Reasons for the Most Frequent Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Issues | Plano, TX

Reasons for the Most Frequent Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Issues | Plano, TX

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It’s bound to happen to you one day. Your heating and air conditioning system will one day need repair. It is simply the nature of machinery to break down over time.

Since you know it’s coming one day, you should be prepared. Find a local heating and air conditioning repair service to check your system for problematic areas.

A professional can also provide a proper maintenance schedule and tips for keeping your HVAC system working efficiently. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth provides professional repair services for your commercial or residential heater and air conditioner unit.

Let’s take a look at the causes behind some of the most common heating and air conditioning repair problems.

Most Common Plano, TX Heater Problems

Insufficient Heat

Typically, this is caused by a compromised air flow. A dirty or completely clogged filter is usually to blame.

Failing to change the filter in your heater in a regular basis can cause damage to your heating unit. While it is a simple maintenance task in the beginning, it can quickly become a major heating and air conditioning repair.

A clogged filter can eventually harm to the limit switch. This can end up becoming an expensive heating and air conditioning repair. Having a reliable Plano, TX HVAC technician to maintain your system can make it last longer and work more efficiently.

Constant Cycling from Off to On

Does your heater kick back on as soon as it switches off, yet it never seems to completely heat the room? Sometimes called short cycling, this is often caused by a dirty air filter.

The clogged filter can cut off the air flow, causing your heater to overheat. Even though the room is not yet sufficiently warm, the unit shuts itself down to protect itself. Then, since the room has not reached the set temperature, it will start again.

Short cycling is an issue that should be taken care of quickly. It uses up an excessive amount of energy, which results in a high utility bill. But there could be something other than a dirty filter at the root of the problem.

Other culprits could be component issues, like a faulty thermocouple or run capacitor. With so many heating options available, there’s no one answer. If this is happening to you, it’s time to get a professional HVAC technician on the job.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat regulates the temperature that the heater provides to your home. It is necessary that it works properly, so it can send the right signals to the limit switch when it’s time to start or stop running.

This can rapidly make your Plano, TX house uncomfortable. The heating and air conditioning repair professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth offer around-the-clock emergency repair services for homes and businesses in the area.

Blower that Doesn’t Stop

If your heater keeps running after it has properly warmed your home, it could be because of a bad limit switch. This is the part that tells your blower to shut off when the proper temperature has been reached in the home.

Your heater was not designed to work non-stop. This puts an extensive amount of pressure on your unit, causing more damage to the unit the longer it continues.

Grinding Sound from Your Heater

Any sudden noise that your heater makes should be ruled out as a problem. The reason a grating or grinding noise is so important is that is indicates a problem with the machinery.

If your heater sounds like this, it could be do to lose parts in the mechanism. A bolt can come loose over time, making another part run into another when in operation.

Whatever the exact cause, if you keep running the unit, you could risk damaging the system further. This is the time to contact your HVAC repair specialist.

Typical Air Conditioner Issues

AC Doesn’t Work at All

This could be happening because the batteries in the thermostat are bad. Just like with your heater, your air conditioner won’t work without a thermostat.

If it isn’t the batteries, make certain that your thermostat is set in the correct mode for cooling. The temperature should be set where you want.

If you find that the thermostat is not the problem, it could be because your air conditioner is not getting any power. You should check your circuit breaker, to see if you need to switch it on again.

AC Air Isn’t Cold

Sometimes, the air conditioner is blowing out air, but it isn’t cooling the room. This could indicate a problem with your refrigerant level.

The coolant in your air conditioner is what makes the air cold, and you have to have a certain amount for it to work well. This could be due to a coolant leak or because your unit has reached too low a level to function properly.

Whichever problem you are having, you need to have a heating and air conditioning repair professional take care of your refrigerant issues. It takes a precise amount to make your air conditioner work right.

Too little coolant keeps the unit from cooling properly, but too much in your air conditioner can damage the system. One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth offers professional servicing of your Plano, TX HVAC system.

AC Cooling Is Unbalanced

If it is cooler in some parts of your home than others, it could be caused by leaks in your ductwork, improper insulation, or blockages in your vents or registers. Your heating and air conditioning repair tech will be able to locate any areas that are blocked or leaking.

AC Drips Water

The first thing to check is the condensate line. This is the PVC pipe coming out of your air conditioner. If it has gotten clogged, you will need to have it flushed out by a heating and air conditioning repair technician.

AC Makes Odd Noises

Any out-of-the-ordinary sound that your Plano, TX HVAC system starts making should be checked out by a professional heating and air conditioning repair technician. Different sounds indicate different problems that will be easily identified by your repair specialist at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating.