When You Need Help With Heating And AC Repair Our Team Is Here For You | Fort Worth, TX

When You Need Help With Heating And AC Repair Our Team Is Here For You | Fort Worth, TX

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HVAC systems are very important in a home. There are very few, if any, places where the temperature outside is going to be the optimal temperature that you want inside your home at all times. In an area such as Fort Worth, TX, for example, it tends to be extremely hot, particularly in the summer months. In this situation, heating and AC repair can be very important. You may feel as though you don’t need it when things are going well with your HVAC system, but you will need to have one of these professionals on hand if the system malfunctions; otherwise, you are going to be dealing with a headache on top of another headache when you are trying to find a HVAC repair professional on top of being stressed out about a malfunctioning HVAC system.

Some people may think that do-it-yourself techniques are enough when it comes to heating and AC repair, but the truth is that there are many things that you should not attempt to do without the help of a HVAC repair professional. If you are in need of help with HVAC repair or a related matter in Fort Worth, TX, you should feel free to do your research on One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth and learn more about what this company has to offer in this department.

Common Heating and AC Repair Issues

There are many common issues that would necessitate heating and AC repair. It is good to be familiar with some of these so that you can be more aware of the things that can happen that would require you to call a HVAC repair professional.

Constantly Running AC

If the weather is hot, it is normal for the air conditioner to be running more often. However, it is still supposed to turn off periodically. If an air conditioner won’t shut off, you should do something to correct it. This way, you can protect vital components of the machinery and stop your energy bill from being driven through the roof.

There are many things that can cause this problem. You can have some sort of issue with the compressor, thermostat, electrical parts, or air filters. The first thing that you should do is try to turn off the thermostat fan, in order to see if this will succeed in shutting off the air conditioner. If not, it would be a good idea to contact a heating and AC repair professional. They will know how to figure out the issue quickly and may even be able to take care of the entire HVAC repair in the first visit.

AC Refusing to Turn On

It can be extremely frustrating when your air conditioner will not turn on on a hot day. Even if you try to turn your thermostat to a lower temperature, in some cases you still cannot get the air conditioner to turn on. Sometimes, this will happen because of a tripped circuit breaker. In other cases, it could be because of loose wiring or a faulty thermostat. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you should never try to perform wiring repairs on your own. Only a heating and AC repair professional should try this. They have specialized diagnostic equipment that will help them figure out the source of problems. Additionally, this problem can be very difficult for you to try to tackle on your own.

Lack of Cool Air Flow

There are two ways in which this problem can show up in your home. In the first scenario, you could hear the air conditioner running, but there would be no air actually coming out of the ducts. In the second scenario, you might feel some air, but it won’t feel cool at all. Most of the time, this is a relatively simple problem to correct. Usually, it is just going to be because of a tripped circuit breaker. However, you should keep in mind that it is also possible that you need to replace a worn blower belt. Low refrigerant levels are also a factor that can have an effect on cooling.

Regular system tune-ups are a good idea, and this is one of the reasons. If you get regular system tune-ups, you can help prevent this issue. If you regularly have a heating and AC repair technician come to your home, they can do more than simply repair existing acute problems. They can also look for wear and tear and stop breakdowns like this from happening in the first place.

Hot Air Blowing Instead of Cool Air

In some cases, you will find that your air conditioner is creating hot air, rather than the cold air that it should be creating. You definitely do not want to feel warmer when you are already sweating in your home. This problem can be particularly frustrating when you experience it in the middle of the summer.

Sometimes, this can happen because of a dirty air filter. In other cases, it could be because of low refrigerant levels. In still other cases, it could be because of some sort of obstruction in the ducts or an amount of debris that is causing overheating within the compressor.

The thing to do to prevent this situation is to make sure that you replace air filters every month or two months. This way, you can do your part to prevent obstructions. You should also schedule a duct cleaning at least annually. Before you add refrigerant to air conditioner units, you should always have a Fort Worth, TX heating and AC repair professional check for leaks. This way, you won’t end up wasting an excessive amount of money.

Leaks of Water or Refrigerant

It can be somewhat tough for homeowners to detect most refrigerant leaks. This is because the leaks often appear within coolant lines. However, if you see brightly colored stains near the AC unit, this could be a sign of issues that need to be addressed. It is reasonable to see some amount of condensation outside of the AC unit, but excessive moisture can be a sign of water that is actually leaking.

