​​Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service: Why Old And Used Air Conditioners Are Bad News | Fort Worth, TX

​​Emergency Heating And AC Repair Service: Why Old And Used Air Conditioners Are Bad News | Fort Worth, TX

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When the temperatures start to rise, your electricity bills may also go up, especially when you have an air conditioner. Your air conditioning unit contains several components that consume energy, such as the compressor, exhaust fan motor, thermostat, and blower fan. The compressor uses an enormous amount as it’s the major component responsible for cooling your home.

On average, the compressor consumes about 3,500 watts of energy per hour. As your AC ages, your compressor will also lose its efficiency (especially when the unit is not properly maintained). In addition, your entire system may no longer be that efficient, leading to higher bills and costly emergency heating and AC repair service in Fort Worth, TX. It’s for this reason why we recommend that homeowners get rid of old air conditioner systems and consider buying new ones instead of replacing them with a used AC. This article discusses the risks and the problems associated with older and used air conditioner systems.

Should You Keep an Old AC?

Be careful when you have an old air conditioning system, as it can create hazards for your home. You can avoid emergency heating and AC repair service in Fort Worth, TX if you make sure not to keep using an air conditioner that’s long past its service life. If your AC is more than 15 years old, we highly recommend that you get a replacement. Over time, air conditioners will lose their efficiency, leading to higher energy bills and more emergency heating and AC repairs services that may cost you a fortune.

How can an old AC create health issues?

Fire Hazards

Electronic equipment or appliances can create an electrical fire hazard, especially when not used correctly or long past its estimated service life. You don’t have to worry about this so long as your AC isn’t old and you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for running your air conditioner.

However, if you have an old system, please consider getting a new one. It’s more cost-effective to get a replacement than keep paying for costly emergency heating and AC repair services in Fort Worth, TX. As much as possible, accidents must be avoided too. For safety purposes, contact us for a new AC installation.

Outdated Refrigerants

You are likely to call for emergency heating and AC repair services if you have an old AC. Another unfortunate thing that may happen is having toxic chemicals leaking into your living space. This can happen when you still use an R-22 refrigerant, which has long been phased out. It’s safe to upgrade as modern ACs use R-410A, which is safer.

If you have an old AC and you can’t determine the refrigerant you’re using, we suggest that you contact an emergency heating and AC repair service technician for assistance. Our technicians can inspect your unit and advise if it’s better to pay for repairs or get a new one.

Indoor Air Quality Dangers

Over time, bacteria and mold may build up in your old AC system. Because it’s old, it can no longer effectively remove moisture and may spread the bacteria to your living space as a result. While regular maintenance avoids this problem, it may be inevitable, especially when you have old conditioners installed in your home.

To avoid calling for emergency heating and AC repair services and indoor air quality dangers, we suggest that you get a replacement instead. An upgraded system doesn’t only give you a more comfortable home and save you money in the long run; you also get to breathe cleaner air.

System age is one of the biggest factors why you need to replace your AC. In addition, you need to also get a replacement when you’ve had to call emergency heating and AC repair services in Fort Worth, TX, more than once this year. Your air conditioner shouldn’t get professional repairs twice in the same year. The money lost is better invested in a new system. If you keep calling a technician for emergency heating and AC repair services, chances are you’ll do it again. It will be more cost-effective to get a replacement than paying for costly repairs.

Get a Replacement When the Bills Are High

Did you pay more for cooling your home in the summer? It’s one of the signs that your AC is getting more expensive to run. You’ll end up paying more on your utility bills. And because your AC is no longer that efficient, your home may no longer be that comfortable. When your AC works harder, it will lead to a breakdown. You may have to call for another emergency heating and AC repair service.

Should you decide to get a replacement, please talk to our technicians so we can give you recommendations on which unit to purchase for your home. Our team is knowledgeable about air conditioners. Let us know how many rooms you intend to cool in your homes and the size of your rooms so that we can recommend an air conditioner suitable for your needs.

What About Investing in a Used AC?

Some people may choose to buy an air conditioner for its “cheaper price.” Pre-owned books or clothes may be great, but when it comes to your air conditioners, we recommend that you get a new one. Why? Below are the reasons it’s best to get a new AC. By purchasing a brand new unit, you can avoid paying for costly emergency heating and AC repair services.

