Installation-Related AC Problems Explained By Your Trusted AC Repair Company | Southlake, TX

Installation-Related AC Problems Explained By Your Trusted AC Repair Company | Southlake, TX

Air conditioners are no longer luxury appliances. Statistics from the Energy Information Administration confirm that 88 percent of households countrywide had air conditioners in 2020. The air conditioning units satisfy the cooling needs of users and keep them comfortable throughout the season. They also protect against heat wave-related illnesses that might be costly to treat.

With more technological innovations, the latest air conditioners have advanced features that make the system more energy efficient and easy to operate. Problems are inevitable in most appliances, and an aircon is not an exception.

The air conditioning system fails to operate at peak efficiency when you fail to call for maintenance services once every six months or have unqualified technicians install the unit.

In this blog, you will learn about installation-related AC mishaps that a licensed AC repair company in Southlake, TX, can handle.

Wrong Wiring

One of the common mistakes a quack contractor can make when installing your air conditioning appliance is incorrect wiring when connecting electrical components such as capacitors, thermostats, and fuses. The sloppy connection can make the air conditioner fail to operate smoothly.

Faulty wiring can cause the AC to receive more current at higher voltage, leading to a surge that can damage the equipment, especially if the circuit breakers fail to detect the power surge. It can also cause short circuits, an electrical problem leading to electrical fires if your home has no surge protectors or circuit-breaking devices.

You might start experiencing issues with the AC due to incorrect wiring immediately after the process, forcing you to call an AC repair company within the city to check out your new system for possible issues and re-install the unit.

Since air conditioner installation involves connecting electrical parts and wires, it is best to get licensed and qualified AC repair company in Southlake, TX, for top-notch services.

Refrigerant Leaks

Another installation-related problem that you might experience is low refrigerants. Sometimes the coolant can leak if the installer incorrectly connected components.

An unprofessional HVAC contractor from an unreliable AC repair company can forget to insulate the copper tubings close to the refrigerant or to seal some parts that later allow the coolant to sip out. A refrigerant leak is an issue that makes the entire system inefficient and has poor cooling capacity by failing to remove heat from your house.

In addition, the low coolant can make the air conditioner struggle to provide sufficient conditioned air, increasing your energy bills. You might hear gurgling or hissing noises as the air conditioner operates.

Once you notice condensation in your HVAC system, you should call an AC repair company to make prompt repairs to avoid refrigerant poisoning that manifests in symptoms such as difficulty breathing, nausea, coughing, headaches, and eye irritation.

You can prevent the refrigerant leak issue in your home by getting the best contractors in the industry to install your new air conditioner. The leakage can cause problems, such as frozen coils and uneven cooling.

Incorrect Size of Unit

Homeowners can also have numerous AC mishaps due to undersized or oversized air conditioners. You cannot get any air conditioner for use in your home because there are multiple aspects you should consider before purchasing to ensure it meets your cooling needs. Each air conditioning system has its cooling capacity that provides adequate conditioner air for a specified space.

HVAC installers from a reputable AC repair company use a BTU (British Thermal Units) calculator that helps select the correct size of an air conditioner for efficiency. For instance, a room area measuring between 100 and 150 ft should use an air conditioning appliance with a cooling capacity of 5000 BTU per hour.

However, an inexperienced technician can install your new air conditioner without calculating the BTUs by using the square footage of your house, considering construction materials, ceiling height, insulation, household size, and the amount of sunlight that enters through your doors and windows.

The contractor might end up installing an undersized unit that does not meet your cooling needs, leading to issues such as the frequent running of the system, low airflow, insufficient conditioned air, high energy bills, and temperature inconsistencies.

Quacks from an AC repair company in the neighborhood you hire without doing your research can install a system that is too big. It can make your aircon turn on and off when you switch it on, fail to eliminate the high humidity levels and make the energy bills surge.

Uninsulated Suction Line

People can also experience air conditioner problems if the refrigerant in the suction line remains uninsulated. An unqualified HVAC crew can fail to insulate the refrigerant suction line during installation, affecting the efficiency of the AC.

The contractors might miss installing the suction line in the right angles that help the system to perform at its peak. An inefficient new unit is an issue that can compel you to call an AC repair company for urgent repairs, which might cost more than making proper connections.

Get the Right Installation and Repair Services the First Time!

HVAC systems are expensive to purchase and therefore need the correct installation to perform efficiently and prevent sudden breakdowns that might be costly to repair or replace. Some errors in connections, such as improper electrical wiring, can damage your new unit, forcing you to replace it immediately.

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