Why A Frequently Tripping AC Breaker Means You Need AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

Why A Frequently Tripping AC Breaker Means You Need AC Repair | Fort Worth, TX

One of the most annoying things for any homeowner is having an unknown underlying issue that keeps interrupting the comfort of their home. This is particularly disturbing if the interruption is caused by the electricity supply and or the operation of your air conditioning system. For example, if your AC breaker keeps tripping every time you switch on your air conditioning system in the middle of summer, this could leave you and your loved ones stranded in times when you need temperature regulation the most. It will leave you confused about whether to call an electrical technician to fix the issue or reach out to an AC repair expert since you are unsure where the issue lies.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind that your air conditioning unit can cause your ac circuit breaker to trip, especially when its components are pulling more amperes than the rating of the ac circuit breaker. Since the circuit breaker’s primary duty is to protect the AC systems of your house from too much power, it detects this as excess power entering your house, thus cutting the supply.

Therefore, you should not worry when the circuit breaker trips from the occasional power surge. This means it is performing its duties correctly. A continuously tripping AC circuit breaker indicates a huge problem that could permanently damage your AC unit. Therefore, you should have an AC repair technician check it out to establish the curse of the problem. Some of the issues that could be causing the continuous tripping of your AC circuit breaker include;

Hard Starting Compressor

The primary purpose of the compressor is to make the refrigerant cold and ensure your home’s temperatures are attained. When your AC system starts, the compressor takes up a lot of energy. Therefore, as the system ages, the compressor keeps pulling more power, thus causing the circuit breaker to trip more regularly. An AC repair technician can install a hard kick start on the failed compressor to avoid this eventuality. A hard kick start is a capacitor that stores energy and aids your compressor during starting by giving it the extra kick needed.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

The air conditioning system removes the heat from your Fort Worth, TX home and transfers it outside with the help of the outdoor condenser and indoor evaporator coil. Therefore, if the indoor evaporator coil is dirty, it hinders the effective transfer of heat, which could cause your ac circuit breaker to trip. Therefore, when you notice your ac circuit breaker is constantly tripping, it is advisable to call the AC repair technician to check the condition of your evaporator coil.

On the other hand, the issue could also be arising because your evaporator is frozen. If your AC unit suffers from reduced airflow, the evaporator coil is not cooling as much air as needed. This could cause it to get colder with each circle of air until it freezes. A dirty evaporator coil will pick up additional moisture, which freezes and causes the cascading effect. Since the evaporator coil is sensitive, it is best handled by a professional AC repair technician.

Dirty Condenser Unit

A dirty condenser unit is the other major cause of problems in the air conditioning unit and circuit breaker tripping. Like the air filter, a condenser unit facilitates heat transfer from the indoor environment to the outside environment. When the condenser unit is dirty, the system must work harder to meet your Fort Worth, TX, home’s temperature needs. This causes your air conditioning unit to drain more energy, thus causing the ac circuit breaker to trip.

Therefore, to avoid this eventuality, it is best to have regular AC repair and maintenance services which include cleaning both your indoor and outdoor air conditioner parts. It will ensure that your home’s coil is clear of debris, dust, and other particles, thus preventing the system from overworking. Since the condenser coil is sensitive and easily damaged, call an AC repair technician to perform all your cleaning needs.

Dirty Air Filters

Those who have had the displeasure of troubling air conditioning units understand that dirty air filters are among the fundamental causes of problems in most air conditioning systems. As the air from your Fort Worth, TX, home goes through the AC unit, the air filter traps dust, debris, and other particles preventing them from returning to the air supply through recirculation. As these particles continuously get trapped in the air filter, they block the airflow, thus causing the system to strain to serve your temperature needs. Consequently, the strain on the system causes a higher drain of amperes that trips up the circuit breaker.

However, the brighter side is that dirty air filters are among the cheapest and most straightforward problems to solve regarding air conditioning unit issues since all you need to do is change the air filters. Therefore, when you notice your ac circuit breaker is constantly tripping, you must first check your air filter before calling the AC repair technician. It is best to regularly check your air filters and change them every 2 to 3 months, depending on your usage. To efficiently get the right air filter for your system, check the AC unit manual or consult your AC repair expert for advice.

Faulty Fan Motor

The fan motor of your AC system does all the heavy lifting of moving air in your Fort Worth, TX home. This involves transporting conditioned air from the AC unit throughout every room in your home to remove the hot air outside. Due to its constant heavy use throughout the day, the fan motor is prone to deterioration and breakdown. Therefore, if your fan motor is not giving enough airflow, it may lead to the overheating of your system and, eventually, the tripping of your circuit breaker.

