Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Azle, TX

Summer in Texas can be very unforgiving, so it is always better to prepare for it. Thanks to modern technology we are able to enjoy things such as air conditioning in the comfort of our homes and offices. It is almost impossible to think about how people used to survive these harsh temperatures in the old days. You can feel exactly how they felt if you don’t prepare in time for the summer temperatures. It is better to have any kind of air conditioning repair in Azle, TX before summer arrives.

Air conditioning systems are usually stopped from autumn in most places, which mean they are left untouched nearly half of the year. It is well known that mechanical systems which are left unused for such a long time need to be looked at before suddenly getting turned on. They should be cleaned and performed some minor checks before getting started with the daily use.

However, some air conditioning systems might not start working as usual. You might think they are working well but after a close observation you would come to a conclusion to finally call air conditioning repair in Azle, TX.

Here are some of the signs that might indicate that you need air conditioning repair in Azle, TX:

No Cool Air

So just turned on your air conditioner in the living room to enjoy a quiet and peaceful afternoon but the cooling just isn’t as good as it used to be. This is a common problem that air conditioners come across after reaching a certain age.

Here are some of the issues that might be blocking cool air to come out of your air conditioner:

Air Filter

One of the most common problems that people always ignore is just a dusty air filter. This is such a minor issue that you don’t even need to call for air conditioning repair in Azle, TX. This can just be fixed by taking out the air filter and cleaning it and then putting it back.

Air filters are responsible for cleaning the air inside by taking out the dirty air. They need frequent cleaning and maintenance otherwise issue like no cool air is common. You can clean an air filter by simply washing it.



Thermostat is a very important device situated inside the air conditioning indoor unit. It simply monitors the temperature of the air inside the room. If it senses the temperature increasing inside the room that it sends a signal to the compressor to send in the cold air. When the temperature is lowered to the desired point it then sends another signal to the compressor to turn it off. It keeps on repeating this process to maintain the room temperature.

So if there is no cool air from your air conditioner then its thermostat could be defective. A faulty thermostat is unable to send the signal to compressor to turn it on hence no cool air. Unlike air filter this repair should only be attempted by an expert so it is better to call for air conditioning repair in Azle, TX.


It is also highly likely that the capacitor has stopped working inside your air conditioner. Capacitor is a device that is responsible to start the compressor. So the simple solution is to replace the capacitor if faulty but it is not recommended to try it yourself unless you are an expert. It is better to call for air conditioning repair in Azle, TX to replace your capacitor.

Freezing Temperature

This is also a common fault that people complain about that air conditioner cooling gets too much that you have to turn it off to avoid freezing. This issue occurs because of the fault thermostats as well. As explained a thermostat controls the compressor by sensing the indoor temperatures. This problem can just be solved by replacing the thermostat.

Funny Noises

Strange noises coming out of your air conditioner can help you diagnose the problem right away. You just have to recognize the sound to find out the problem.

Here are some of the strange sounds that you might hear from your air conditioner:


If you hear a rattling noise coming out of air conditioner then it probably means there is some trash stuck inside or near the fan area. It can also mean that some parts are getting loose so you should definitely get that looked at by an expert technician.


A loud banging noise can mean a broken part inside the air conditioners indoor unit. It could be the fan or a connector rod, you just have to turn you air conditioner off and call for air conditioner repair in Azle, TX to get it fixed right away.


If the noise coming out is a high pitched scream than that could possibly mean a refrigerant leak. The air conditioner should be immediately turned off as the refrigerant gas is very dangerous and injurious to health. Call emergency air conditioner repair in Azle, TX to get this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Electricity Bills Getting Higher than Usual

If your electricity bills have suddenly climbed up in amount due to using air conditioner than there might be a problem with it. These problems can be prevented by simple service checks by expert technicians by calling air conditioner repair in Azle, TX.

Other problems such as low refrigerant levels, dirty air filters, faulty parts or even leaks from the ducts that might be causing your air conditioner to consume more energy than it should, resulting in higher bills.

If you live in the area of Azle, TX and you notice any of the signs mentioned above, then don’t worry because you got the best air conditioning service provider in your town. All you have to do is call One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating and we will dispatch our team of highly trained technicians to help repair, replace or install your air conditioner so you can have a comfortable environment in your home.