The Importance of an Annual HVAC System Maintenance | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

The Importance of an Annual HVAC System Maintenance | Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Why Is Maintenance So Important?

The purpose of maintenance is to keep an HVAC system up and running with no surprise breakdowns. It also ensures that the unit operates at top efficiency.

While your HVAC system does a lot to maintain your comfort, we normally don’t pay a lot of attention to it.

Imagine if you did the same with your car. If you never have its oil changed or neglect taking your car in for any tune-up until the dreaded check-engine light came on. You can’t actually expect it to last more than just a couple of years.

Your HVAC system is quite the same. No matter how much the system costs, or what a manufacturer promises, this complicated piece of equipment will be subject to breakdowns and repairs often. You can reduce this incidence of repairs by keeping up with an annual maintenance. Plan this with a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

Benefits of an Annual HVAC System Maintenance

What will you expect from a newly tuned-up HVAC system? Is the trouble of maintenance really worth going through with it? You should firstly know that some benefits of regular maintenance are experienced immediately while others may prevent problems from developing in the future.

Some of these prominent benefits include:

Lower Energy Bills:

It is normal to assume that since the equipment is providing for your home without any problems, everything will be fine. Have you taken a close look at your energy bills lately? A neglected HVAC system gradually loses its ability to keep your home at the very same level of efficiency it once did.

Just as yours car gets a tune-up and subsequently delivers better gas mileage, your HVAC system will consume less fuel after receiving a professional maintenance job. Plan this with a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

Fewer Repairs:

Have you heard any strange sounds or noticed any odd odor coming from your system? Call for a tune-up with heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX right away to help catch problems before they become disastrous.

An example may be where a fraying belt could malfunction to emit strange operating noises. If a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX replaces it in time, you may avoid the expensive repairs that result from a broken belt whipping around inside. Annual maintenance pays for itself by avoiding constant repairs.

Lower Chances of a Catastrophic Breakdown:

Everybody wants a problem-free cooling and heating system. After all, it’s very inconvenient and annoying when your equipment breaks down on a sizzling summer afternoon or frigid winter evening, when you need the HVAC system most. The chances of this ever happening if you schedule inspections every year are slim.Therefore plan maintenance with a heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX

Longer Equipment life:

HVAC equipment is known to function best when they are regularly serviced and/or cleaned. A malfunctioning part can cause the domino effect which in turn causes the entire system to break apart. A regular maintenance prevents these from happening and actually adds years to this equipment’s lifespan. Therefore plan a maintenance schedule with heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX.

Safer Equipment Operation:

A malfunctioning HVAC system does more than just cost a lot of money to repair; it will also endanger your family. For example, if the furnace develops a crack in its heat exchanger, carbon monoxide gas may be released and poison the very air you breathe. Also, these systems can develop a short circuit, which is a serious fire hazard if it is ignored.

Maintenance You Should Leave to the Pros

You may wonder why you can’t just complete an entire tune-up yourself. A thorough tune-up requires skills, tools and knowledge that only heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX can deliver. These include;

Checking the Thermostat:

The thermostat is calibrated correctly to ensure comfort in every season. If your equipment doesn’t have a programmable thermostat installed, this technician may actually recommend one and install it for you.

Tightening Electrical Connections:

Loose connections are very dangerous and may cause malfunctions which shorten the equipment’s lifespan. This technician also measures voltages and currents in equipment motors.

Checking System Controls:

This includes the start cycle, process and shut-off sequence. This technician checks these controls in order to make sure everything is operating properly.

Cleaning and Adjusting the Blower:

Malfunctions with the blower can immensely decrease the equipment’s efficiency by 15 percent. Heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX making adjustments ensures proper airflow and ample home comfort for you.

Cleaning the Evaporator and Condenser Coils (cooling specific):

Soiled coils will slowly decrease efficiency and make the equipment work longer. Cleaning these coils on an annual basis is an important part of maintenance, ensuring you have lower energy bills and prolonged equipment life.

Checking Refrigerant Charge (cooling specific):

If your air conditioner was charged too high when installation happened, you may be paying much more than is necessary to cool your home. This undercharged system also develops if the system has a potential leak. Heating and air condition service in Fort Worth, TX checks for these circumstances, and will recharge the system if necessary.

Checking Fuel Line Connections(heating specific):

Poor gas and/or oil connections are a potential fire hazard to your home. They also cause health problems if the fumes are escaping into your home. Tightening these connections ensures a safe operation.

Inspecting Gas Pressure, Burner Combustion and Heat Exchanger (heating specific):

Incorrect pressure can result in an improper burner operation. These circumstances cause unsafe and inefficient operations. Adjusting this pressure and actually cleaning the burner are the two viable options to have an improved operation with lower heating bills.

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