8 Warning Signs That Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Can Catch Fire | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Repair Service Provider

8 Warning Signs That Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Can Catch Fire | Tips from Your Fort Worth, TX Repair Service Provider

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Is your heating and air conditioning unit safe from catching fire? If yes, what can you do to avoid this potentially dangerous situation?

This is exactly the question this article will assist you with. We’ll discuss 8 things that you can do to keep your AC unit and yourself safe.

1.   Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is the number one cause of your air conditioner catching fire. In order to avoid this in, you can get in touch with a heating and air conditioning repair service provider in Fort Worth, TX and have them replace all of the rusted wires.

Your wiring needs to be insulated end to end. Even small uncovered patches of the wiring should be insulated with an electrical tape. For added safety, always use a single fully insulated wiring. Use of multiple wires and extension plugs can increase the risk of electrical sparks.

It is also advisable not to place your wires under rugs or carpets, wallpapers or doorways as this can cause them to heat up.

2.   Miscalculating Amperage

When installing your heating and air conditioning unit in Fort Worth, TX, make sure that you calculate the amperage. A common mistake made in this regard is to not measure the unit relative to the electrical capacity. This means that your electrical wiring should be able to match your new unit’s amperage.

Sometimes, the prong tool that comes with the AC unit is replaced to fit the plugs but this can also result in a fire breaking out.

3.   Delayed Maintenance

It is always recommended to service your HVAC unit before and after the summer season. Dirt accumulates in the vents and coils and obstruct the air flow. Whenever this happens, there is always a risk of the unit choking which can lead to a fire hazard.

Needless to say, having a heating and air conditioning repair service provider in Fort Worth, TX service your unit on a regular basis will help avoid any damage.

4.   Overheated Appliances

During summers, air conditioners and other electrical appliance are in constant use across Fort Worth, TX which means that the load on the system is already high.

Any fluctuation in the electrical voltage can also spell trouble. In this situation it is a good idea to switch your AC unit off periodically in order to remain safe from any fire incidents.This method is also helpful in keeping your electricity bills from surging.

5.   Flammables in Proximity

A common factor that is overlooked when installing a new heating and air conditioning unit is the unit’s site. If there are bushes or other appliances near the outdoor unit, there is a risk of fire breaking out.

Moreover, allowing debris, leaves or paper near the unit doesn’t just increase the risk of fire, it is also counter-productive for clean environment.

6.   Ignoring a Bad Odor

If you smell any foul odor being given off by your unit, it can signal towards burning wires. This can occur regardless of the unit’s age. As soon as you come across such a situation, switch your unit off to prevent further damage.

Extra caution is advised if you regulate the thermostat’s temperature through a Wi-Fi device as it can make it nearly impossible to spot the issue in time.

The sooner you can spot a foul odor, the greater safety you can assure for your unit from facing critical damage. However, if the unit still catches fire, use sand or a piece of cloth to put out the flames. Avoid using water to extinguish the fire as it can aggravate the situation.

7.   Non-professional Technicians

The possibility of a fire incident always increases if your unit has been installed by inexperienced technicians. Such personnel are not trained enough to spot or overcome a potentially dangerous situation. Therefore, it is always advisable to seek professional assistance.

Getting Professional Help

Installation or repair of your heating and air conditioning unit on your own can spell trouble for you. Such a measure always carries a risk of harm to yourself as well as the appliance. In order to save yourself from costly repairs, it is always better to hire professional services and hence have complete peace of mind.

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A heating and air conditioning system is pricey equipment. It can be painful to see your precious unit go up in flames. Sometimes, these flames can engulf your room or the entire house and cause irreversible damage.

It is important to eliminate any risk associated with fire and ask a professional to visit your house and assess your unit. As the saying goes: it is better to be safe than sorry. So if you encounter any of these potentially dangerous warning signs in your AC which can result into a fire incident, this is the time to act!