5 Energy Saving Tips That Will Help You Cool Your House this Summer | Heating and AC Repair in Richardson, TX

5 Energy Saving Tips That Will Help You Cool Your House this Summer | Heating and AC Repair in Richardson, TX

Are you fed up of seeing an increase in your energy bills month after month? Sorry to sound like a TV commercial, but we need to tell you that running your air conditioner 24/7 will definitely make the electricity bill skyrocket. If you are one of those people who change the setting to low when leaving the house for office, then there’s the clue.

Of course, you can’t exactly work your AC on alternative days. We know it’s out of the question. However, we do have some tips that will help you save on the energy bills and heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX. First, let’s address the main and most important problem:

Quit Cooling Your Neighborhood!

Yes, you heard us right. How old is your house? If your house was built in the 90’s, then you are in for a treat. All that time you have been trying to figure out why your house is not cooling was a waste. You were looking in the wrong area because the main problem is your house itself. By now, your house has probably lost its insulation power and is the reason why the cool air has been slowly seeping out through the attic, basement, windows, the floor joints, ductwork, and other areas. Worn out window seals create a draft that lets cool air in during winter and cool air out during summers. If you haven’t called for heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX for these repairs, then book an appointment.

Any delays in fixing the insulation will cause a chain reaction that will shut down your air conditioner completely. First, the AC will work harder to compensate for the loss of cool air. With the Freon (cooling agent) being used in twice the amount in the same time, there’s a possibility that the evaporating coils will freeze. This will cause the air filter to accumulate more dirt and the air flow quality will steadily decrease. Eventually, the AC will stop working and by now, the condenser might have fried. Your AC is probably of no use now, and you are better off replacing the entire system.

It is best to get an energy audit done from providers of heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX to prevent all these problems. As a precaution, do a touch up around the windows by re-caulking the sidings. As for getting the areas in your house properly insulated, call for professional heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX.

Now that we know the main cause behind why your AC wasn’t cooling the house properly, let’s have a look at the five tips that will help you save on your energy bills:

1.   Install a Ceiling Fan

We have already told you that it is not wise to keep your AC running 24/7. Not only will you get a high energy bill, but you will also pay more on the maintenance when you will call for professional heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX. Every once in a while, turn off the AC and sit under the breeze of the ceiling fan. Plus, when you are leaving for the office, you can switch off the AC and turn on the ceiling fan in its place. To create a cross breeze, open a window on the first floor and on the ground floor. Open the window only an inch and experiment with different windows to find the right combination.

2.   Upgrade the Technology

That flickering dial of the thermostat is probably the reason you are getting such a high energy bill. It’s time to upgrade your thermostat to a SMART one. The good thing about this technology is that it automatically senses the temperature of the house and makes adjustments. Moreover, you can operate your AC remotely by using a mobile app and adjust the settings to cool the house when you’re on your way back to home. Providers of air conditioning service in Richardson, TX recommend using mobile apps to regulate your AC temperature because it will make your life much easier.

3.   Faulty Thermostat Reading

Let’s say that the reading on the thermostat keeps changing and you have come to the conclusion that it is broken. However, that is not the case! A faulty thermostat is usually because of the location where it is installed at, which is commonly near a heat source. If installed near a window, you will experience the same problem. This causes some of the rooms to remain cool while others are warm.

The best place for installing your thermostat is in a room that is not used too frequently. Make sure that the thermostat is not covered by bookshelves, doors, or decoration because this will cause difficulty for the device to pick up the signals. Call for heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX to get this problems fixed as soon as possible.

4.   Close the Blinds

This is one of the biggest mistakes that many homeowners make. Just because the windows are closed doesn’t mean that you can open the blinds. The sunlight will not only heat up that small corner, but also make you feel warm too. Again, the thermostat here will try to adjust according to the warm spots and you will feel the change in air temperature.

5.   Do NOT Set the Temperature on Low

For those 8 hours that are spent relaxing in the house at night, set the temperature on the thermostat at least 15 degrees higher than the usual temperature. This can help you save 10% on the energy bills. After the energy audit, ask the provider of heating and ac repair in Richardson, TX for the best room temperature and try to maintain in the first few months.

Try out the tips mentioned above, and you will see a significant change in your energy bills. Do call for heating and AC repair in Richardson, TX after every six months for maintenance. If you are looking for reliable electricians for heating and ac repair in Plano, TX then call One Hour Heating and Air at 817-283-6911 to schedule a repair.