7 Signs You Need Thermostat Replacement for Your System | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Heating and AC

7 Signs You Need Thermostat Replacement for Your System | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Heating and AC

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If you are struggling to maintain the right temperature in your home in Fort Worth, TX, the thermostat of your heating and air conditioning system is likely to blame. A thermostat is a small communicating device between you and your HVAC system that ensures that your home is comfortable in all weathers.

A faulty thermostat is the last thing you expect as the extreme seasons approach. Which is why knowing when to replace the thermostat for your systemcan be more useful than you expect. But it can be tricky to identify whether the thermostat needs replacement, or it can easily work after a few repairs.

You can avoid all this frustration by being vigilant of the following signs that warn you when to replace the thermostat of your heatingand AC system.

1.   It is Old & Outdated

Even though the thermostat of your heating and AC system is designed to last for a long time, it doesn’t last forever. If your thermostat is working normally despite of being really old, it will eventually start falling apart and may even stop functioning unexpectedly. Old and outdated thermostats are also less energy-efficient and cost-effective than the modern thermostats. To prevent high energy bills and to increase the efficiency of your heating and AC system in theFort Worth, TX area,consult an HVAC service immediately for thermostat replacement.

2.   Not Programmable

A non-programable thermostat won’t be any better even after repair. Therefore, the only way to resolve this issue is by getting a new thermostat installed. A programmable thermostat offers a variety of benefits that includes:

  • A consistent temperature unless you like it otherwise
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs and save an estimated $180 per year
  • Increased energy efficiency in your home
  • Takes less time to adjust
  • You can optimize the heating and cooling temperatures
  • Enables you to manage humidity levels
  • Have apps that help you to manage temperature even when you’re not home

3.   Constant Short Cycling

Short cycling happens when the compressor of the heating and cooling systems turns on and off frequently. This may be because your heating and AC system is too oversized to function properly. Another more obvious reason can be that the thermostat is not sending the right signals. When the thermostat is placed near door openings, exposure to sunlight can disrupt its connection to the HVAC system resulting in uncomfortable temperature inside your house. If a skilled electrical service is not called on time to replace the thermostat, it can cause increased wear and tear on your heating and AC system and you will end up getting higher utility bills.

4.   Blank Thermostat Screen

If an unlit display or a blank thermostat screen continues even after switching batteries, know that it’s time to replace your thermostat. This could result from:

  • A tripped circuit breaker due to power surge
  • A blown fuse
  • Unclean, dirty and dusty wires

You should call a professional heating and AC maintenance service to investigate the cause of the problem and then fix it. If the circuit breaker is the issue, it can be solved by changing the settings and dusty wires could be serviced. However, a blown fuse will necessitate that you get a thermostat replacement.

5.   AC Doesn’t Switch On or Off

Frayed or damaged wiring inside a thermostat can eventually compromise its connection to your heating and AC system.The main function of a thermostat is to communicate and give signals to your HVAC. So, when you switch on or switch off your heating and AC system and nothing happens, know that it’s a sign that your thermostat is no longer giving prompts to the system. While this issue is not so alarming at first, it can become problematic later because the thermostat may start operating itself by unexpectedly turning the heater or air conditioner on (or off).

6.   High Energy Bills

Dramatically increased energy bills can also reflect that there is a problem with your thermostat. A malfunctioning thermostat may cause your heating and AC systemto work over time. This happens because it can no longer read the temperature settings and your system may end up getting turned on randomly.

7.   Incorrect Unit Readings

If your room does not feel as cool or warm as the temperature shown on the thermostat, chances are that the thermostat of your heating and AC system in the Fort Worth, TX area is displaying incorrect readings. You can confirm this sign by checking the room temperature using a portable indoor thermometer and then comparing it to the one shown on the thermostat. This discrepancy may stem from wear and tear, lack of maintenance or misuse of the thermostat that may possible have damaged the sensor.

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