Your AC Repair Technician’s Advice On Protecting Your Furnace During A Renovation | Keller, TX

Your AC Repair Technician’s Advice On Protecting Your Furnace During A Renovation | Keller, TX

Are you planning to remodel or renovate your Keller, TX home? During the cold weather season, the furnace is your best friend. The heating system keeps you and your family warm whenever you leave that toasty bed in the morning and ensures that it is not too cool when you leave the shower. The relationship between you and the furnace at your home will last for long. However, this relationship requires that you have an AC repair technician come for routine maintenance and inspection. This includes preventative care whenever you have a renovation or remodeling of your home to ensure that the furnace runs optimally and efficiently. Below are some things you could do to protect it during a renovation.

Close the Registers Off

Whether you can turn off your heating and air conditioning system when renovating or remodeling, you must close the registers around the area where you are renovating. This ensures that dust and other debris don’t enter your ventilation and cause all sorts of problems. You must note that any open registers near the area being renovated may trap dust that will circulate all over your home and air conditioning system. The filters will become clogged, and the air ducts trap dust and debris, prompting you to call an AC repair technician for a duct cleaning service. Additionally, this will make the air conditioner strain to cool your home as it has to put in extra pressure to push the air through the filters, resulting in wear and tear.

Replacing the Filters Often

How often do you replace the air filters? Do you have pets at your Keller, TX home? Are you planning to have a renovation? Some homeowners replace the air conditioner filters after every three months. However, if you have pets, it is recommended that this exercise be done monthly, as the fur could stick to the filters. When renovating or remodeling, you must ensure that you replace the filters every several weeks. Failure to do so will precipitate a need for an AC repair as the system will be exposed to wear and tear as it strains to cool your home. If you cannot see through the filter, it is strongly recommended that you get a new one. While sealing off vents and registers near the renovation zone will do wonders for reducing the dust entering your heating and air conditioning system, some dust will still make its way in.

Talk to a Professional

Before commencing a renovation job at your home, you should review the renovation or remodel plans with your AC repair technician. The professional will inspect your home and the heating and cooling system and provide a personalized recommendation about the air ducts, blower, and indoor evaporator coils of your furnace or HVAC system before you start the remodeling. You must also have an appointment with the technician after the renovation to inspect our furnace to ensure everything is still in working order. The air conditioning repair pro recommends that you have a duct cleaning service, clean the coils, or even replace the air filters.

Covering Your Air Ducts

Do you have a central air conditioning system or a ductless mini split installed at your home? If your HVAC system uses air ducts, you should cover them before the renovation job starts. While you could do this by yourself, it is recommended that you enlist an AC repair technician. It should be no surprise that the particles produced by your renovation or remodeling project are the greatest threat to your furnace. Because it can be dragged back into your cooling or heating system, you should cover off some of the registers and vents in your home. Painter’s tape with a medium adhesion should hold down the edges of the thick plastic cover you have placed over your vent.

Keep the Dusty Work Outside

Will the remodeling or renovation project involve dust from cutting, sanding, or sawing? Then talk with your contractor about moving the project into the garage or yard to avert making a mess at your Keller, TX home. This ensures that the dust is as far away from the air ducts as possible. This way, you can keep the air conditioner running efficiently without any issues. Otherwise, the dust might clog up the furnace or HVAC system, prompting a need for cleaning from an AC repair technician. However, if the contractor must do the remodeling or renovation project inside your house, ensure that the debris and dust are vacuumed after every few minutes. Sweeping might blow the dust toward the air ducts or furnaces.

Regularly Inspect the Furnace Filters

Although you might have done your best to ensure that the debris and dust don’t enter the furnace, it’s impossible to account for every particle produced in the renovation or remodeling job. As a result, some will find their way into the furnace filters and ducts, clogging them up. Therefore, AC repair technicians recommend that you inspect and replace the air filter several times during the renovation project to ensure that they are clean and can continue trapping the contaminants before they enter the indoor air. Additionally, call an AC repair technician to do a post-project inspection and clean the air ducts after the renovation.

Using a Window Fan

Before the renovation project, you can have an AC repair pro install a window fan to create a slight vacuum that will blow the dust outside. This ensures that the particle levels are down while the contractor renovates your home—additionally, open windows and doors to ensure the best airflow.

Are you planning a renovation soon? You must take every precaution to ensure your furnace doesn’t suffer from dust buildup. For more information on how to protect your furnace or HVAC system during a renovation, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. We offer a free consultation on our services.

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