AC Repair Company: What You Need To Know About Your Cooling Systems | Fort Worth, TX

AC Repair Company: What You Need To Know About Your Cooling Systems | Fort Worth, TX

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Are you planning to buy a new air conditioner? Then read on to know more about the benefits of energy-efficient air conditioners, what to consider when purchasing a new unit, and how to save more money with your new cooling system. If you have other questions, please contact an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX.

Types of AC:

Window-type Air Conditioner

A Window-type air conditioner is one of the most common cooling systems installed on your windows. It’s popular because of its affordability and it’s also easy to install. This is a good option if you are not looking for a permanent AC installation for your home. While they are easy to set up, we suggest that you contact an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, for the installation. If you bought a brand-new unit and did not get professional installation, the manufacturer may not honor your warranty. So make sure that you only work with a licensed technician to avoid issues down the road.

Avoid buying smaller ACs for bigger rooms as your unit will only work harder and consume more energy. You get higher bills as a result.

Window-type air conditioners are affordable and easy to install, but they are not compatible with all types of windows. Also, you may need some support brackets to ensure that the air conditioner is installed securely. Call a professional for help.

Portable Air Conditioners

If you prefer an air conditioner that you can move to another room or location, then consider buying a portable air conditioner. This is also a good option if your windows are not compatible with the window-type air conditioners. With the portable model, you may need to install hoses out of a door or window. To ensure that the unit is efficient, get a certified technician in Fort Worth, TX, for the installation.

A portable air conditioner pulls in air from your living space and then exhausts this air out of your home. Unlike the window-type model, the portable air conditioner won’t block the view, and they are more affordable than the window-type models. However, they can take up a lot of floor space, and they are also inefficient compared to window-type air conditioners because the unit can also draw in hot air from the outside. They may not be a good option if you’re looking to save money on your utility bills. Also, portable units are noisier than window-type air conditioners. If you can’t decide what type of AC to purchase for your home, contact an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, for assistance. Our technicians can discuss the benefits of each type of AC with you and help you decide which one is suitable for your needs.

Split Air Conditioners

The split type will have the indoor air conditioning unit and then the condenser located outside. It’s usually installed on the wall with the air handler containing the coils, air filter and blower. Unlike the central air conditioning systems, there’s no need for ductwork with the split system. You can install a ductless mini-split air in just one of your rooms or to all rooms in your home. If you intend to heat all rooms, we recommend that you go with central air conditioning. Contract an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, if you’re planning to install a ductless mini-split AC in your home.

Compared to central air conditioning, split ACs are more affordable. They are also very quiet — a lot quieter compared to window-type air conditioners and central air conditioning. Also, you can install multi-zone systems so that you can cool multiple rooms in your house. While it’s easy to install a ductless mini-split, please make sure that you only work with a certified AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, so that your warranty stays intact. You can also avoid costly repairs with professional air conditioner installation.

A few downsides include a higher cost if you’re installing multiple mini splits in your home. They are also less pleasing to the eye compared to central air conditioners.

Central Air Conditioning

If you have a large home, then we recommend that you consider installing central air conditioning systems. This cooling system consists of the ductwork connected to the air handler unit and the fan, which is also connected to the outdoor unit. You need professional installation for this type of cooling system. Contact a certified heating and AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, for assistance.

Central air conditioning systems are ideal for cooling larger houses, and they may be more affordable than installing multiple ductless mini-splits. However, installing the ductwork can be expensive. The installation may also take a little longer, especially when you have a larger home. Most importantly, you still need regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that your system stays efficient. If you have more questions, please contact an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX.

What to Consider When Comparing Different Air Conditioner Models

As soon as you have decided what type of air conditioner to install for your home, it’s time to compare different models. When comparing one with the other, you need to keep in mind three things: noise level, warranty and energy efficiency. You may contact an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX if you need more assistance.

For the energy efficiency of central air conditioners, it’s important to look for the SEER rating of at least 16 and even higher. Go with a SEER rating of at least 18 or higher when you go with a ductless mini-split.

