What to Look for in a Humidifier | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

What to Look for in a Humidifier | Air Conditioning Service in Fort Worth, TX

Has anyone in your room battling with symptoms related to nasal problems like sinus infections, allergies, nose irritation or sore throat? If the answer is yes, then your home can benefit from the presence of a humidifier. A humidifier adds moisture to the air and decreases dryness from the environment. Thus, humidifiers can be extremely helpful in providing a healthy environment for your home and you should contact an air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX to install one.

Factors for Buying a Humidifier

Before buying a humidifier, you will need to keep in mind a number of factors that will help you in buying the best humidifier for your home. Additionally, having this advice and the services of a reliable air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX will be particularly helpful.

Room Size

According to experts from air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX rooms should have humidity greater than 29 percent and lower than 51 percent. In winters, this humidity level is prone to plummet to less than 15 percent. Colder air carries lesser amount of dampness and with heating appliances like heat pumps and furnace; they are depleted further of moisture.

When deciding on the size of a humidifier for your home, you will have to determine the dimensions of your room where it will be installed. For a room that is less than 300 square feet, small humidifiers are sufficient. For a room that is greater than 300 square feet but lesser than 500 square feet, humidifiers of that are in the medium category will be better suited.

For rooms that range between 500 square feet and 999 square feet, humidifiers falling under the large category will be the most appropriate. Both small and medium humidifiers are considerably cheaper while the larger humidifier will cost more.

In order to check which humidifier is suitable for your room, you will have to take a look at a humidifier’s manual where details about its suitability for rooms will be mentioned, according to their sizes.


Like all the other appliances, humidifiers also make some noise. But some humidifiers are noisier and produce greater amount of sounds than others. You will certainly not want your bedroom to be installed with such a humidifier. Hence, if you are looking to install a humidifier in quieter environments then you will have to keep this in mind.

Luckily, ultrasonic humidifiers have been particularly designed keeping this functionality in mind. For more details you will benefit from the recommendation of an expert for air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX.


A humidifier needs regular cleaning to function properly. It has to be drained, rinsed and dried on a daily basis. Moreover, disinfectants and contaminants should be applied on a weekly basis with the advice of a reliable air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX. Cleaning a humidifier is crucial or else it will degrade the air quality in your home. Thus, you should look for a humidifier that is not too complex for maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

Control of Moisture

According to experts from air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX there are few humidifiers in the market that are basic with the control of moisture and have different speeds of their fans while other humidifiers have its own hygrometer that notifies about the level of moisture in a room as well as a humidistat. Humidistat is a feature that shuts down the unit after it reaches a certain level of humidity. A humidifier that is not equipped with a humidistat may increase humidity in a room to such levels that there will be the formation of moisture due to condensation on the windows of the room.


How long do you expect your humidifier to last? Do you want it to last for the entire night? Each model of a humidifier comes with its set of tank capacity, which is an important factor to consider while buying a humidifier. Humidifiers with a small tank will mean that you will have to continuously refill them in short intervals of time. Thus, experts from air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX recommend buying a humidifier that has a tank with huge capacity.


The output capability of a humidifier is an important metric and it helps to ascertain the ability of a humidifier to maintain humidity levels in a certain area. Cheaper and low quality humidifiers generally struggle to provide humidity levels that correspond to a healthy environment.


Longevity of a humidifier is associated with both the tank’s capacity as well as the settings chosen by the homeowners. According to experts from air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, a humidifier that has a bigger tank is expected to last for a greater period of time than one with a smaller tank. Moreover, humidifiers with bigger tanks can operate all night and save the homeowners from the nuisance of getting up from their sleep and refilling them.

In case you use a high mist output setting, you will have to keep in mind that the humidifier will consume greater amounts of water which affects the longevity. Hence, experts of air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX recommend buying a humidifier that allows modifying mist output so homeowners can change it depending upon their use.

Final Thoughts

A humidifier is a necessity in today’s world. Installing one would improve the health of your family. Luckily, you can have the services of one of the best air conditioning service in Fort Worth, TX, One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating. With an experience of more than 30 years as well as customers that have been using their services for 20 years, One Hour provides homeowners with the best quality of work at affordable costs, through its experienced and certified professionals.

Professionals from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating can examine your home and its environment and will be able to provide the best recommendations of a humidifier that can be installed in your home.