Water Source Heat Pumps: Pros And Cons For Your Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

Water Source Heat Pumps: Pros And Cons For Your Air Conditioner Installation | Fort Worth, TX

According to the U.S Department of Energy, customer satisfaction with the water source heat pumps (WSHP) is the highest among other conventional systems. Before the air conditioner installation providers start the digging to install the heat pump, they consider the lot size, landscape of your Fort Worth, TX home, the subsoil, and water source with sufficient water supply. The WSHP operates using a water loop or water piping system that connects to a nearby lake or river.

If you want the heat pump to generate more heat, it is best for an air conditioner installation professional to connect the unit to a lake or river close to your home. You might also select from closed, open, hybrid, or solar-assisted water heat pumps. The water loop removes heat from your space during summer and redirects heat from the water on cold days using a heat exchanger to maximize your comfort.

Read more to know the advantages, disadvantages, and potential issues of water source heat pumps.

Pros of Water Source Heat Pumps


First, water-source heat pumps are efficient when heating and cooling your rooms in alternate hot and cold seasons. The water in the geothermal or ground source loops carries away heat more efficiently than air used in air source heat pumps. Compared to the air-source heat pumps, the water source system is small but has a higher forced convection heat transfer coefficient in the water, making them the best for AC installation experts to install in your home.

Energy Efficiency

Apart from the peak performance of the WSHP, it can also reduce your energy bills significantly by 30 to 60 percent with correct air conditioner installation services. It uses less energy to increase its heating and cooling capacities by transferring more heat in or out of your home.

The WSHP also consists of a permanent split capacitor and electronically communicated fans and reciprocating, scroll, and rotary compressors that determine the level of energy efficiency. The reason being the fans consume more energy to operate than all other components, and the water source heat pump minimizes the energy the fans use.

With correct air conditioner installation services from professional HVAC contractors, the WSHP extracts heat from the installed water loops for compression to provide more heat using less energy.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

Every tenant or homeowner wants to enjoy clean indoor air quality when they enter their houses after a busy day. High humidity is an issue that can compromise that clean and fresh air, leading to mold growth, high condensation levels, and increased discomfort.

The water source heat pump is the best unit you can invest in to eliminate humidity from your space for superior indoor air quality. Your house might be hot and sticky, with musty odors, adverse allergic reactions, and structural damage to the ceiling due to high moisture concentration.

Correct air conditioner installation of the WSHP enables the unit to remove excess moisture in your house, making the air clean. The dehumidification can also lower the utility bills because your system does not have to struggle during the cooling and heating process.

Perfect in Extreme Climates

Another plus for the water source geothermal heat pumps is their incredible efficiency during extremely cold or icy temperatures. A qualified air conditioner technician installs the WSHP in a nearby lake, pond, or river in Fort Worth, TX, to effectively transfer heat from your home on cold days and redirect the heat back on scorching days.

The system is more consistent than the air source heat pumps. To get more heat that meets the extreme cold weather and energy-efficient fluid heater that an air conditioner installation professional mounts on the system set in to provide more heat suitable for the freezing environment. The fluid heating element is also vital for the cooling process when the temperatures are too high to bear.

Individual Zoning Units

Unlike the ground source heat pumps, the water source heat pumps have a simple design with different independent packaged systems. The AC installation specialist installs the units in a conveniently accessible area like a closet or on a drop ceiling.

The water loops and each zone heat pump contribute differently to the heating and cooling of your home. Even if one of the units breaks down, it does not affect the peak performance of the rest.

Disadvantages of the Water Source Heat Pumps

Noisy Operation

The first downside of the water source heat pumps is that they operate noisily, enhancing a quiet and peaceful environment. An air conditioner installation expert can install the WSHP in a dropped ceiling or utility closet in your home. The high-pitched sound comes from operating the motor, fans, and compressors that can deny you a peaceful sleep or interrupt your concentration levels.

Fortunately, an air conditioner installation expert can reduce the noise by covering the casing with the compressor, fan, and motor with a sound blanket. The blanket is custom-made for the units and others, including the ductwork, exhaust, and intake systems.

The indoor unit of the water source heat pump an air conditioner professional installs on the floor of a mechanical closet also requires a sound curtain barrier or acoustics, door seals, or door covers inside the closet doors to reduce the noise.

High installation Costs

The purchasing price of the water source heat pump can add to its downsides. The heat pump tends to be more costly than other conventional heating and cooling units in the Fort Worth, TX, HVAC industry.

If you factor in the air conditioner installation costs, it becomes more expensive. People can only buy the WSHP as an investment with long-term benefits. With the system, you can enjoy lower energy costs, high efficiency, and superior indoor air quality for the longest time possible with accurate air conditioner installation services.

