Types Of Sanitizers A Duct Cleaning Service Provider Can Use On Your Air Ducts | Arlington, TX

Types Of Sanitizers A Duct Cleaning Service Provider Can Use On Your Air Ducts | Arlington, TX

Air duct sanitization includes applying an anti-microbial or sanitizing product on their inner surfaces after a duct cleaning service. These sanitizing agents kill the harmful microbes and bacteria in the air ducts, ensuring they don’t develop further and spread into your indoor air. Most duct sanitization services use topical applications, a fogger, or other professional tools to coat the duct surface evenly. Since not all duct cleaning companies offer sanitization, you should understand the advantages of duct sanitization before choosing one. Professional air duct cleaning technicians understand the essence of cleaning the ducts to kill any present germs and fungi and protect your family from poor indoor air quality.

Why Is Duct Sanitizing Necessary and Important?

In cases of vermin infestation, air duct sanitization becomes a critical part of duct cleaning service. In such instances, performing a general air duct cleaning with no additional sanitization could encourage a future re-infestation or regrowth of such vermin and mold. Mold spores usually stick inside your air ducts, particularly in sections with previous mold growth. Sanitizing the air ducts kills any remaining mold spores, preventing their regrown in those affected areas. Where there is vermin infestation, the air duct sanitizer can easily remove the territorial traces and animal scent effectively compared to when you’d have used a non-sanitizing duct cleaning method. If there are traces of the previous vermin infestation, a future vermin nesting is often most likely to occur at the same point.

How Much Does a Duct Cleaning with Duct Sanitization Cost?

Sanitizing your air ducts depends on several factors, such as the type of contaminant, duct accessibility, complexity, and total length of your air ducts. However, it is worth noting that air duct sanitization is normally an optional addition to a planned duct cleaning service. Here, the sanitizing costs are added to the total duct cleaning cost. Instead of being charged for one service, you are charged for two, duct cleaning and sanitization.

However, sometimes you request your reliable technician to come for duct sanitization even without a duct cleaning service. For instance, if you notice increased allergies at your home after a duct cleaning, you might have to call a professional for duct sanitization. The total cost here will depend on the technician’s availability, the average rates of this service in your area, or even the willingness of the company to sanitize your ducts free of charge. You might even have a work quality guarantee that you may decide to use in this case. This ensures that after you settle in the potential company, you request an initial consultation to discuss the sanitization process, final costs, and any additional charges that might arise.

Products That Professionals Use for Duct Sanitization

The duct cleaning service providers use different products to sanitize your air ducts. These products differ in price, quality, and effectiveness. However, you should confirm that they are EPA approved. Knowledgeable and experienced companies understand the risks of some duct sanitizers and only the natural, safe, and EPA-approved solutions. Inexperienced technicians and companies may disinfect your air ducts by using potentially harmful sanitizing solutions like Ozone. Hence, you must ask your duct cleaning company the solution they will be using and perform your research on its impacts before you agree to hire them. Below are some of the common sanitizer solutions and products used today:

Air Duct UV Sanitizer

These mechanical components rely on ultraviolet light to kill bacteria entering your air ducts. The UV disinfectants kill those microorganisms even before they enter the deeper parts of the air ducts and become a problem. These sanitizers kill harmful microorganisms and safely prevent mold formation when installed and used correctly.

Though these sanitizers are highly effective, some things must be remembered before buying and installing UV sanitizers. Although they kill and sanitize the bacteria, they don’t prevent dust, dirt, and other non-living elements from entering and accumulating in your air ducts. Thus a duct cleaning service is still very much required. Furthermore, UV air duct sanitizers are very costly to buy. Additionally, there are other costs like UV bulb replacement and installation costs.

Natural Air Duct Sanitizers

These disinfectant solutions use botanical or nature-based ingredients as the major disinfectant components. Thus, these products have several benefits when used at your home. For instance, most natural sanitizers don’t have some compounds like other highly corrosive solutions. Hence, they can be safely applied at your home without you having to worry that your metallic ducts will corrode. These products are also eco-friendly.

Although they are a great choice for homeowners looking for a more natural product, using them has several downsides. For instance, the cost is always a huge factor whenever comparing these duct disinfectant solutions. For these botanical bases sanitizers, their overall cost is much higher than other, less-natural options. For this reason, most duct cleaning service providers prefer using antimicrobial sanitizers with similar effective and safe applications, albeit at a lower cost.

Antimicrobial Sanitizers

This is the most popular sanitizer among different duct cleaning service providers. High-quality anti-microbial duct disinfectant sprays are often effective and safe, offering a hospital-grade cleaning with just one application. They are a more affordable option for duct cleaning companies, meaning you will also get quality sanitization at a reasonable cost.

However, you should note that not all anti-microbial solutions are the same. Their safety varies among different brands, ingredients, and qualities. Sanitization solutions in the market aren’t meant for duct application and could prove dangerous. Hence, you must ensure that your duct cleaning service provider’s product is EPA approved.

Do You Need Your Ducts Cleaned and Sanitized?

There are numerous instances where duct sanitization is paramount. However, they all ensure that you have better indoor air quality. Do you need a duct cleaning and disinfection service? Book an appointment at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. We offer free consultations on our services.

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