When and Why to Call a Professional Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

When and Why to Call a Professional Air Conditioning Service | Fort Worth, TX

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In places with warm climates such as here in the Fort Worth, TX area, air conditioners are a true necessity in homes and other buildings. However, extensive usage of the air conditioner without proper maintenance can cause it to become faulty or function improperly. In worse cases, it may even break down altogether. Your air conditioning system is a complicated piece of equipment. It comprises of many complex and delicate parts that are vulnerable to failing without regular maintenance. To prevent the stress of experiencing an AC-less summer, take proactive measures. Call a professional air conditioning service in the Fort Worth, TX area.

Check for These Red Flags

Whether your AC system is in need of urgent maintenance or servicing can be spotted by taking note of the symptoms. If you notice any of these following red flags with your cooling unit, then prioritize calling our quality air conditioning service.

Strange Noises

Your air conditioner isn’t supposed to make any strange noises while running. Modern cooling systems run silently, and should make little noise during start-up and shut-down. If your AC system is making strange noises like gargling, squealing and clicking sounds then it is a good indicator of a damaged component or lodged object obstructing some part of your cooling unit. It is best to call in the experts for an air conditioning service as soon as possible.

High Humidity & Leakage

Modern air conditioners not only provide cooling but also help moderate moisture. If you notice that the cooling system is doing little to reduce humidity in the room then it is a good indicator that the cooling system is suffering either from a faulty drain pipe or refrigerant leakage. Handling refrigerants can be extremely hazardous, and the issue should only be resolved by a certified air conditioning service and repair team.

Sometimes a damaged drain pipe can also lead to water leakage within the indoor unit, and this can damage the walls or even compromise the structural integrity of your home if left unaddressed.

Warm Air

It’s a no brainer. If your air conditioner is set to a lower temperature than the surroundings and it doesn’t cool the room, then it is not working properly. The fault again is usually refrigerant leakage. The best solution to this is again to call a professional.

High Utility Bills

If you notice that your electricity bill is higher than anticipated given your monthly air conditioner usage, then it could be an obvious sign that your cooling system isn’t working at optimal efficiency. Fortunately, timely scheduling of an HVAC service can resolve this issue, plus the technician can also point out any looming issue with your air conditioner before it becomes a source of a major breakdown.

Bad Smell

If you notice any unpleasant smell coming out of the air conditioner while it is running then it may be that moisture and debris have accumulated within the unit. This can serve as an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and mold, putting the health of the building’s residence at risk. Avoid the distress of a bad smell and the real danger of diseases by calling a technician for air conditioning service and repairs.

Compromised Airflow

Poor airflow means that your air conditioner has to work extra hard to keep the room cool, which can translate to a higher electricity bill. Such an issue is usually the symptom of dust and debris clogging up the AC filters or evaporator coils. It could also be an indicator of blockage in the air conditioning ducts. Regardless, a thorough tune-up and cleaning by a trained technician can quickly resolve the problem.

Time Is the Element

Proper and regular servicing of your air conditioner can save you costs in terms of a lower utility bill, and lesser risk of replacements. It also serves to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. It is important to take the right measures to keep your air conditioner running at optimal capacity. Even if your air conditioner shows none of the pointers mentioned above, it is a good practice to call an air conditioning serviceat least once a year.

Depending on the usage and the climate of your locality, a certified technician will advise you on the frequency of maintenance and servicing your air conditioner needs. He will also guide you on what you can do yourself to ensure the smooth running of your air conditioning unit.

There are also some air conditioning maintenance tasks that should be done on a monthly basis. This includes cleaning of the AC filters and the coil fins of the outdoor unit. These are actions that can be performed by yourself safely as well.

Most people don’t realize how important temperature, air quality, and humidity are to influencing our productivity, mood, and health. Maintaining a proper indoor climate is thus essential. Avoid unnecessary headaches by calling our professionals for your office or home on a timely basis.

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