No Warranty

Buying a brand new air conditioner or a furnace comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. It may cover parts and labor for a number of years. Getting a warranty for any appliance or electronic device is important in case there is a factory defect. The problem with getting an old system is that the warranty is void, especially when transferred to another owner. It’s not possible to buy a used AC, including its warranty. If there are issues, you will need to pay for emergency heating and AC repairs services.

Incorrect Size

You can’t just buy an air conditioner; it’s essential to buy the right size for your space. For example, you can’t buy a window-type AC if you’re cooling large or multiple rooms. You need the right size so that it matches what your home’s cooling needs. You may end up buying an incorrect size with the used AC. To avoid emergency heating and AC repair services, contact a professional and ask for assistance on what AC to purchase for your home.

History of the AC

Buying an old air conditioner is risky as you don’t know whether the old owner is consistent with AC tune-ups. It may not have maintenance, or the owner hired unqualified people to fix their AC. Worse, they DIY the repairs. For all you know, the air conditioning unit may be in poor shape, and it will break down within a year. It’s always better to get a new one as you have a warranty to protect you.

Do you need help purchasing a new air conditioning unit for your home? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our technicians are highly experienced and certified to install any AC, and any make or model professionally.

DIY Dangers

Older and used ACs may lead to frequent repairs down the road. You’re consuming more energy, risking your health or home, and also likely paying for more repairs.

When it comes to emergency HVAC repairs, we suggest that you always get help from a certified emergency heating and AC repair service in Fort Worth, TX, to ensure that the problem is permanently resolved. DIY repair or hiring an unqualified person to get the job done may damage your system. In addition, you may end up paying for more emergency heating and AC repair service. Avoid DIY repairs at all costs. Otherwise, the consequences may cost you more.

Cleaning the Coils

For your AC to run efficiently, it’s crucial that you clean all of its components, including the coils. Over time, dirt and other debris may build up along the coils of your AC or the heat pump. Failure to clean the coils affects the efficiency of your system. It’s not only going to cost you higher bills but your comfort is compromised. Cleaning the coils would remedy the problem, but it’s crucial to clean them effectively. Otherwise, you may end up damaging your system.

The best way to clean the coils isn’t by blasting a hose or using cloth and cleaning supplies. Detaching the coils and cleaning them with special chemicals is the most effective way to clean them. It also needs to be handled with care. You may end up damaging it when you clean it by yourself. As much as possible, always contact an emergency heating and AC repair service for assistance.

Blocked Room Vents

Completely blocking your room vents isn’t the solution to lower utility costs. Some homeowners shut off their vents in unused rooms, thinking they could save money. What they don’t know is that your HVAC system still uses the same amount of energy. And because your air vents are closed, the pressure in your ventilation system rises. That will affect the efficiency of your system and may even lead to leaks in the air ducts. To avoid calling for emergency heating and AC repair services in Fort Worth, TX, don’t block the vents in unused rooms. If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, it’s best to contact a professional for help.

Replacing the Thermostat

When it comes to installing new devices, always get help from professionals. For example, you may think that the thermostat you found online has excellent features, so you decided to install it yourself. Don’t make this mistake, as newer models of thermostats don’t always work with older equipment. To avoid emergency heating and AC repairs and other installation-related issues with your system, always call a licensed technician. You may end up damaging your unit if you DIY any repairs or installations. That may lead to more expenses and void your warranty.

Refilling the Refrigerant

While you can put the refrigerant in your AC or heat pump, we highly discourage this. Why? Because if you don’t put in less or too much refrigerant, the air conditioner might break down. To avoid costly emergency heating and AC repair services, it’s always better to call professionals.

DIY Installation on Anything with a Gas Furnace

When it comes to major installation, always call a licensed technician in Fort Worth, TX. It’s dangerous to work with natural gas, especially when you’re not trained or licensed to do the work. If you’re thinking about installing a new device, call us immediately. Our certified technicians can work with all HVAC makes and models. You can always rely on us because we work incredibly hard to give you exceptional emergency heating and AC repair service.

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In addition to AC repairs, we can also help with furnace repairs, maintenance, and installations. We offer a full range of HVAC services and are committed to making all of our customers happy. Contact us today for an appointment.