Factors that Reduce Indoor Air Quality and Their Health Effects | Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX

Factors that Reduce Indoor Air Quality and Their Health Effects | Air Conditioning Service in Azle, TX

Even if you remain at home most of the time, that does not mean you’re not inhaling pollutants. Believe it or not, the air in your home may be more polluted than you think unless you opt for regular air conditioning service in Azle, TX. Hidden pollutants may affect your health in more ways than even outdoor air can.

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Once you are familiar with common pollutants how they compromise IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) you can find effective ways to control them. Here are some ways the air quality in your home can worsen:

Insufficient ventilation

If the air in your home does not circulate or remains stagnant, expect indoor air quality to drop significantly. In other words, you will have the ideal environment that allows dust mites and other allergens to flourish. The result will be serious infections, allergies and asthma attacks which can be prevented with air conditioning service in Azle, TX.

In other words, with regular air conditioning service in Azle, TX you can prevent those contaminants from increasing to dangerous levels. Just make sure that the air conditioning or HVAC system you have ventilates the air at regular intervals. Powerful exhaust fans can do the trick.


Appliances that burn fuel to work also emit harmful fumes that can cause respiratory issues if inhaled. Water heaters, furnaces, stoves, fireplaces etc can emit a silent killer that can suffocate you in your sleep if you don’t go for air conditioning service in Azle, TX regularly.

Carbon monoxide (CO) results from combustion and is usually emitted by appliances that use natural gas to work. If those appliances have cracks or even small abrasions, this deadly gas can leak out into the air you breathe. The thing is that it doesn’t take CO long to spread and it can still remain undetectable until it is too late.

Individuals who are exposed to the deadly gas can fall seriously ill. That’s because on inhalation it does not take the gas long to bind to red blood cells which slows down bodily function slowly but gradually. While you can survive for awhile without oxygen pumping through your body, it won’t take the gas long to prove fatal.

Since CO does not result in obvious symptoms, it can go undetected for hours. That is one of the main reasons it is called a silent killer. That and the fact that it is odorless, colorless and has no taste whatsoever. However, you can detect it if you experience these symptoms in quick succession:

  • Increasing number of headaches.
  • Breathing issues
  • Blurry vision
  • Nausea, vertigo or vomiting.
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting spells

Individuals who are either asleep or intoxicated during a CO leak are the ones who are the most at risk. Being around even small levels of this poisonous gas while in a weakened state can lead to serious health issues which oftentimes prove fatal.

The risk of CO inhalation increases during the winter months for good reason. For one thing, all of the windows and doors are barred shut to prevent cold air from seeping through and your heater is working at full blast to keep you warm. If those appliances are not maintained or repaired in a timely manner, you can expect the aforementioned health issues. A regular checkup of your heating system or scheduled air conditioning service in Azle, TX can prevent this from happening.

Moisture Buildup

While overly dry air can do a number on indoor air quality, high moisture levels can be just as harmful. Wet air provides a perfect breeding environment for pollutants such as mold and dust mites. If you or your family members fell till too many times to count, chances are your home’s air quality is too moist.

Mold loves this because it can grow rapidly in such an environment. If you see small spores near your kitchen sink, the shower, the windows or any place remains wet most of the time, you may have a problem on your hands. While small amounts can be cleaned up quickly, you may overlook invisible spores which can breed and result in more mold growth. Plus air conditioning service in Azle, TX can only go so far if your HVAC unit has seen better days.

If the problem grows worse, you can inhale those pores without even knowing it. Most of the symptoms are easy enough to detect but they can be confused for minor ailments such as the flu. Long-term health effects can include serious respiratory issues and diseases. Calling air conditioning service in Azle, TX may prove too late if you allow the mold to grow.

What you need to understand is that temperature and humidity levels play a huge role in the moisture levels in your home. If the temperature is too high, the air will hold more water which can lead to an uncomfortably humid environment. The good news is that this can be prevented if the air is pushed from room to room. Consider air conditioning service in Azle, TX if you want to ensure this.


Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to eliminate all pollutants from a house or any space for that matter. You have to use the stove, spray on perfume, paint the walls, use the heater and warm yourself by the fireplace sometimes, right? Opening a window to let the fumes out may introduce outdoor pollutants in your home and you will be back on square one. So what can you do to maintain air quality and remain safe from the elements?

Simple. Invest in air conditioning service in Azle, TX or a quality air conditioning system if you don’t have one. This system is designed to not only keep the air in your home circulating, but it also filters that remove allergens.

If you are searching for air conditioning service in Azle, TX, get in touch with One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating today. The company has technicians who are skilled when it comes to maintaining HVAC systems and air conditioning service as well.