Selecting An Outdoor AC Unit Cover With Your Trusted Air Conditioning Service Provider | Southlake, TX

Selecting An Outdoor AC Unit Cover With Your Trusted Air Conditioning Service Provider | Southlake, TX

Are you looking to protect your outdoor air conditioning unit from direct sunlight, leaves, debris, dust, snow, and blizzard? Then you can purchase a cover and have an air conditioning service provider fit it over the unit for you. However, purchasing an outdoor air conditioning unit’s cover isn’t just a walk in the park. There are several factors that you have to consider to choose the right one. For instance, purchasing a cover made from rubber or plastic may suffocate the unit and result in more harm. Are you looking to buy a cover for your Southlake, TX home? Below are some factors you should keep in mind when purchasing a cover for the outdoor component of your AC unit.

Waterproof AC Cover

The presence of moisture in any part of your AC can result in various issues and can lead to mold growth. This includes the outdoor unit. One effective way to combat this is by having an air conditioning service provider fit a waterproof cover over the outdoor unit that will not allow water to penetrate. This will effectively trap moisture, avoiding the accumulation that can result in mold development, thus keeping the environment dry and safe.

Air Conditioner Cover’s Size

When purchasing a protective cover for your outdoor AC unit, it’s crucial to ensure that the cover size perfectly matches your unit’s dimensions. Before making a purchase, carefully measure the size of your air conditioner. If your specific measurements need to be listed among the options available, select a cover with dimensions closest to yours. If you cannot measure the dimensions, have an air conditioning service provider measure the outdoor unit for you. Additionally, it is recommended to opt for a cover that is slightly shorter in height compared to your AC unit.

Breathable Fabric

Using plastic covers on your air conditioner is not recommended as it can hinder the airflow, suffocating the unit. Instead, consider using covers made from breathable and porous fabric such as mesh, which allows for proper air circulation. Maximizing airflow will help to prevent moisture buildup and the growth of mold. Covers made of mesh can also help protect the unit against external factors while allowing the unit to breathe. If you use non-breathable covers, you will frequently need an air conditioning service provider in Southlake, TX to clean the mold from the unit because of moisture buildup.

Durability of Cover

When choosing a cover for your outdoor air conditioner unit, air conditioning service providers recommend selecting a material that is robust enough to withstand different weather conditions. PVC and woven polyester are great options as they are extremely durable and can hold up well against extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and other harsh elements. PVC is a type of plastic known for its strength, while woven polyester is a synthetic fabric that is tear-resistant and long-lasting. Both materials protect your AC unit while ensuring it is well-ventilated. This will keep your unit in good working condition and protect it from wear and tear.

The Cover Should Be Easy to Install

When shopping for an AC unit cover, look for one that is easy to put on and take off, with padded handles for extra convenience. Additionally, consider covers designed to stay securely in place, even during strong winds. One way to ensure this is to look for covers that have plastic hems or straps that can be wrapped around the unit and fastened tightly to keep the cover from shifting or getting blown away. This feature will secure the cover and ease the process of installing or removing the cover as needed. Removing the cover during the air conditioning service should also be easy.


When purchasing an AC cover, it’s important to find one backed by a reliable warranty. This will give you peace of mind that the cover will last a few seasons. When searching for a manufacturer, look for one that provides at least a 2-year warranty on their products. This will give you added protection and ensure you can replace or repair the cover if it fails before its expected lifespan. An air conditioning service provider in Southlake, TX may also offer a warranty on their works, and it might be a good idea to check with them to get an additional layer of protection.

UV Protection

An air conditioner cover outdoors that protects against harsh ultraviolet rays will inhibit fading and prevent it from becoming brittle over time. An outdoor AC cover that offers protection from the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays can help to prevent fading of the unit’s exterior and keep it from getting brittle over time. UV rays can cause significant damage to the unit over time, including weakening the plastic and other materials, making it more prone to cracking and other forms of wear and tear. The last thing you want is to have a routine air conditioning service provider change the cover now and then.

Shelters and Coverings

You don’t need to completely cover the air conditioner if you only want to protect it from snow falling directly on it. You could also cover it with a piece of plywood. Installing a shelter attached to your house that covers most of your unit is an additional choice. You could get by not putting a cover this way. But remember that you still need to safeguard and winterize your air conditioner. However, DIY AC jobs aren’t recommended. If wintertime is near, have an air conditioning service provider winterize the air conditioner.

Are leaves, birds, and rodents finding their way into the outdoor unit? Are birds nesting in your outdoor air conditioning unit? The only way to protect it is by routine maintenance. Contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. We will cover the unit with a breathable cover to ensure that those disturbances will be an issue of the past.

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