Learn How to Install and Fix the Most Common Thermostat Problems with Heating and Air Conditioning Service Fort Worth, TX Experts!

Learn How to Install and Fix the Most Common Thermostat Problems with Heating and Air Conditioning Service Fort Worth, TX Experts!

Installing a thermostat all by yourself sounds like an easy job but it is not quite so! This is the reason that you MUST always call in services of heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to do it for you. However, that doesn’t mean you can turn a blind eye to the process. In addition, thermostats sometimes malfunction and go completely blank. Due to the fact that you don’t really know what’s wrong with it, you end up getting your entire HVAC system checked for a problem. It costs you a lot both in terms of time and money.

You have to know exactly how it is done to know if you are paying correctly for the services you are getting. Someone might not do a very good job of it and still charge you a lot for it.

Installation Steps

Let’s first take a look at the steps involved in the installation process!

1.   Always Remember to Turn the Power Off

The moment the heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX that you summoned, arrives at your place, turn the power off. There is a risk of getting electrocuted if you don’t follow this rule strictly. If you forget someone might get seriously hurt.

2.   Removal of the Upper Casing

The first thing that the repairmen do is to remove the upper casing of the thermostat. There is nothing that the upper casing is involved in except protecting the inner systems and wiring. It has to be removed to make any changes to the machinery. An expert air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX can do this job with a mere screw driver. Only one handyman would be enough to do it. They wouldn’t need to deploy a whole crew for such a small task.

3.   Appropriate Wiring

The wiring system in a thermostat is a bit complicated. Each wire is supposed to be connected to its corresponding terminal. A slight mistake can create a cross connection which can render your thermostat useless. Repairmen that do regular air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX know exactly which wires go into which terminal. This is due to the fact that they have a lot of experience in the field and they remember wires and their corresponding terminals.

If the repairman sent to your home works for services that are leading heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX they would know exactly which wires go where. If they wouldn’t they would be well-trained to note down the colors of the wires with their corresponding terminals before moving on!

4.   Unscathed Removal of Wires

Services which are known as experts in heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX make sure that when the wires are removed from their terminals, they are not damaged in any way. Any damage can render the entire installation process obsolete. This is due to the fact that the same wires have to get attached to a new thermostat. A slight damage might make you think that your new thermostat is not functioning right.

5.   Attachment of the New Thermostat

A new thermostat can be of any type depending on your choice. If you want a digital or programmable thermostat you should buy it before you call any heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.  A digital or a programmable thermostat gives you the option of pre-setting the thermostat to a particular temperature at a certain time. With progressing technology you too should use modern machinery. Go for it if you find it convenient.

The difficult part though is to re-connect the new thermostat to the wires. The air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX that you have called in would be able to do it in a matter of minutes. Once, the thermostat is in place, they should replace the casing on top of it that contains the screen which allows you to see the temperature in your house.

Fix the Most Common Problems

Thermostats are delicate instruments that need your regular attention. True, you cannot mechanically fix them. Only an expert service of heating and ac repair in Fort Worth, TX can do that. You can take care of this device to make sure it doesn’t break down completely. Let’s take a look at how you can do that!

1.   Thermostat Goes Blank Suddenly

One of the biggest problems that anyone can face with their thermostat is that it went completely blank for no reason. This usually happens when the wiring inside the thermostat gets tangled up due to some other repair work you had gotten a few days back. This is the fault that you would not be able to find on your own. For this, you will have to call a competent heating and air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Only they can figure out if there is trouble with wiring. On your own you will never be able to figure out what went wrong with it.

2.   It Turns Off Heating or Cooling Itself

Sometimes, the thermostat can turn off the heating or cooling in your house automatically. This usually happens when it uses its safety switch. It detects that there is excessive heating and cooling and decides that it is time to finally turn it down a bit. However, the estimation of a machine may not always be correct and you might end up with less heating or cooling than you needed! Just switch off the safety switch to keep it from working on its own!

3.   It has Weak Batteries

Your thermostat might give you trouble if it has weak batteries. In this case, all you need to do is replace the batteries to fix this problem. You should check the batteries every 6 months to make sure that they are functioning well.

The performance of your HVAC system is being monitored by your thermostat. It is up to you to make sure that it is installed and maintained properly. With experts like One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating you don’t have to worry about anything. Just sit back and let us do our job! We can be at your doorstep for any and all HVAC related services! Contact us and attain your well-deserved peace of mind.