Why Does Your Air Conditioner Malfunction in the Summer Season? | Air Conditioning Repair Service in Fort Worth, TX

Why Does Your Air Conditioner Malfunction in the Summer Season? | Air Conditioning Repair Service in Fort Worth, TX

Imagine walking into your house after a long drive on a hot summer’s day.

You were expecting to be welcomed by a breeze of cold air. Instead you are greeted by almost the same temperature as it was outside!

You shrug off the feeling of dread creeping on you quickly. It could just be your imagination due to the extreme heat outdoors…..

Though even after a few minutes, you don’t feel any significant change…..

Does that mean the air conditioning in your house just gave out on you?

Why does it have to happen in the middle of the hottest day of the summer?!

Well, that’s not the definition of a mishap, rather a result of the carelessness that you have shown with regards to the HVAC installed in your home.

Heating and air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX during summers suffers a lot of challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the most common HVAC problems that make our services quite popular during the hottest time of the year!

1.   Decrease in the Refrigerant Charge

It is a common belief that air conditioners consume refrigerant charge. However, you couldn’t be farther from the truth when you assume that!

During summers, the refrigerant charge often leaks out from the coils and the refrigerant lines due to development of pinholes in them. Because of this you can face the problem of having a low charge in the air conditioning of your home.

The lower the charge of the air conditioner, the harder it would be for the air conditioner to cool down the temperature of the house. Any experienced air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX would tell you that an AC which has a low refrigerant charge has a longer runtime. It wastes a lot of energy and it even overheats sometimes.

You must call the best service provider of air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX to seal the leaks in the coils. Only then, you can enjoy your summers uninterrupted. Otherwise, the leaks would discard all the cooling that could have gone into your home.

2.   Disrupted Air Flow

In excessive heat, many outdoor HVAC units suffer a vegetation growth. This growth traps the all the air inside the unit. The air that does manage to leave the unit is not pure. It creates a poor air flow in the house.

In addition, during summers heating and air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX work more frequently than usual. This is specifically true for air conditioning. It has also been seen that air conditioning defaults at such a time a lot more than any other equipment in the house.

Any popular air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX would agree that this is due to the excessive clogging of the air filters in summers. Dust particles from the air get trapped into the filters all the time. The density of the particles increases as the system runs for almost the whole day.

You can fix the dirty air filters by cleaning them out regularly. However, many service providers of heating and air conditioning repair in Fort Worth, TX would suggest that you replace the filters after every few months. The real way to find out exactly how to handle the air filters in your air conditioner is to read the instructions displayed on their boxes.

When you buy the filters for the first time, the instruction manual specifies whether they need to be replaced every month or every three months or every six months. It also mentions how often you are required to clean the filters.

Most services for air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX would recommend that you replace the air filters in summers on a monthly basis.

You should call the best air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX before the arrival of summer and have the filters and the coils checked and cleaned in advance. It will keep the air flow smooth even when there is excessive heat in the atmosphere.

3.   Electrical Disturbances

Electrical wiring is always at the risk of fusing out. In summers, this risk increases manifold. Many times, air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX is affected by electrical issues. The HVAC itself seems to be working fine. However, the wiring is either clipped or otherwise damaged.

Among other things, machinery which is used near the outdoor unit is also at the risk of damaging the air conditioning of your home. We have received many calls where a weed whacker was responsible for damaging the fins of the outside unit.

As the most approached air conditioning repair service in Fort Worth, TX, we have observed that during summers, capacitor in the air conditioners suffers maximum damage. The capacitor gets overheated due to extra work load or extreme heat from the Sun. In any case, it is the most commonly reported part that fuses out.

4.   Failure of the Compressor

You can always contend with any of the above problems in the HVAC while still keeping it functional. However, when the compressor goes out on you, that’s it! The heating and air conditioning in Fort Worth, TX breaks down due to compressor failure 90% of the time during summers. This is an expensive defect which also takes quite some time to get repaired.

Getting the compressor fixed must be your first priority whenever it happens.

You are always striving to provide the best accommodations for your family. Despite all your efforts, there are times when situations simply roll out of your control. A break-down in the air conditioning during summers, is just such a situation. If you want to keep yourself free from unnecessary hassle after such a break-down, you have to take preventions to make sure that the heating and cooling in your house doesn’t shut off completely. One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating provides the best solutions for taking care of your HVAC in the undue heat.

Contact us today to spend a more enjoyable and less worrisome summer!