Spring Checklist for Your Heating and AC in Lewisville, TX

Spring Checklist for Your Heating and AC in Lewisville, TX

Spring is no-doubt, one of the most beautiful seasons. The blossoming colorful flowers and their mesmerizing fragrance force us to leave our homes after a long winter and enjoy the beauty spread around. It also announces the nearing advent of summer and gives us a chance to prepare for the upcoming warmer months.

Despite its beauty, spring is a season that requires precautions to save ourselves from the degrading air quality. Although contaminants are present throughout the year, however, a new pollutant is added during this beautiful season i.e. the pollens.

Although we don’t rely a lot on our systems for heating and AC in Lewisville, TX during the spring season, but as it draws towards an end, our cooling requirements increase.

Do you want your HVAC system to perform efficiently throughout the summer? Do you want to save your health from the adverse effects of pollen and other such contaminants?

We are sure that your answers to these questions will be yes. Therefore, we have prepared a spring checklist which will help you in countering degrading indoor air quality of your house and will ensure that your central system for heating and AC in Lewisville, TX fulfills your temperature requirements throughout the summer.

Duct Cleaning

The duct of your system for heating and AC in Lewisville, TX is a safe haven for numerous pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, dirt, dust and mold etc. During spring, more pollutants such as pollen contaminate it. Over the span of their stay, they multiply and thus, their chances to degrade your house air quality when the system is turned on, also increases.

These contaminants can cause a number of diseases. They aggravate asthma and spread allergies. They also cause diseases such as sinus infection. These diseases are caused because the contaminants accompany the air flowing through the air ducts and enter the home premises. They circulate with the air to different parts of the house. Some of them accumulate in places such as curtains, bed sheets and carpets. Lack of cleanliness in ducts can also give rise to the insect population within the house such as cockroaches. These insects are also quite harmful to health and give rise to diseases. Poor indoor air quality is specifically hazardous for children and elderly people as their immune systems are weaker than young adults.

Technicians expert in the repair and maintenance of heating and AC in Lewisville, TX suggest that an HVAC’s duct should be cleaned at least once every five to seven years to restrict these contaminants from spreading health diseases. The perfect time to conduct this maintenance service is the spring season as most of the households don’t require cooling. Furthermore, it will prepare your system to function in an efficient manner during the upcoming summer days.

Thermostat Upgrade

During the winter season, the thermostat of your system for heating and AC in Lewisville, TX is set to heat. The spring season allows you to adjust it to the cooling option. Furthermore, if you have not yet transitioned to the programmable thermostat, then, the spring season is the best time to do this.

A programmable thermostat will not just increase the comfort level but it will also reduce the cost. You will be able to adjust your house’s temperature according to your requirements in an easy manner. Smart thermostats will also help you in reducing your energy bills as they learn your specific schedule and self-adjust according to it. They also offer energy tips and reports for your convenience.

Duct Sealing

Good condition of your ductwork is essential for proper cooling of your house. However, over the span of usage, it gets cracked and conditioned air starts leaking out. Studies have shown that an average home loses about 20-30% of its conditioned air from the gaps and cracks present in the ductwork. U.S. Department of Energy advises getting your ductwork properly sealed and insulted to increase the efficiency of your system of heating and AC in Lewisville, TX by up to 20%.

Furthermore, a sealed and insulated ductwork lowers your energy bills. Spring is the most-suited season to get your ductwork checked and maintained as you won’t be using it during those days. However, this maintenance service will be quite helpful during the hot days of summer.

Clean Your HVAC’s Outdoor Unit

Your HVAC’s outdoor unit is as important as its indoor components. It also requires checking, cleaning and maintenance every once in a while. During the winter season, trash, overgrown foliage and other pollutants make their way into your HVAC’s condenser unit. Sometimes, pests also enter it. All these contaminants have a negative impact on its efficiency and reduce the overall functionality of your system.

You can counter these issues by thoroughly cleaning it during the spring season. You should make sure that the foliage is at least 2 feet away from your condenser unit. If you find any pests in it while clean, contact an expert of heating and AC in Lewisville, TX immediately to fix the situation.

You should also make sure that there is nothing near your HVAC’s vents, indoor air handler or registers. This will allow air to properly flow through your system of heating and AC in Lewisville, TX and attain your required temperature in an efficient manner during the scorching summer days.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up and Maintenance

We are sure that by now you would have understood, how important it is to get your system for heating and AC in Lewisville, TX to tune-up and maintained during spring for a comfortable summer. If you are in search of professionals in the Lewisville, TX area, then, contact One Hour Heating and Air by clicking here. Our technicians have both the required experience and tools to make your system for heating and AC in Lewisville, TX summer-ready!