Hence, ensure that the fan blades are intact and spinning before calling an AC repair technician. If not, this could mean that your motor is faulty or the AC blower motor is not functioning correctly. Therefore, this will necessitate a qualified technician to pinpoint the problem and do a replacement. Below are some of the common causes of fan problems that you as a homeowner should be aware of;

Air Filters Having a Blockage

When you are experiencing any problems with your AC, the first thing you should do before taking troubleshooting steps is to counter check the situation of your air filters. When your air filter is clogged, it restricts the airflow in your air conditioning system, which eventually causes the evaporator coil to freeze. Restricted airflow also affects the fan’s operation, causing unforeseen problems. Hence, have a routine inspection and maintenance service by an AC repair technician to have the air filters cleaned or replaced.

Power Supply Issues

The next step to take when your AC fan is not spinning is checking the circuit breaker and ensuring that there is a power supply to your AC unit. Since several factors can cause an ac circuit breaker to trip, it is advisable to get a professional AC repair technician to outline the underlying condition if this is the reason why your AC fan is not operating.

Before calling your AC repair service provider, it is essential to check your thermostat settings since it can also play a part in your AC fan not operating. Therefore, first, find your electrical panel associated with the AC unit and switch the circuit breaker off and on.

Malfunctioning Start Capacitor

Another reason your AC fan might not work is a bad capacitor. A start capacitor is a small cylindrical object behind the service panel with prongs in the outdoor unit. This capacitor operates by storing energy which helps power your AC fan and condenser when the energy is necessary. One sign that outlines a bad start capacitor is a humming sound emanating from the compressor while the fan is not running.

Therefore, if you notice these signs, you can use a wooden stick as a temporary solution to your fan problem. First, start by turning on your AC and ensure the compressor unit is running by setting it to a lower temperature. Then, push the fan blade using the wooden stick through the fan grate. This will give the fan a kick start and continue running. However, if this were not the cause, the Ac fan would not start. Regardless of whether the fan starts or not, it is advisable to call an AC repair professional to check the AC fan.

Burnt Out Condenser Fan Motor

The other reason your AC fan might not be operational is the presence of a burnt-out condenser fan motor. The condenser motor is crucial to the shedding heat to keep your home cool. Therefore, without it, the condenser coils cannot perform their duty effectively, leading to a malfunctioning system.

A burnt-out condenser fan motor is a common problem, especially if your Ac system has not received regular maintenance yet has been overworking to maintain the cool temperature needed for your home. A professional AC repair technician in Fort Worth, TX, will properly diagnose this issue and adequately fix it, leaving your Ac fan operating optimally.

Grounded Compressor

During the regular operation of an AC unit, the compressor is driven by an electric motor. However, when the wiring of the motor shorts against the body of the electrical motor, this is called a grounded motor. It can be caused by wear and tear of the electrical wires over time. When your AC unit gets a grounded compressor, the only available solution is for an AC repair professional to replace the faulty compressor.

Although replacing a compressor is expensive, it is best to do it as soon as you notice the problem since running your AC unit in this condition can cause lasting damage to other parts of your AC system. However, there are times when replacing the entire system is better than incurring the hefty cost of replacing the compressor, especially if your AC unit is old.

Electrical Short Circuit

The air conditioning unit comprises an array of electrical and mechanical components, all designed to work together to give the desired output while being powered by electricity. As the AC unit is continuously used, some of these components and wiring loosen and can cause an unintended connection resulting in your circuit breaker tripping.

Notably, it would be best if you did not try to fix this or open the AC unit since electrical connections pose an imminent danger to you and your family. In addition, if left unfixed, an electrical short circuit can result in fires or electrocution. Therefore, if your AC unit is not operating and you cannot outline why it is advisable to call an AC repair provider to check the problem.

Low Refrigerant Levels

An AC system keeps a home cool by combining essential parts that eliminate the heat in the house. One of these essential aspects is the quality and quantity of the AC unit. When an air conditioning unit levels go lower than a specific amount, it interrupts the refrigeration and air conditioning cycles, lowering the system’s efficiency.

A lowered efficiency causes the system to draw more energy causing the circuit breaker to trip. Therefore, during the routine AC repair and maintenance, the technician will check the refrigerant lines for leaks and recharge the refrigerant if the levels have lowered.

Call Us to Inspect That Tripping AC Breaker

Having a cool, comfortable place to hide away during the hot summer temperature is essential for you and your family, especially in Fort Worth, TX. Therefore, for the AC system to accord this luxury, you need regular AC repair and maintenance services for your Fort Worth, TX home. The technician will help avoid a total breakdown and unnecessary by taking care of your system and ensuring its efficient operation. If your AC breaker is constantly tripping, contact us at One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating of Fort Worth for a further inspection.

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