Central air conditioners and ductless mini-splits are quieter than the window-type AC. For the warranty, make sure that you know what’s covered and what’s not. Contact an AC repair company to help you install the unit.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

Are you looking to buy a new air conditioner? Always go with an energy-efficient unit and hire a certified AC repair company for the installation. Below are the benefits of energy-efficient AC:

More Savings

One of the reasons homeowners buy energy-efficient air conditioners is because of the savings they get every month. Compared to the regular AC’s, these units use less energy to keep your home cooler. To maximize the energy savings, make sure that your home has proper insulation and you have no issues with drafts or cracks. Otherwise, the cooled air will only escape outside when your home is not completely sealed. Before calling an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, for installation, check your home’s insulation first, including the attic and crawlspaces. If possible, consider switching to energy-efficient windows and roofs. To extend the lifespan of your AC, ensure that you properly maintain the unit. And never attempt to do repairs on your own to avoid other issues down the road. If you have other questions, feel free to contact an AC repair company near you.

Increases the Value of Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home in the future, we highly recommend that you invest in an energy-efficient air conditioner. Potential homebuyers these days prefer air conditioning units that use less energy for cooling their homes. It’s attractive to them because of the energy savings in the long run. You will be able to increase the resale price of your home and attract more buyers with your energy-efficient air conditioner. Just make sure that you only hire a certified AC repair company to help install your unit. It’s also important that you never miss routine inspection for your unit, preferably a month before summer, so that a technician can inspect all the components of your AC and check if they are running smoothly. Always keep the receipts for inspections as the new homeowners may need that. Should you call a technician for repairs, always go with a highly experienced and trained technician to ensure high-quality service.

Receive Tax Credits

You may be able to get rebates or tax credits for buying an energy-efficient air conditioner. This depends on where you live, though. Consider asking an AC repair company if this is still offered.

If you need to know more about air conditioning systems, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team of certified technicians is always ready to help. If you haven’t bought a new unit yet, we can help you choose the most suitable AC for your home. Let us know the features you want in your cooling system, and then we can help pick the right make and model for your home. Again, only hire a certified AC repair company like One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating for installation.

How to Save More Energy with Your Air Conditioner

Energy-efficient air conditioners can save you money in the long run. And there are still a few things you can do to save more money with your AC. Check our tips below and contact an AC repair company in your area if you have issues with your unit.

Use a Smart Thermostat

One of the most effective ways to reduce your energy cost is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat. This device can automatically adjust the temperature in your homes based on pre-programmed settings for different times of the day. You can save more energy with a programmable thermostat and have full control of this device. Other features you can look for in a programmable thermostat include:

  • Smart recovery technology
  • Phone or voice programming
  • Vacation features
  • System malfunction indicator light

Contact an AC repair company near you if you want to know more about programmable thermostats or if you’re ready to upgrade.

Buy a Ceiling Fan

You won’t have to crank your air conditioner when you have a ceiling fan running to help you feel even cooler. That means you can raise the thermostat to up to four degrees, and you’ll still be comfortable. A ceiling fan is beneficial for your home and your AC unit as it can effectively circulate the air in your home.

Invest in Blackout Shades

Another way to reduce the temperature in your home during summer is by buying blackout curtains. These types of curtains are effective for blocking out the harmful rays of the sun. Close your curtains in the morning, when the sun is up, and open them in the evening when it’s a little cooler. That way, you won’t always have to turn on the air conditioner. Heavy use can also strain your AC. You can avoid costly repairs when you let your unit rest from time to time.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

All the appliances in your home need regular maintenance for them to stay efficient. Regular maintenance of your AC includes replacing the air filters, cleaning the components of your cooling system, and not ignoring problems. Contact an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX, if you suspect that there might be a problem with the unit. You can avoid further damage to the system when you get help right away.

Besides doing your maintenance, hire a certified technician for an AC tune-up to ensure that the unit is in excellent shape. Do this at least a month before summer.

Contact One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth

Do you need an AC repair company in Fort Worth, TX? We’re here to help! We have certified technicians that would always go the extra mile to ensure that all problems with your air conditioners are permanently resolved. Contact us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll quickly dispatch a technician to your home or office. We’ll thoroughly inspect your system, diagnose the problem, and then present cost-effective solutions.

In addition, we can also help you install new air conditioners. Our team is experienced with all makes and models, and we’ll make sure the unit is professionally installed. Contact us today for an appointment.