Control System

Appliances don’t last forever. The older the age of the unit, chances are it’s costing you more money to run it than buying an energy-efficient utility. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating are experts in making homes meet or exceed ENERGY STAR efficient ratings which help you use energy more efficiently.

4.  Puddles

Fluid collecting anywhere around an air conditioner could mean your appliance is about to stop functioning. Contact us for immediate heating and air conditioning repair services.

5.  Strange Noises

Units make regular noise, but loud babbling, grinding or chomp sounds noises aren’t simply weird music, they’re annoying. Odd noises are early symptoms your climate control appliances need work.

6.  Sky High Electric Bills

Energy bills change depending on the time of the season, but if your rates are a lot higher than usual there is something wrong with your AC or heater. They will require heating and air conditioning repair. These appliances attempt to meet the temperatures they’ve been set to and if they can’t reach these temperatures with a regular amount of fuel, they will burn more energy to meet the objectives. That’s why your electric rates have skyrocketed. Our team of specialized technicians can determine the issue and resolve it to return your utility bills to lower rates.

7.  Weird Smells

It’s atypical for your HVAC system to give off unpleasant scents. There are a few smells that if you do become aware of them, then it’s time for heating and air conditioning repair.

8.  Rotten Eggs

This is by far the biggest red flag ts on the list and could be caused by a natural gas leak. Leave the house and stay out of your home. Call a professional immediately.

9.  Mustiness

Mold and musty smells are very frequent issues for air conditioners because fluid escapes the vents. Mold lives on moisture and it’s often found in HVAC systems. Mold growth can impact the efficiency of your AC. Our professional expertise in removing mold outbreaks across a range of climate control units is the best in the region.

10.  Electrical Burning

The first thing you should do is make sure there isn’t a fire. It’s possible that your unit is malfunctioning and might be moments away from being ablaze. Contact the fire department and schedule a heating and air conditioning repair right away.


It’s crucial to attend to these red flags when it comes to heating and air conditioning repair. Delaying urgent repairs can dramatically raise your electricity bills and cost a lot more to fix.

Attending the health of your appliances will save you more cash in the future because your climate control system will last longer. Our team provides you with the most efficient service available in the region. We stand by our work and promise our services are affordable and of exceptional quality.


“I moved to Texas last year in the autumn. I loved the weather during the wintertime. You’ve still got to wear a coat when you’re outside in January but compared to Chicago, it’s a warm paradise. My plants have doubled in size since I’ve moved. The house I bought in Arlington is a beautiful, turn-of-the-century home with cherry flooring and marble countertops.

I love my new home. However, when it started to get hot at the beginning of May and I attempted to turn on my air conditioner all I was met with was hot air and dust. The sounds the air conditioning unit was making weren’t encouraging either. The exterior, central AC unit is right underneath my bedroom window and it woke me up sputtering and clanging like it was about to explode. I realized I needed emergency heating and air conditioning repair!

Back in Chicago, my family always depended on the same family-owned heating and air conditioning repair team. In Texas, I didn’t know who to call. I’m not a fan of being hot and I can’t sleep when I’m sweating. So, I wanted an HVAC service that could get to me quickly and have the issue sorted out before another night of tossing and turning.

I called One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating and I’m so glad that I did. The technician was friendly, efficient, and cleaned up after he was finished with the job. The air conditioner was blocked by a twig that got stuck in the fan’s gears and had harmed the engine. I was so happy they were able to fix my air conditioner without a lot of hassle or expense.

  • Suzie Allen, Arlington, May 2019

Don’t delay if you feel like your climate controls aren’t working efficiently. We’re proud to be an award-winning service that is the most trusted repair team for heating and air conditioning installation systems.

We have years honing our business to better serve our clients. Our team of specialized HVAC technicians represents over a century of experience.

Our promise to you is to provide you with prompt heating and air conditioning services that are affordable, completed with the highest caliber of honesty and competitive with HVAC service rates throughout the state.

The worst usually occurs at the most inconvenient times. Don’t panic if it happens to you, One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating in the area will arrive on time and provide you with a quick solution at affordable prices.

Don’t wait until your AC is on the fritz and you’re camping in the shower to cope with the oppressive heat. At the first sign of trouble, give our office a call and a friendly agent will discuss your needs and the options available to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice, clarification, or just a chat! We’ll finish your heating and air conditioning repair quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

We love our community and we strive to remain transparent in our pricing and provide the highest standard of HVAC services in the state. Don’t delay! Get in touch with One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating immediately when you suspect there is something wrong with your HVAC system.

Call us today at One Air Conditioning & Heating! We’ll be there to answer your very important call every single time!