This happens because of degradation in connections and lines within the AC system that takes place over time. This often leads to refrigerant leaks. Water leaks are often caused by faulty condensate pumps and blocked drainage pipes.

If you see leaking refrigerant, what you should do is turn off the unit and call a heating and AC repair professional immediately. Low refrigerant levels can cause serious damage to the compressor, and this can be one of the most expensive parts when it comes to replacement. The good thing is that regular maintenance checks can often detect these sorts of issues, and a heating and AC repair professional can top off refrigerants if you need this to be done.

Unit Constantly Turning On and Off

If your unit is repeatedly turning on and off, this is known as short cycling. Instead of finishing a full cooling cycle, the AC is just going to start up over and over again. This is a serious issue, and it can cause serious damage to the compressor. Sometimes, this happens because of a clogged air filter or a thermostat that is not calibrated properly. However, it is also possible that your air conditioner generates too much power for your home. The smart thing to do here is to contact a heating and AC repair professional, who can help you measure the cooling needs in your home. This can help you choose a thermostat and air conditioner that will maximize energy savings and provide cooling that is optimal for your home.

Freezing of the Condenser Coil

When you see ice around your AC coil, it means that the system is working too intensely to be able to keep your home cool. If you take care of this, you can end up saving a lot on your electricity bill. Often, the cause is a dirty condenser unit or air filter, which makes the system work twice as hard for the same amount of cooling. What you may want to do here is have a heating and AC repair professional check the duct, blower fan, and condenser, in order to see if there are any obstructions in these components.

Air Conditioner Repeatedly Tripping Circuit Breaker

If your air conditioner trips a fuse every time it is turned on, this can be very frustrating because it makes you have to deal with interruptions to your other activities on a constant basis. This could happen because of poor AC installation. If you hire the cheapest professional to perform your air conditioner installation, this often is not a good idea. They could end up creating a situation where the wiring or a circuit breaker is not rated for the output of the HVAC unit. There are heating and AC repair professionals who will be able to do this properly, who are actually certified to work with electrical systems. These individuals will perform very detailed wiring inspections with all of the maintenance check ups that they do.

System Producing Strange Smells

One telltale sign of air conditioner issues is a burning smell. In some cases, people also experience musty odors. Sometimes, you will notice these smells when you are close to the main AC unit or smells coming out of the vents.

If you are experiencing electrical odors, this could mean that there are wiring issues in the motor. If you have clogged air filters in the system, it can cause overheating within the system, which leads to burning smells. If you are dealing with musty mildew smells, this is often related to a problem with improper drainage.

What you should do if you detect a burning smell is turn off your AC immediately. Check the air filters, and replace them if they appear to be dirty. You should schedule regular cleaning of the ducts in your home, as well as your AC unit, in order to prevent these odors in the first place. Heating and AC repair professionals who come in can also help you eliminate any musty odors that are present in your home and coming from your HVAC system.

Sudden Appearance of Strange Noises

If you suddenly start to hear sounds that you have not heard before, this is worth paying attention to. Grinding noises, squealing, or strange vibrations often means that there is some urgent problem that you need to address right away. Grinding noises are particularly dangerous for air conditioners because they usually signal issues with motor bearings. If you are hearing squealing sounds, this is usually because of a belt that is worn or poorly aligned.

In order to make these loud noises disappear, you will want to have the underlying problem fixed. A heating and AC repair professional can check belts, make sure to keep bearings lubricated, and do other things to protect your system during regular maintenance service.


Heating and AC repair are particularly important in an area such as Fort Worth, TX. This is because this is an area of the United States that is known to be very hot during the summer months. Because of this, it is crucial that you know you are going to have a working air conditioner, so that you do not have to deal with extreme discomfort on hot summer days and nights. Even if your HVAC system usually works, you want to make sure that you have a back-up plan in place in case it doesn’t at some point. This is where it helps to already have a heating and AC repair professional that you know of and can call in case of an emergency.

If you are interested in heating and AC repair, whether it’s just to learn more about it or whether you are actually in need of it right now, and you live in Fort Worth, TX, you should feel free to contact the professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth. These individuals can potentially answer any general questions that you might have about heating and AC repair, as well as point you in the right direction when it comes to HVAC repair that needs to be done in your home.