Require Electricity to Operate

Homeowners that choose to have the water source heat pump should have electricity in their homes to operate the unit. The electricity runs the closed or open water loops to help in getting heat that it transfers either in or out of your house, depending on the current weather conditions.

Since water and electricity can lead to adverse electric accidents such as shock and electrocution, it is appropriate to leave the air conditioner installation process to the experts to ensure safety. The water source heat pump is energy-efficient, so do not worry about increasing utility bills in your Fort Worth, TX home as you get the unit.

Difficult to Install

The water source heat pumps might have simple units, but the air conditioner installation process is complex. The heat pump specialists ensure to connect all the individual zoning units and other components for efficient operation in cooling and heating your space.

With the complexity of the installation procedure, it is wise to have a qualified, certified, and highly trained technician to install the system for peak performance that you can enjoy for a long time. If you do not do your research to get the best contractor and get a quack in air conditioner installation and repair services, expect numerous problems with your WSHP within a short time.

Requires Water to Operate

The water source heat pump requires water to efficiently transfer heat to and from your home during alternate low and high-temperature seasons. If you do not have a well, lake, pond, or river close to your house, there are other geothermal heat pumps you can opt for, including ground or air source heat pumps. It is wise to involve an AC installation professional in the selection process to get the best type of heat pump that fits your heating and cooling demands and your budget.

Issues in Water Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are prone to malfunction, age, get dirty, or break down, similar to other HVAC systems. Without regular tune-ups from an air conditioner installation, repair, and maintenance experts, you can encounter the following issues with your WSHP.

Dirty Air Filters

HVAC systems use air filters to remove dirt and other contaminants that can pollute indoor air quality in your Fort Worth, TX, house. The air filters in your water source heat pump also remove dirt, preventing it from entering the system for high efficiency. Clean air filters protect you from health issues such as allergies and asthmatic attacks that may arise from poor indoor air quality. It also prevents minor and significant shortfalls in the heat pumps.

Most of the problems in water source heat pumps stem from clogged air filters due to the restriction of airflow in the system. Getting an air conditioner installation and maintenance technician either semi-annually or annually to clean or change your filters is wise in preventing adverse health issues and sudden breakdown of the WSHP. Ensuring that the filters are always clean prolongs the life of your heat pump.

Faulty Heat Pump

Another problem you can experience in your water source heat pump is a faulty pump. When the heat pump malfunctions, it is impossible for the water in the loop systems to remove heat from your house in summer or heat it in winter. It is an issue that leads to discomfort unless fixed promptly. An HVAC specialist can inspect your system and identify the root cause of the problem.

Some of the reasons behind heat pump failure include no power or a malfunctioning fuse in the heat pump. The issue might also be linked to the thermostat or a broken belt, compromising its efficiency. Fixing the pump is an option if the damage is not beyond repairs. And, if replacement is the only option left, it is appropriate to engage the services of an air conditioner installation expert for competent and quality services.

Loop Leaks

Heat pumps, an air conditioner installation professional in Fort Worth, TX, mounts in cabinets or dropped ceilings are susceptible to leak due to drain issues, dirty coils, or frozen evaporator coils. A blocked condensation drain leaves no other option for the condensation in the system but to leak out of the system.

When the air filters are dirty or clogged, the refrigerant fails to suck heat from your home and freezes the moisture in the evaporator coils. The frozen coils can leak water visible on the floor or the ceiling. In that state, your water source heat pump cannot run at optimal efficiency unless an HVAC technician cleans the filters and the entire system, removing all obstructions.

Refrigerant Leaks

Homeowners can also have issues with their water source heat pumps due to low or excess refrigerant levels. As the hired air conditioner installation specialist installs the heat pump in your home, the coolant levels should be at the optimum factory set levels. But, when your energy bills skyrocket and your WSHP fails to perform at its peak, it indicates low refrigerant levels.

The refrigerant can only reduce from the heat pump system through leaking. A heat pump expert is in a better position to identify the cause of the refrigerant leaks, diagnose and fix it as soon as possible and replace the leaked refrigerant to restore the pearl performance of the heat pump.

In Short

Water source heat pumps are your plug if you live close to an ocean, river, or lake to ensure you get the best heating and cooling experience for maximum comfort. Though initially costly, it is the best investment because it offers the best indoor air quality and significantly lowers your utility bills. Issues with your water source heat pumps such as faulty fan motors, dirty cooling towers, malfunctioning capacitors, and tripped circuit breakers are predictable if you are the type that skips maintenance.

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